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Dell Inspiron 15 i15N-1900BK 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron 15.6 Inch Laptop Features Intel Pentium B950 2.10 GHz 4 GB DDR3 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive 15.6-Inch Screen Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit This …

How I fixed a Dell Laptop that refused to charge the battery and recognize that I was using a genuine Dell DC Power adapter. It took some careful adjustments…

38 Responses to “Dell Inspiron 15 i15N-1900BK 15.6-Inch Laptop Review”

  1. Prachi Kumar says:

    Now this is something worth buying :) an awsum product with great
    features.. btw at what price is it available??

  2. Prasen Bhardwaj says:

    yeah!m also n favour of this laptop..sounds a nice product guys..i think we
    should not wait for buying dis laptop as it has some relly amazing
    features..m surely gonna buy dis product!!

  3. Sanya Ahuja says:

    yes guys.. I do agree wid you its amazingg…. no matter hw much it costs i
    m in favour of buying this product.. :)

  4. Ayushri Bhargava says:

    Fabulous product !! A laptop worth buying guys. like the colours of the
    replaceable lids..Too Funky :D

  5. da virgo Gal says:

    Apoorva, mansi…. If u guys are searching for sumthng lyk dis… Den I
    think u guyz shud go with dis laptop.. As it has mny good features… :)

  6. Apoorva Prabhakar says:

    Seems impressive. Though I am looking for something on the cheaper side.
    With more or less the same features. Any suggestions? I dont mind paying a
    few more bucks if it is worth it :)

  7. Mansi Grover says:

    Apoorva i too wanna know the same… Please guys do suggest something…

  8. Freeforce5o says:

    And spends more time talking about $60 colored covers lol.

  9. legojpw says:

    If a review is three minutes long, and the intro takes up thirty seconds,
    the reviewer obviously doesnt take his/her time

  10. AustinnTurtle says:

    Wow, prick

  11. Paras Toteja says:

    guys! visit ‘pricegenie.in’ to get the lowest price of this product over
    all e-commerce websites.. cant tell u how gud it is ;)

  12. ethankenney kenney says:

    He’s fat lol

  13. Jason Marsh says:

    Hey ftdc. Great Vid – it allowed me to fix my issue (same of course). But I
    gotta comment bud… The only thing worse than being wrong is being 80%
    right… That signal pin DOES NOT carry a 20 vdc signal. I think (I think)
    there is a different ground – a signal ground. I busted mine open and sure
    enough there was the break right where you said it was. I fixed it but
    still 0vdc. I tried it plugged into the LT and guess what? – fixed.. 100%
    (thanks brother) but I still saw 0vdc on the gold wire. Personally I’m not
    afraid for the few brave souls that have no idea what they are doing and
    follow blindly – they will be fine. But a little knowledge causes problems
    (legion). I am an electronic tech. and therefor very familiar with ripping
    stuff apart and resoldering it all together again. Myself I would have
    attached a jumper from the 20vdc source on the connector to the pin. I
    think that would have been nasty in the end… So, thanks. And guys, do the
    repair, but fgs check it on the LT to see if it works before you rip and
    tear or even worse make up your own repair. FTDC got it right – thanks
    again bro.

  14. brandog0 says:

    same here man! the fucking charger port fucked up on my dell N5050 and they
    are saying my warranty has expired, i still have a month left!

  15. freethrillsdotcom says:

    Usually the power adapter will have capacitors in it, and eventually these
    puff out and start leaking which causes unstable power, or can’t handle the
    proper power load. Sounds like it’s time to buy a completely different
    power adapter. Even if your power adapter isn’t that old, a brown out, or
    small shock to the power supply could have ruined some of the components.
    It is obviously isn’t working correctly, time to change and replace it.

  16. ValkyriePR0DUCTI0NS says:

    I have HP laptop notebook and the battery will not charge; the powersuply
    isnt recognized and also my usb connections keep cutting out. When I finaly
    got a connection for the powersupply to the laptop 5 seconds later the
    laptop dies. I have not alot of batery so please help! :)

  17. Paulo F. says:

    looks like we have an answer for the dell charger problem and even before I
    get started i think it makes a lot of sense, I will let you after
    checking/repairing :)

  18. Kirk Claybrook says:

    You are a legend…thank you. My problem turned out to be the signal wire
    being broken at the ferrite thingo near the power supply. Thought I was
    clever, 1st thing I did was open up the PS and check for continuity at the
    pcb and the plug. Sure enough the red wire was the problem. Wires looked
    good at PS end so I cut the plug open..for no reason as it turns out. I
    ended up having to cut the cable at the ferrite core near the PS then had
    to join it just near the PCB. Bit of a mess but working :-)

  19. LPfafinette says:

    So my issue is that I purchased a new battery and it worked with the
    laptop, but the charger (which is very old) will not charge the battery and
    powers the laptop as though there were no battery in there. Would it make
    sense to just buy a new charger? I mean, if the issue is with this red
    wire, do you think buying a new charger would help any?

  20. hughesername says:

    Great explanation. I started by cleaning the gold inner post wire with a
    qtip damp (not soaking) with alcohol, and gently cleaned that wire. I used
    a can of compressed air to clean the battery compartment and the port. So
    far that has worked, and I no longer get the unrecognized power / F1 error.
    You, sir, win the Internets for me today.

  21. freethrillsdotcom says:

    Sounds to me that you have a contact issue. Get some rubbing alcohol and
    clean both contacts (battery and laptop). Removing the battery and
    re-inserting it again causes some friction which causes the contacts to
    work temporarily. These contacts are gold plated usually, which easily rubs
    off over time. Once that happens, they oxidize which could be your problem.

  22. daand12 says:

    Sometimes i also get a error that the battery is not being recognised, and
    then i take the battery out, and put it back in. That fixed it for me.

  23. freethrillsdotcom says:

    That sounds like the battery isn’t making proper contact with the laptop.
    Check for dust, clean the contacts with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol . Make
    sure the metal contacts are touching properly.

  24. Rushaine Clarke says:

    thanks but i have two adapters so please email me at
    rushaineclarke@gmail.com so i can talk to you better about this issue

  25. Josephine Middleton says:

    I had an old adapter that the red wire had separated. Cut the cable open
    more to have the cable to connect. Don’t have the equipment to connect yet.
    I tried holding the red wires together and the battery is charging. This
    works. Now, I have to figure out why my current adapter isn’t working.

  26. wtfirbk says:

    Do you know how to fix a laptop keyboard that won’t type I tried everything
    went to devices and and everything to still won’t type

  27. Juse Jamez says:

    FYI replacing the DC jack on the mobo is very easy. It takes maybe 30
    minutes and the part is 5$. That’s if you cant clean it and get it right.

  28. freethrillsdotcom says:

    @shahmmehmood so your problem is not your battery in this case then, that
    is the good news. Now bring your power adapter to your friend’s house. I am
    guessing your AC adapter will NOT charge his battery. If that is true, then
    you know your AC adapter is the problem, not your laptop.

  29. Gary Davis says:

    The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Please connect a Dell 90W
    AC adapter or higher for best system operation.

  30. MMehmood Shah says:

    @freethrillsdotcom hello, my battery is ok its working fine after charging
    in my friend’s e64100. his battery and my batter also working good in my
    laptop.Could you pl help if could change some parts in my latop or do you
    think if i take it to a shop they can repair my laptop. Smebody told only
    solution replacing of CPU.

  31. freethrillsdotcom says:

    Thanks for sharing that tips. The cheap way things are made these days,
    sometimes we have no choice but to learn how to repair them ourselves.

  32. freethrillsdotcom says:

    Excellent news. It’s amazing how a little dust can cause such a big problem.

  33. apollonas says:

    What if you somehow managed to lose that plastic insert that you see at
    1:00? The one that you said to lightly pull on. Is there any way to just
    get that part and reinstall it? Thanks for any input.

  34. freethrillsdotcom says:

    It depends on usage. On average, after about 3 or 4 years most laptops I’ve
    ever owned, the battery startes holding less and less of a charge to the
    point, one day it doesnt even hold 10 minutes worth anymore. This usually
    happens after about 4 years in my own opinion. Asking about 1st day of year
    5 is speaking a little too literal.

  35. Dohn Joe says:

    will my laptop get power if the middle gold signal pin gets broken? I don’t
    use a battery, so don’t need charging.

  36. drosera88 says:

    Great video. Also, fuck Dell and their proprietary bullshit on a laptop
    part that almost always wears out faster than other parts, especially when
    they charge $55 for something that likely only costs them like $5.

  37. Amar S says:

    This is the very great useful link… my laptop is exactly the same issue.
    i was searched so many attempts to fix but couldnt after seen this video i
    had been fixed issue by my self. Just i spend money to soldering Iron and
    Multimeter… Its working fine. thanks….


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