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Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Laptop Review

This is an overview of the MacBook Pro 13″ laptop, covering its build quality, design and specifications. A comparison with a PC laptop of similar specificat…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Laptop Review”

  1. myvoodooglowskull says:

    Apple sucks

  2. Majestic Budder says:

    yes it is good

  3. AppleKuchen says:

    can you compare a pc and a macbook in the same price range? :)

  4. Wayne Landry says:

    4 hours of battery life! I would run to the nearest Apple store and get a
    new Laptop!!!! Shredder was the only app worth this video. Oh but hell I
    didn’t notice this was from 2011 so sorry. 

  5. dylan owen says:

    Someone answer please, is it good for running minecraft getting at least 50
    fps on normal render distance

  6. Paimana Sultani says:

    i want one

  7. Treshet says:

    superb :P

  8. Klaus says:

    eveyrthing is not available, eveyrthing is not supported. the ucking mac is

  9. Timen van Gelderen says:


  10. Pierre Jean-Bernard says:

    Macbook pro is a good laptop.

  11. Hannah Scott says:

    Can u get Microsoft office on a mac book

  12. Anissa Ali says:

    I had the same dell laptop

  13. Francis Arredondo says:

    Hey do u know if u could print from a canon printer to that laptop

  14. Tobias Rafstedt says:

    Horrible comparison

  15. hung nguyen says:

    you want to own one Apple MacBook Pro 13?

  16. 1uhot426 says:

    i just got my 13 inch mac book pro last night and i love it…it is a lot
    different from a pc tho, its gonna take some time to get use to the mouse
    and the layout…but i love it!lol, n for 1100 it packs a punch.

  17. FILM SHIFT says:

    Apple = Video Editing, Pro Gamemaking, Slick and Sexy Windows = Entry Level
    Design, Basic Gamemaking Mac Rules In: America, Canada, Europe, South
    Africa and Australia Windows Rules In: Asia, South Africa

  18. RIck Mistery says:

    I had that dell. wasnt too bad but seems like it was poorly made

  19. Samantha8164 says:

    Battery thing is so cool!!

  20. Isabella Gillespie says:

    This video almost put me 2 sleep it was very informational that’s good but
    I like simple videos. Not that I dislike it but I don’t really like it

  21. jenna jahnke says:


  22. NAGARAJAN M.S says:

    I got one yesterday,saved up forever to buy one

  23. graiypz says:

    Great vid, very smart to compare it to a pc/cheaper alternative. bonus

  24. aholness6 says:

    use mac vs crap laptop show like ms surface windows 8.1 or laptop and dell

  25. kenyj18 says:

    so what if ur tv is hdmi how are u gnna use this computer with it?


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