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Apple COMPLETE “Get a Mac” ad campaign compilation (with Bonus ads)


Complete ad listing with shortcuts below: May 2006 : Better (00:00) May 2006 : iLife (00:30) May 2006 : Network (01:00) May 2006 : Restarting (01:30) May 200…

All Mac vs PC (or Get a Mac) ads! A Total of all 66 in the series, now in one video, plus some of the Mac vs PC WWDC Intros and Siri WWDC 2012 Intro.

50 Responses to “Apple COMPLETE “Get a Mac” ad campaign compilation (with Bonus ads)”

  1. ClaysCoolPlays says:

    wow I just watched 40 mins of commercials. what am I doing with my life?

  2. bentheguy101 says:


  3. micah cerrone says:

    Well duh Apple is number one in customer satisfaction compared to PCs. “PC”
    isn’t a company and therefor receives no customer satisfaction ratings.
    Only the company that assembled the hardware does (like Sony, Cyberpower,
    etc…). The commercials take advantage of common ignorance.

  4. CommanderBLY77 says:

    Guys….I have a Mac.. But that doesn’t mean that It’s better or worse than
    Pc…Sometimes i wish that I have a PC – Stop with that OMGAHD pc is better
    because of this and this…both of them have their + and – points. Please
    stop talking about that shit and stop complaining. If you like Mac more…
    then just like it more not complain on the internet. This is my opinion,
    but remember one thing. Why do you guys even want to discuss… I know a
    guy who thinks PC is a lot better than Mac and he just complain about Mac
    all day in Team speak 3. But he never had a Mac ..why can he say how Mac
    is? This is just shit so stop arguing about mac and pc..both is good.
    (sorry for my english, it’s not my 1st language) :) 

  5. Wobbled says:

    I can’t understand any Mac fans logic, they aren’t better at anything…

    Speed: Speed depends on the hardware that is put in to the computer itself,
    with Mac’s you are extremely limited – you choose what Apple allow you to
    choose (for a small upgrade in RAM from say 8GB to 16GB you’ll be charged
    an extra 2-300 whereas on a PC you’ll spend about £70) Mac’s simply are not
    faster and never can be. My PC is currently more powerful than ANY Mac on
    the Apple store and costs a hell of a lot less than the majority of their

    Viruses: Anyone who says Mac’s don’t get viruses simply know nothing about
    computers, any OS including Linux can get OS, it all depends on whether a
    virus was written for that particular OS or not. Mac’s do get viruses and
    they are infected far more than Linux machines are so if you Mac fags
    really care about getting little to no viruses, go with Linux – not Mac.
    Also, for windows all you need to do is install Microsoft security
    essentials for FREE and never get a virus again, only the idiots get

    Reliability, build quality, and lifespan: Sure Apple make products that
    have been very well put together with metallic materials but that in no way
    makes it more reliable nor does it increase the lifespan. It’s a well known
    fact that you simply can’t upgrade many of the parts inside a Macbook if
    any due to it’s pathetic design, it may look nice but who in the hell welds
    together all the pieces of a laptop so it can never be opened? their build
    quality is their curse, once it’s outdated you’re fucked and need to pay
    another 1-2k (LOL). PC’s can be upgraded, theoretically you will NEVER have
    to buy a new PC ever again, I’ve had my PC for a good 4 years now and it
    has seen various upgrades over them years making it still a top of the line
    gaming PC, I’d love to see a 4 year old Mac capable of playing the latest
    games maxed out.

    Macs are better for professional use?: This is marketing bullshit all over
    again, Mac’s are actually worse. They are limited to the software that is
    produced and coded for their OS whereas PC’s get almost any and every
    program due to their mostly open source based platform. Also, if Mac’s are
    limited to certain hardware that is less powerful than hardware available
    to PC’s, how in the hell does that mean Mac’s are better at more demanding
    tasks? Mac’s use EXACTLY THE SAME hardware as PC’s do, there’s nothing
    special about them whatsoever. PC’s are simply better at anything and

    Any little mac fanboy that wishes to challenge me, go ahead. 

  6. Dell Schanze says:

    Yes very well written lies. Nicely done. Since a mac is a very very low
    end computer sold for about quadruple the price of a PC and a mac cannot
    compete even remotely with the performance of a PC and can’t do even a tiny
    percentage of what a PC does… Macs crash more than quality PCs and are
    not as easily compatible. Actually they don’t work at all for most stuff.
    Take a look at the mac pictured above… want to add a faster video card
    so you can place games? Bzzzzt!! Can’t do it, you will need to buy a PC
    sorry. Want to run raid hard drives on that new LSI Raid controller? lol,
    that was funny. As IF!! Obviously you can’t do that with a mac. Oh hey
    want to run the new 4960X CPU? Oh sorry, can’t do that either. Want to
    overclock your system so you get 40% more performance for no extra charge?
    Awe shucks, not with a mac you don’t… Sorry mac, when you want to do
    something cool you will need to get a PC. Lucky they cost a quarter as
    much as you probably are almost bankrupt after asking for more ram in the

  7. TheRangeControl says:

    Ahhh… The “pre-Timmy-Cooke” days of Apple…

    …I really miss those days.

  8. MLennholm says:

    Funny commercials featuring James Spader and mini-Keanu Reeves

  9. Michael Aird says:

    These were some exceptionally well written, cast, and acted ads.

  10. Mike Jones says:

    You have to update your graphics and video card when you switched to
    Vista…. WHAT!!!!??????!!!!! BULL SHIT!

  11. RafealxPhoenix says:

    Even though I’ll always be a PC guy, these commercials are pretty funny.

  12. wv9mm says:

    When was the last of these commercials. 

  13. CyberDork34 says:

    Apple hates developers, the fees? xcode? Objective-C? Waiting for approval?
    Not cool >:(

  14. CompletelyStraitGuy says:

    The second one (Where they were connected), the mac knows everything except
    how to run a CD rom disk xD

  15. ITBPhoneJock says:


  16. Jack Roberts says:

    What the hell is this?

  17. Franky Ramos says:

    Today windows is making commercials against ipad

  18. nikko validor says:

    PCs dont need commercials
    Apple does.

    do the math

  19. Monica Nathalia says:

    let’s not talk about whether mac or pc is better and enjoy Justin Long’s

  20. MaestroDraven says:

    And you’re lying through your tooth. How do I know? Because the benchmarks
    on Macs prove otherwise. The only way you’re getting 100FPS in BF4 is if
    you’re operating at substandard graphics settings. You know it, and so do
    I, so let’s not be silly. That is all.

  21. Dan black says:

    i wonder why these commercials are striped from any inteligence 0.o

  22. Duncky99 says:

    If you know a game that has better graphics settings than ULTRA then your
    game is… wow ! Rare. I use my computer to play games and to make my
    homework. When it comes to games, I have the performances that I need. I
    don’t need 500+ FPS if my own eyes can’t even see it. 100 FPS is enough for
    games like BF4 for me. With my Mac I can play the games I want with the
    settings I want, so then what’s wrong ? I don’t care which GTX mumbojumbo
    is the best if I have what I need.

  23. MaestroDraven says:

    You won’t get the same results. That’s the entire point. You’ll pay more,
    and you’ll get less. As for your “100 fps” comment…if you base your
    computer buying decisions on gaming performance, then there’s little hope
    for you. Gaming is only one facet of owning a computer, and it’s a silly
    issue to bring up, as Macs are vastly inferior when it comes to gaming, to
    begin with. Even the new iMacs, with their inferior mobile-based GPUs. The
    GTX680MX, for example, is equivalent to a 660ti. BAD!

  24. Jared Tan says:

    The windows 7 is too strong that the commercial is stop after 2009.

  25. DACraftingGamerz DamiPro says:

    For Most Gaming:PC For EveryThing Else:Mac

  26. Timothy Kendall says:

    Only reason to own a PC is for gaming reason

  27. Spirit says:

    i came here to see the fanboys fight
    not disappointed. 

  28. sgtzack612 says:

    Pc can hold more stuff like games and it has more ram ect

  29. Adrian Clavijo says:

    Comments, why did Mac vs Pc worked and Scroogle didn’t?
    Complete 66 Mac vs PC ads + Mac & PC WWDC Intro + Siri Intro

  30. MegaOlimario says:

    PC is right with Windows 7 i have this and 3 years not even a singe BSOD
    but 2 viruses and now in 2014 in switching to mac

  31. The Redstone Laboratory says:

    i own a mac by myself, wait 1? i mean 2!
    IK everything about it,
    Its not true that a Mac, is better than PC, the reason is, ITS THE SAME!
    a Mac, is a PC, imma explain how it works,

    PC actually means Personal Computer,
    a Mac, is a Personal Computer, and that means, a Mac, is a PC!!

  32. Can Yetişmiş says:

    There is nothing like virus free machine and 90% of the time people
    download viruses because of their own stupidity. Also its extreme easy to
    remove 70% of the viruses but you have to know features…

  33. Theodore Papadopoulos says:

    Everyone who have a PC dont see this video

  34. dragonforceX235 says:

    Commercial at 5:38 he just said he finished a home movie, then he says work
    in progress.

  35. MagicMr007 says:

    Mac: “Oh hey PC..”
    PC: “Oh hi Mac.”
    Mac: “What are you doing?”
    PC: “Oh, just playing a game..”
    Mac: “Oh really? What game?”
    PC: “Oh, you know, all of them…”

  36. Seaal Cox says:

    DasBoSchitt’s revamp of these ads KICK BUTT. It reverses the ads to
    actually be real. PC is better than Mac apple. Deal with it. XD

  37. Spyder8450 says:

    DasBoSchitt brought me here

  38. tenaos says:

    tell me when our justice system uses mac cuz i have never seen our
    hospitals or courts system uses mac ive always seen windows users all the
    way just name one state if not THEN MOTHER FUCKING PC MAN also name one
    perfect new game that mac can play ? what cant play call of duty oh well we
    can yay

  39. JonKeyBoyS Søndergaard says:

    Mac sucks

  40. Novacification says:

    These would be funnier if any of it was actually true.

  41. VREVIEWS says:


  42. LuuxIor. Ljungberg says:

    LOLOLOL! You can get all the mac says on a PC .’

  43. Kicsi Manoka says:

    My dad has a PC and i have a mac, and his was 300 dollars cheaper and more
    that twice as fast and has so much more games availabe. i am currently
    trying to sell my mac cause it kinda just sits in the corner and eats glue.
    mac SUCKS

  44. guy2968 says:

    Macs are PCs (Personal Computer)

  45. BananaFalconMcSloth says:

    I mean making website or photobook is easy for me and for you it’s not. >:(

  46. Zack Kammler says:

    I made it 14 minutes

  47. gabrielirlanda says:

    I could run any game and works ok, in some case even better than a standard
    pc, the point is that you can run pc games in mac, anyway if you don’t have
    a ‘decent’ PC you won’t run games properly neither.

  48. ThatWeed says:

    What are the specs of your Mac, you may properly be able to run those
    games. But at low resolution and low settings to get a barley decent Frame

  49. Benjamin Santelices says:

    You can program C++ in Xcode. Easy there Mac…

  50. 123456hotwheels1 says:

    Holy crap, YOU ARE!>!>!!>!> NOT BILL GATES


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