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$69 Kindle 5 (2012) Unboxing | Review

 Kindle 5 (2012) Unboxing | Review

Amazon announced a new version of the regular Kindle on September 6, 2012. It starts off at for an ad-supported version and ad-free version. The new …

25 Responses to “$69 Kindle 5 (2012) Unboxing | Review”

  1. Ralston Ferguson says:

    You have now Background for your kindle!!??

  2. Jabbawokeez4 says:

    4:14 Nutnfancy song!!

  3. Brianna Fleming says:

    Perfect video! Thanks for posting! :)

  4. Swaleh Swaleh says:

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    you wish to observe genuine proof of revenue go to the Zutore Cash System
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  5. Alejandro Villafáñez says:

    You need a phonoaudiologist…

  6. parchmentfields says:

    Very helpful. I bought one the other night on a whim while they were $29.
    Now I’m interested to see what I got myself in. Great overview. Thanks.

  7. qi michael says:

    lol shit i bought this off amazon for 9 BUCKS cause i was selected for the
    offer … HAHAH

  8. Awe Art says:

    it looks like a real paper

  9. Lau Tuck Yan says:

    hey bro. I’ve been trying to decide between this new kindle and kindle 4.
    can you do a side by side comparison for all of us so we can see how fast
    this new page turns are and what difference the contrast or hand tuned
    fonts make! I’ll be really grateful if you do!

  10. Young Kats says:

    Karen Miranda this is God, I was testing your faith and so far you have
    pleased me. Upon the next coming days you will meet various angels in the
    form of people (some dear to your heart, some strangers). I know you have
    been struggling with other non-believers lately but don’t worry I have
    redeemed them of their sins and made them understand my power. Now you have
    a special place in heaven where you can please my son and he will shower
    you with his glory. Enjoy.

  11. Catalina Farías says:

    can’t you read PDF in this one?

  12. puppyjoe69 says:

    Dude! So much misinformation on the internet. The Paperwhite doesn’t have a
    backlight, it has a frontlight. It also doesn’t have text-to-speech and
    audio jack. It also has 2GB less of storage.

  13. Elround4 says:

    Can it also run epub files?

  14. kooritsuki says:

    Just wanted to say, Kindle Paperwhite does not have a “backlight”. That’s
    what the kindle doesn’t do. What it has is a built-in light that shines on
    the screen (“paper”) which allows you to read in the dark. The effect is
    equivalent to putting an external reading light, except you get equal
    lighting in the whole screen. This is different from backlight as
    backlighting shines at you rather than at the screen.

  15. Ahhh800 says:

    This one vs NOOK simple touch who wins?

  16. Young Kats says:

    Funny how the religion your parents have is always the right one.

  17. norm4260 says:

    This Kindle actually looks whiter than the Paperwhite.

  18. Young Kats says:

    Well I would rather go to hell then be in heaven watching my loved ones
    burn in hell.

  19. TheLuminousCleric says:

    you can read: kindle formats; (AZW3, AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC,

  20. kappa2414 says:

    How does it feel in the hand is it heavy or light weight like a book or
    phone ?

  21. Young Kats says:

    Ok, let me get make sure we are on the right page here. Are you a
    Christian. If yes then are we talking about God or the bible and

  22. T9955T says:

    I bought one of these. I don’t need the light, touch or whatever. I will
    buy another kindle in the future if is faster and has better web browsing
    and PDF features.

  23. Young Kats says:

    Doesn’t it seem stupid to you that what you do in an insignificant amount
    of time will affect what you do in eternity.If there is a god then why is
    he so stupid as to decide our fate for an eternty based on if we believe on
    a book that contradicts itself with and has no solid evidence.The only
    reason you believe in heaven is because you are scared that nobody will
    care about you when you are dead of course you may argue that some
    relatives will mourn for you but overtime no one will remember you

  24. kappa2414 says:

    This is the kindle Im saving up for.

  25. Alejandro AB says:

    there you are. And i love my kpw :)


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