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CNET How To – Build your own desktop computer

http://bit.ly/1cy3TSv Ever consider building your own computer? CNET’s Dan Graziano walks you through the process and tells you everything you need to know.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “CNET How To – Build your own desktop computer”

  1. JacobsAquarium says:

    No external test build first???? Bad idea my friend…

  2. Enderslyme MC says:

    That looks hard.

  3. omar farouk says:

    i have a question, what if i have only one PCIE on my PSU, and my graphic
    card takes two 6pin , how can i connect the molex that comes with the
    graphic card to the PSU?

  4. Thomas Bayes says:

    Nothing tops a custom built desktop for my business applications either.

  5. Jonathan Gomes says:

    100% of people that try building a PC from this guide for the first time
    will be unable to complete it without further assistance.

  6. alveen kumar says:

    Thanks now i have the confidence to make my own PC, didnt know it was this

  7. 007YTV says:

    So much was skipped.

  8. RogueCoder says:

    The other tutorials go talk a lot about picking out the actual hardware,
    razethew0rld’s video kind of assumes that you have everything ready to go
    and it’s just a guide on assembling the computer.

  9. AlohaBiatch says:

    razetheworld’s tutorial is not as in depth as newegg’s one which is why I
    didn’t recommend it.

  10. Gautham Kumar says:

    Just buy a computer

  11. ProTawN says:


  12. ProTawN says:

    Nowadays, if you buy / build a computer without an SSD, your stupid.

  13. RogueCoder says:

    razethew0rld’s tutorial is the best imo.

  14. M.Ghafarel Kamal says:

    Thank you CNET

  15. Jacob Wilson says:

    the cable management, it hurts

  16. john mike says:

    hey just another dumb question passing by what happened to the bus cable is
    it outdated or was it 2:24 ?

  17. kantomeowth says:

    and Austin Evans

  18. Mykola M. says:

    Thermal grease anyone?

  19. ROM3RODRUMM3R says:

    Stupid vid a 8 year old can do it

  20. Mohammed Ehtisham says:

    very pure cable management

  21. JLP Design says:

    just buy an imac or macbook.

  22. Clin9289 says:

    Ah, it is up now. “The pros and cons of building your own computer” “What
    you need to know before building your own computer” “How to build your own

  23. iamterence77 says:

    because its not. once you understand custom loops. Then you will know the
    definition of expert.

  24. iamterence77 says:

    tells people to place cpu in socket, without saying anything about the
    golden triangle. Great job cnet!

  25. Zay Pierre says:

    Why is there no link to that 3 part how to article in the description? Come
    on CNET, now I have to go hunting around the site for however long to find
    it? Ya’ll should know better than that guys. Beyond that great vid…
    wanted to read the article to follow up, but that’s going to have to wait
    till I have time to go find it now

  26. brennan clark says:

    total rip off If u want affordable look at the solidoodle can print biger
    than this and for only $500.

  27. Anne Weideman says:

    I was plagued by pimple breakouts for quite some time. I did shut myself
    away because of it. I attempted each and every crackpot idea out there. It
    didn’t go away. Afterward I got word of the Acne Executioner web page
    (Google it) and I’d at long last uncovered something that was effective. I
    actually like looking at images of myself now.

  28. Trained Noob says:

    Guys, remember that this was 2011. Things have changed and stuff has gotten

  29. Andreas Karlsson says:

    1000$ is NOT an affordable printer.
    200$ is.

  30. Nagesh Kini says:

    A good technology ,one can reproduce components any where at any time.

  31. fairulmonstarz says:

    Can you use skipping ropes (the ropes) for the refill?? (G-neous)!?!?!?

  32. Alkostep says:

    pay 1000 dollars to make knob or foot for toy :logic:

  33. DennisJ51 says:

    Now that we have 3D printers, will there be databases of objects and parts
    to call on for printing? And wouldn’t a 3D scanner give us a CAD image
    without all the measurements?

  34. Rollin Caps says:

    Affordable Desktop 3D Printer

  35. an1m3n00b says:

    nope. You’d create a lump of plastic with the same shape as a phone, but it
    wouldn’t work because phones have electronics which are not made of plastic.

  36. DerfHD says:

    you are literally too dumb to insult…

  37. mordokch says:

    Needs to be a 3d scanner too – then it will take off big time

  38. alex zaalishvili says:

    What if u took a device (phone ipad watev) and took all the pieces apart
    then made a 3d model would it print and would it work?

  39. Django Mandingo says:

    You must be a console gamer.

  40. AscendingConscious says:

    It was printed upside down with supports.

  41. mooblapp says:

    That’s as much as the Apple version of Sony Vegas costs

  42. The Daily Driver says:

    In another year they will be under $500. Considering what they can do it
    won’t be long before the average consumer has one, just like a PC or

  43. qiuqiu tinymey says:

    I would want to print another 3D printer :D

  44. Alex Carmichael says:

    affordable? how about $200/$300 makibox.com $200 for PLA printing only or
    $300 for one with a heated bed so you can print with ABS too!!! they are
    smaller but still practical that is where I will be getting mine!

  45. Asrob1001 says:

    great….now its one million dollars! >:(

  46. K.B. Carte says:

    You keep using that word, I think you don’t know what it means.

  47. dj2dirk41 says:

    can i print a pinter with the printer

  48. Shaider Riz says:


  49. alexbrittman says:

    you can buy one for 200 dollars……

  50. L. Cleveland Major says:

    Folks, this is only an advertisement for the Up! Of course they will claim
    it as the most affordable! It is up to the consumer to do research and see
    what is really available, and what the prices are! There are several to
    choose from that are definitely cheaper than this one. If you use modeling
    apps you can have your models converted to the correct format for these 3D
    printer to use, but the integrity of the model is paramount.


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