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CNET Top 5 – Best laptops under $600

CNET Top 5 - Best laptops under 0

http://cnet.co/NsCXK8 Don’t call them netbooks. These inexpensive computers deliver the features of full-fledged laptops costing twice as much.

25 Responses to “CNET Top 5 – Best laptops under $600”

  1. Bryson Dowell says:

    any of them have ded. graphics card

  2. LazyBeardProductions says:

    But…will it blend? That is the question.

  3. REYMEXICANO4L says:

    Why would you show an extremely expensive laptop when someone’s
    obviously trying to find a laptop for a relatively cheap price. that’s like
    mocking the viewer by saying “Ha-ha look at you, looking for some cheap
    computers! check this bad boy out and its price tag that you can’t afford”

  4. Sheila Cosgrove Johnson says:

    What programs do they come with like Microsoft student…pictures…etc

  5. 2AWSUME4U says:

    what bout asus vivobook,it beats most of those laptops and under 600

  6. Plisk001 says:

    Dell is garbage.

  7. Jullian Robin Sibi says:


  8. KVang0900 says:

    It’s a joke, calm down lol

  9. Evan Barrineau says:

    Those laptops are shit

  10. Dingo D. Manhunter says:

    I got my 3ghz quad core phenom, 6 gb ddr3, with an ati radion 4250 for 500
    bucks! 1 year ago.

  11. Miranda Mandlate says:


  12. TheDobacks says:

    really :O, I realise this but I was just making some humour towards the
    fact how cnet always favours and places apple products ahead of all the
    other tech products and how it is usually a pretty biassed review

  13. Laith Jensen says:

    You people is poor

  14. wynos0 says:

    I’ll work a bit harder and buy the Retina MacBook pro :)

  15. James Russo says:

    wow these really suck

  16. MrLolmaster101 says:

    i am

  17. Oliver Gent says:

    because its the best at being a laptop, its by far the most desirable in
    terms of style and design. laptops are designed for portability and not
    used for gaming if you want that you would be better of buying a full pc.
    although i do agree the price is very steep, but it is apple

  18. James B says:

    2:10 … was that bit necessary… no… why do you have to mention an
    apple product !!!! fuck you donald

  19. Ed Smith says:

    because there is no macbook under $600

  20. Josh Jimenez says:

    You can’t upgrade or customize it (which, MOST people don’t even bother
    opening their computers anyways). BUT, it’s worth noting that the only
    processor option on the 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display is an Ivy
    Bridge quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, which starts off at 2.3GHz.
    You’ve been able to put Core i7′s on Macs for a long time now. I don’t know
    where you’ve gotten your information…

  21. Pini Cheyni says:

    Great way to start the morning !

  22. Addiel Morales says:

    HP Pavilion m6-1035dx kick ass under 600

  23. elmobb224 says:

    me : cmon i wanna see whats number one… when number 1 laptop appears me :

  24. R8Prototype says:

    1.3ghz dual core… sounds netbook to me

  25. Matthew Jackson says:

    Lol at all the Apple haters on here, have fun wasting your lives!


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