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Best Laptops for the Money Mid 2013 – Buying Guide

Best Laptops for the Money Mid 2013 - Buying Guide

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://cnettv.cnet.com/?type=node&value=13489 We have the best all-around laptops that aren’t trendy ultrabooks or wimpy Netbooks!

50 Responses to “Best Laptops for the Money Mid 2013 – Buying Guide”

  1. Angie Ng says:

    Acer computer is bad u see A:Always ce:Cepat r:rosak

  2. Thai Tran says:

    Hey mortjeb9531 My asus q550lf is better than your asus laptop. First and
    my favorite, it features an Nvidia GeForce gt745m,15.6 LED screen,
    Amazingly built,I7 3rd gen processor, 8gb of ram, dedicate GPU. And 300gb
    of had rive storage. And hey, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper at $1000, yours
    cost $1500 which is fucking expensive, just save 500 more dollars and you
    can buy a fucking razer blade. Anyway I shouldn’t pay 500 more bucks for a
    tiny bit bit better tv ram and storage. So that is why mine is better

  3. Mortjep9531 says:

    best high budget pc my ass… my ASUS N73SM beats the crap out of that dell.
    The ASUS n73sm comes with dual 500Gb harddrives, Nvidia 630M graphics card
    which is extremely better than intel HD graphics, 12Gb of ram, 17,3 Backlit
    LED screen, sturdy build, and I7 2nd gen. i know the I7 in the dell is a
    3rd gen but it is only marginally better and mine has a dedicated GPU which
    is WAAAAY better than those crappy intel HD 4000 graphics. another pros for
    my pc is that it’s cheaper… bought it completely new for 1550$ basicly
    the ONLY thing the dell does better is that it has and newer I7 and
    touchscreen. the pros for mine outweights the pros for the dell.

  4. hadji ashi says:

    Here are the bang for the buck laptop in the market now. All of these
    laptop are available on Amazon – *amzn.to/17VzYVP*

  5. matt matthew says:

    So steer clear of apple razor and alienware great computers there just over
    priced. Ones you get your computer think about software so If you want
    windows 7 windows 8 MAC or a version of linux you can get that later. in a
    laptop you cant get a new mother board later think about your hardware when
    buying a computer including keys and track pads but most importantly worrie
    about software later it can go on any computer. Good luck spend wisely.

  6. matt matthew says:

    Which you shouldn’t be complaining about for the price. It also has a
    Nvidia GTX 635M 2G GPU graphics card. which is good for call of duty and
    its really really good for anything other than gaming although its not bad
    for gaming especially for the price. If you wann pay a little more check
    out the ASUS G750JW-DB71 17.3-Inch Laptop It has a GTX 765m 1,287.99. Any
    way point being for the most expensive Aplle laptop you can get through
    cyber power PC you could get a laptop with 2GTX 780m SLI

  7. matt matthew says:

    Exzample the cheapest mac book pro computer apple has is the mac book pro
    with an I5 CPU 13inch screen is $1,299.00. The cheapeast Mac book air with
    1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 4GB of RAM 11-inch 128GB space its 999$. if
    you bought an asus laptop you can get a Vivobook-V550CA-DB71T 15.6Inch
    Touchscreen Laptop with an I7 for 860$. the ASUS N550JV-DB72T 15.6-Inch
    Touchscreen Laptop is 999$ this has a 1920×1080 screen to the only place it
    skimps is the 1TB 5200RPM hard drive

  8. matt matthew says:

    The companys i would steer clear of they dont make bad computers there
    parts are just over priced. Apple i would stay clear of. If you want there
    OS operating system or some of there apps its available for any computer
    and thats a software thing not hardware. Razor there over priced not bad
    computers just over priced. Alien ware you can get some really nice
    hardware but its definitely over priced. If your considering Apple check
    out asus or even lenova. than put software on later.

  9. matt matthew says:

    So point being get the hardware you need and worry about software later. If
    your just surfing the web and checking E-mail get an I3 CPU make sure if
    you get an I3 that you have atleast 4GB of ram and that the mother board is
    expandable to 8GB. If your picture editing and surfing the web get an I5
    CPU, If your picture editing and video editing get an I7 and get is much
    ram as you posibily can. If your gaming look into geting a dedicated GPU
    graphics card.

  10. matt matthew says:

    GPU wise for gaming graphics card. If your playing world of warcraft and
    thats the most graphically demanding game your playing. You can play that
    on an I3. If your playing call of duty go with nothing lower than a GTX
    765m. I think the best right now is GTX 780m you can get that SLI at
    cyberpower PC for a reasonable price.

  11. matt matthew says:

    I wouldnt buy any of thease laptops. If you want the best hardware with in
    your price range cyberpower has the best laptops and desktops. I custom
    build my desktop computers though. for the vary best price PRE build
    desktops and laptops I would fo with cyber power PC. Other companys to look
    into is Asus and lenova.Also other things people dont relize you can put
    any OS on your computer. If you want windows 8, windows 7, MACs OS or a
    version of linux you have that option.

  12. marc gonzales says:

    never buy dell 15r… you’re gonna have a bad time

  13. Royaldomene says:

    How much does the k551 cost

  14. Deep B says:

    Have a look at the ASUS N550 if ur looking for a medium-high end. It is
    good for gaming/multitasking.

  15. shooger-free.com says:

    The Samsung is looking good. Thanks for the reviews.

  16. firebird pontiac says:

    Is a I5 dual core third gen good?

  17. oikauapa says:


  18. oikauapa says:

    I have an Asus A55

  19. dorothyjbond says:

    Sorry, not finished. I would appreciate your opinion as I won’t see the
    dell. Could only order on line. Thanks dee

  20. dorothyjbond says:

    Hi. Thanks for video. I am tossing up between Acer v5-571pg-53338g75mass
    andthe dell 15rspecial ed. up to that. These cost more in Australia. I want
    backlit keys, but am concerned about build and display

  21. atlastpeace says:

    I’m majoring in Respiratory therapy, and want to go on PS (online
    simulator). Also how do I protect it from malware and viruses? Also is Mega
    share safe (movie player)?

  22. Henning Waloen says:

    can u make one with only 13,3 inch laptops?

  23. Lolla Sira says:

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  24. Chris Sparks says:

    On YouTube

  25. Chris Sparks says:

    Would either the Asus or Acer be good for video editing….keeping in mind
    Im not a professional, but a begginer looking to start making a least half
    way decent videos.

  26. Aymen Medimagh says:

    +Andy Costanza see the first laptop :’(

  27. HYUN SU KIM says:

    Best laptops?

  28. Sreng says:

    Yep, I got this 15″ Macbook

  29. Sreng says:

    Yep, I got this 15″ Mac

  30. Jack Hammer says:

    i never buy an expesnsive laptop…if i wanna spend serious money i might
    as well do it on a desktop pc so i can enjoy everything a laptop does but
    better + gaming.

  31. Sreng says:

    Yes, I got this Mac 15″

  32. Priyanka Emrc says:

    Mac is very sophisticated. Not for everyone…:(

  33. vicky wicaksana says:

    stupid review

  34. Kodama blanco says:

    What about Gamers, No Alienwares??????? ANY ALIENWARE WILL BEAT ALL THOSE 5

  35. Firdous Khan says:

    The Review is great very helpful.

  36. Rajal Kotak says:

    Yeah Apple is alwys known fr the revolutionary products it has made.It has
    changd ppl’s perceptive towards computers and also their xpctAtion from a
    machine wen they are investing in a large amount. For all those who are not
    into buyng budget laptops can obviously invst into the MacBook .

  37. Rajal Kotak says:

    @dhruv- u can find a good deal online and also if u want to reduce your
    effort chckng out all diffrnt sites for a single product , u can visit
    pricegenie.in over ther u ll get the various prices offered by the leading
    online site :)

  38. Dhruv Shah says:

    Mac has to be my first choice.. Being overpriced the way it is.. Any1 knows
    where I can find a good deal??

  39. Vivek Saxena says:

    I think This CNET Review is not accurate for India, Moreover Samsung Laptop
    ain’t available in best 5 laptop. even Lenevo is also most popular brand
    and it hit top 5 laptop brand in INDIA…

  40. Vivek Saxena says:

    Apple is my favorite and top choice laptop…So i have an apple everyday ;)

  41. Rahim Keshwani says:

    @Ankur Kulshrestha – In order to get the price comparison for the laptops
    that suits your budget pls check out pricegenie.in there you will get to
    check a number of laptops available at best possible prices.

  42. Ankur Kulshrestha says:

    I wish i could get a price comparison that would help me pick a laptop as
    per my needs and budget… they should have mentioned the price of each

  43. Rahim Keshwani says:

    MAC is ofcourse the best choice , but HP Envy 15 too seems to be a good
    product… and yeah the review is really helpful.

  44. Suneet kaur Lamba says:

    Yea right..you can always trust CNET Reviews!

  45. Batul Kapasi says:

    it’s really confusing to choose appropriate laptops…but this seems to be
    really cool

  46. John Esteban says:

    Suck dude how could u say that bothing can beat mac? The latest ios7 is
    base on the android phone.. :p u need to sock your cock’s father

  47. razi abu khdair says:

    apple just wants to make sure that every company burns but wtf I mean hp
    seriously got away

  48. josephdaniel1999 says:

    Fanboy Alert!

  49. salman awan says:


  50. Leo keng says:

    allienware all the way


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