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Best laptop to buy: Laptop Buying Guide 2013

Best laptop to buy: Laptop Buying Guide 2013. Can’t decide on a new laptop? We’ve got you covered! Check out our new laptop guide for Summer 2013, courtesy o…
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25 Responses to “Best laptop to buy: Laptop Buying Guide 2013”

  1. jstanfd says:


  2. andy somen says:

    I want to buy a laptop can handle everything like game,presentation and
    everything.pls do suggest me a laptop.thx you

  3. elizzhu says:


  4. Isaiah Lathem says:

    Very useful video, now I know what to look for.

  5. Markie Dunn says:

    If you are searching for the best laptop then here are your best choices
    available in Amazon – *amzn.to/17VzYVP*

  6. Macharddrives says:

    Great! really helpful Thanks.

  7. Reggy Marchia says:

    very very useful, thank you very much

  8. Timothy Sexton says:

    Very clear. And nicely put. If you check us out YouTube.com/geekedupgaming1

  9. haidar kareem says:

    Very useful video thanks 

  10. Murlock2000 says:

    and yet this clueless fool didnt even mention the grafic card on laptops
    which are more important then the CPU because you can not change it if you
    want a laptop for video editing and games. waste of time

  11. Osanda Disiruwan says:

    best laptop to buy

  12. Ahmadovich says:

    Intuitively impressive.

  13. cesar contreras says:

    finally a video that actually explains what i was looking for thank you

  14. meshyy21 says:

    I wanted to buy a Dell but ended up with HP… sometimes they have awesome
    deals on some of the laptops.. you can check deals at

  15. Renato Franco Rosas says:

    very nice ! thank you 

  16. Dominik Nagy says:


  17. FutureLaptops says:

    A great video guide for those interested in buying laptops.

  18. ArAb KpOp says:

    intel pentuim inside for me is also better

  19. Phat Phan says:

    What is the best configuration that I can get for $1500?

  20. shinra358 says:

    never get a laptop that you can’t upgrade the graphics card and processor

  21. Priyanka Emrc says:

    Apple laptops are worth an investment if you are a hardcore professional
    video editor/animator/graphics person. Great battery life is one big
    positive point that no other laptop can stand in front of Apple. Pricegenie
    can help you make the decision..and can tell price different online sellers
    are offering.

  22. TRonlyOne says:

    Any recommand of Budget high-screen resolution laptop?

  23. Sonncee says:

    look up austin evans on youtube he will show you how to build a gaming pc
    for under 600 dollars hope this helps

  24. xBrand0n97 says:

    go in future shop or best buy and then go into laptops, then divide into
    the dedicated graphics filter. Then go price low to high and find one that
    fits your needs

  25. mediafire haxs says:

    you might like gigabyte laptops light and good for gaming.


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