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Burning a New iPhone 5 with Gasoline – Will it Survive?

Setting a brand new iPhone 5 on fire with some gasoline. Way better than any drop test. Amazingly, I managed to retrieve the actual recording from the iPhone…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Burning a New iPhone 5 with Gasoline – Will it Survive?”

  1. Emmaline Clark says:

    That was awesome. That’s what I call durability. He probably got asked to
    make the video to prove how durable it is. Nobody would buy a phone just to
    burn it.

  2. Dan Downey says:

    Enjoy your iphone with the murky yellow screen. Really, don’t you have
    anything better to do?

  3. Darshil Patel says:

    sick, but why would he do that on a $200 phone, like are you rich or plain

  4. Physcaw TOB says:

    Are you dumb?
    Actually he’s pretty smart, look at the number of views of this video, he
    can buy more iPhones 5′s with the money gained from this video.

  5. victor7491 says:

    God damn, this guy doesn’t really like Apple, does he?

  6. Finvik4 says:

    just give it to a kid :)

  7. Nick Ho says:

    Awesome vid bro ski

  8. madshy says:

    He got 2.3 million hits so far and for that kind of hits the money Youtube
    pays him will more than makes up for the investment he made in the video.
    He is lot smarter than all the idiots calling him dumb.

  9. NarcassisticGamer says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised if companies send hims shit for stress testing

  10. Eric McBride says:

    Holy shitballz Batman! Gasoline and fire when put together can actually
    burn shit! FUCK ME I’m glad I watched this. 

  11. Sam Archer says:

    This guy really hates the iphone 5!

  12. Sarah Alsaimery says:

    I wish all the things you do to these phones will happen to you

  13. Vince Miller says:

    That iphone sounds like its taking i big shit

  14. RomelTv says:

    Give me you’r iphone _ 

  15. Alexandru Georgescu says:

    OMG ! The phone is working ! Only the display is burned !

  16. Lorraine Erese says:

    AWESOME vid!! And it did Survived! :)

  17. Jiří Špalek says:

    Anti I phone !!!

  18. егор путин says:

    Oh my gad 

  19. N Thip says:

    well i learned dubstep was made when you burn an iphone

  20. Priya Ruparelia says:

    How the fuck u can afford all off the phones r u fucking rich

  21. Janoskian J says:

    shut the fuck up no one care,your sick!!

  22. Justin Beaulieu says:

    Reminds me of the dead of Ghost MW2 :(

  23. NiXu KinGi says:

    how do you get those iPhones? I mean.. are you crazy or something you did
    about 13 and much more videos with new iPhones.. you just put an experiment
    on money..

  24. NiXu KinGi says:

    da. ja namprimer :D

  25. Alex Frain says:

    Sound like a fart


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