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Buy a Mac (15 Ads in 1 Pack) HQ

“Hi, I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” TV commercials.

25 Responses to “Buy a Mac (15 Ads in 1 Pack) HQ”

  1. Vincent Mouquin says:

    I can’t see why there’s that HATE on Mac. I mean, half of the comments are
    like “f*** Mac”. What? Did Apple burnt your house? You slipped once on an
    iPad? Remember: YOU chose to watch this video. Now, get some criticism, and
    start thinking objectively. Actually, at the present time, the only
    differences are the hardware (and the price of it), and the fact that OSX
    is a more closed OS. But, please, stop bringing up compatibility problems.
    That’s past. Now, if your game or application isn’t natively supported, you
    can Wine it, CrossOver it, emulate it, use VMs, or simply install Windows
    on your Apple hardware. And for the idiots that are reacting on this video,
    IT’S A 6 YEARS OLD VIDEO, gosh, open your eyes, in the technologic world,
    things go fast, and everything changes in 6 years.

  2. Blead Productions says:

    This is just straight up bullshit lies, PCs can do all of this. Plus Macs
    never actually tell how their better, they just say other people said their

  3. HoldSquare Gaming says:

    Question for all you gamers out there
    #Mac or #Pc ?

    Ps. Remember these?

  4. Omar Elijha Campos says:

    $1k rig, and I can play games, play music, make mods, edit videos, and so
    much more. Can customize it when it gets outdated. 

  5. Maurice Buren says:

    At least apple tries, and the ads make sense.

    This is what an average windows ad looks like:

    0.00004% faster, includes 2 new apps. Please by it now, we’re desperate.

  6. The RedstonePrince says:

    Macs are so much better, look at a pc, its ugly, probably plastic, mostly
    slow, and once u get it for $400 which you think is such a better deal than
    mac u have to buy 1000′s of dollar’s worth of software, plus u have to buy
    security and repair plans for it. With mac, u don’t have to do any of that,
    its all built right in, they are premium unlike pc’s plus they’re sexy

  7. DeidaraFTW says:

    so if I get a pc I’ll be a respectable suit wearing businessman? I’m sold

  8. raywj1fan says:

    Mac, my ass. Pc is way better for not just gaming but because mainly
    everything was made for pc so programs have to be remade for mac

  9. ahmad hussain Suhrab says:

    I like how one of the main points of these adverts that you cant have fun
    on windows, all the games support windows while most games dont have a mac

  10. SlyCooper1422 says:

    its some funny story’s,but they are not true.FAKE

  11. John Citizen says:

    f*** Mac

  12. Tatenda Alex Machingura says:

    Mac is literally meant for gaming

  13. Ibrahim Sulayman says:

    I have to admit I like mac 10 time better than PC but i only have PC In my
    house. I guess if you can afford it you’ll buy one.


    all mac can do is photos videos and music. everything else it sucks dick.

  15. neveralone118 says:

    Give me 5 reasons why

  16. TheSulfuric1 says:

    Theres a reason they say u can use Microsoft office. They don’t even
    advertise their own shit like keynote or pages

  17. Lee Stephenson says:

    macs are much better that’s why they cost more

  18. Jeremy Lynch says:

    U know I have all of those on my mac right?

  19. TheGuitarGod18 says:

    yeah 240p is really HQ

  20. Cem Neftci says:

    Funniest thing is Apple needs to advertise their useless stuff to sell but
    Microsoft is already inside of every house without advertisement and come
    on… There is not even a comparsion between Mac and PC… 90% of the
    computers in world are PCs. If we talk about device based market Apple
    kicks ass in that league. 

  21. ComradeSniperTM says:

    Magnetic charger that pops off when yanked? Destroyed my old macbook when I
    tripped on the power cord, and the cord never came off… sending my
    macbook crashing to the ground

  22. Alice Pan says:

    It’s an Apple commercial, so it’s logical. There’s also a reason why they
    made PC a boring nerdy grownup and Mac an “artist”.

  23. Alice Pan says:

    I have used all three and Linux and Windows are the ones I prefer. Viruses
    are very easy to get rid of if you have a good anti-virus and you can
    download a lot of stuff on it. I download a lot of stuff since I’m not the
    richest person and when something’s very bad I didn’t waste money on it. If
    it’s a great thing, I can buy it. And I don’t waste money with bad movies,
    because I didn’t buy them. Plus, there’s a fuckload of games on PC.

  24. Matt12mjc says:

    I like how the commercials relate exactly 0 to the actual thing their

  25. Matt12mjc says:

    Lol mac is pretty much good for surfing the internet and, well thats it.


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