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Apple MacBook Air 13″ Vs. Sony VAIO S13 (2012) Comparison

A comparison of the Apple MacBook Air 13″ laptop with the Sony VAIO S Series 13″ laptop, same size laptops but different kinds of features. Which would fit y…
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25 Responses to “Apple MacBook Air 13″ Vs. Sony VAIO S13 (2012) Comparison”

  1. BadYoungIzzy says:

    Anyone else think the air is too thin and ugly?

  2. Bluehyfin says:

    Sony has so much potential don’t know what happen. They used to be industry
    leading get back in the game Sony!!!

  3. YG2000 says:

    And PC is an open-source, hackable, upgradeable like Android does. Well in
    mac, locked-in, unhackable, not upgradeable(unless by paying more, or
    buying a new one), and same behavior that iOS does.

  4. Str8Kong says:

    The Vaio Z is a beautiful machine! Lucky enough to own one, there’s still
    nothing like it yet.

  5. LaptopReviewsDotCom says:

    An operating system, Linux is based upon it.

  6. Gabriel Bortone says:

    Jesus loves you

  7. dnomyar says:

    They discontinued Viao Z series, wtf are you talking about?

  8. Michelle Emo says:

    yea SONY VAIO is the best options if compare to mac-book air power GPU
    power CPU lightweight just around 1.2 KG.Choose SONY if wanted innovative

  9. Grace from Dogville says:

    Compare that wormy apple to Sony VAIO Duo 13 or Acer Aspire S7 13.3!!!

  10. LiquidFlamingIce says:

    Apple just got POOPED ON!

  11. Akin Turhan says:

    Pretty much all computers that are not made by crapple, or run osx are
    better than capple

  12. corruptscorpion says:

    You dont know shit about class kid. When you do, then you would know why
    certain people prefer the pricey macs.

  13. connor Piper says:

    But the Sony Vaio S does not compete with the Macbook Air, the Sony Vaio
    Pro 13 does. The Vaio S is a very powerful computer, while the Air is a
    very portable computer.

  14. Katrina Nguyen says:

    Vaios – Battery isn’t durable & trackpads need serious work…MacBooks –
    Usually ends up overheating and can’t natively run Windows

  15. canchume says:

    well in mbp air you can upgrade the ssd for bigger one

  16. GSanSensation says:

    VAIO is cheaper compared with all it’s built-in features. MacBook is a
    waste of money.

  17. Koung00 says:

    Nice review! It was obviously not bias at all which is another good thing;
    however, I’m just going to stick with the Macbook Air just because of it
    fits to my needs more than the Vaio. Though that isn’t saying the Vaio is a
    horrible laptop :)

  18. tolisBFMV says:

    Well…OSX rocks…

  19. TheRyansLion says:

    The reason people hate macs are because the cant afford them, macs are
    waaaaaaaay better

  20. younes rajaoui says:

    sony vaio

  21. YG2000 says:

    Did I ask? Well, NO.

  22. Colin K says:

    birdy birdy in the sky left a poopie i my eye. me don’t care. me don’t cry
    me just happy a cow cant fly.!!! JOKE READ!! :D

  23. arezz isma says:

    what i mean, should compare between vaio s13 and mbp 13, or vaio T13 and
    mba 13…i know vaio will wins bcause sony really has best product than
    apple..btw, i using vaio s13 2012 and far better than mbp 13 2012..

  24. Joonhee Lee says:

    Apple obsessed people here should really hit their heads hard LOL

  25. christopher edwards says:

    whyd you turn down the brightness for the vaio?


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