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Dell Laptop 7 Beeps Error Fix That WORKS!!!!!

Dan shows you how to fix the dreaded 7 beeps of death on the Dell Laptop. You will be AMAZED!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Dell Laptop 7 Beeps Error Fix That WORKS!!!!!”

  1. nomcreepypasta says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. This happened to me tonight and I thought I’d lost my
    uni essays that needed handing in during the coming week. I was panicking
    so badly, but thankfully your fix did the trick first attempt and I managed
    to get my laptop back on and back up my essays. I cannot thank you enough,
    I have no idea what I would have done without this video. xxx

  2. Lacreas Moore says:

    I replied. Computer. An any

    phone tht u have

  3. Tito C says:

    wow, i have had my wife’s laptop off for about a month now. I read so many
    different tips and none of them worked. When I first heard your video, I
    must admit I thought you were just making people do something stupid that
    wasn’t going to work, but i went ahead and tried it and IT WORKED!!!!!!

  4. Christopher Hall says:

    Thanks so much! It worked for me although it did go back into death mode
    after I closed it. Was able to save info and papers that I needed for
    school so not all was lost. Thanks for the tip! 

  5. Shreyas Joshi says:

    dude YOU ARE AWESOME…Thank u so much…

  6. Torrey Lar-Parker says:

    It works it really works! 

  7. baka7dogo says:

    what about 3 beeps and a blank screen?

  8. mr potato says:

    dell s-cks
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes I cannot believe it
    it WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. TehLazieBoi says:

    Wow I’m surprised that worked 0.O and I don’t normally trust these Youtube
    tutorials lol, thank you!

  10. Mark Record says:

    Man that worked!

  11. minina5821 says:

    It worked on the first try!!! Thank you!!! 

  12. Kris Curry says:

    It not work

  13. Mahamed Abdi says:

    this is just like no pain put we reach the rest of the solution if we are
    going to be good work so this is gets me ahead age an u are so thanks for
    this helping i do but it s good some times and mostly no good for your

  14. Nick Arnette says:

    Thanks, yes it worked for about a week for me. Now, no matter how many
    times I go through this process, it just beeps. I’ve even tried letting it
    beep for an hour to get is extra warm. Any other ideas?

  15. AwesomeTeo says:

    IT WORKS!!! You are wizard! 

  16. wyesdnil says:

    I’m skeptical and this sounds pretty crazy but I’m trying this after work.
    I don’t even care to have it anymore, I just want to extract my music =(

  17. Michelle G. says:

    OMG THANK YOU. Seriously saved my life with this video. I had to do it a
    few times but it works. Thank you!! 

  18. David Pressello says:

    my dell after 10 minutes is not hot…

  19. Warrior says:

    OMG!!!!!! To think i wasn’t going to try it!!!!!! IT FREAKIN WORKED!!!!!
    you’re a lifesaver!!!!Owe you one. THANKS MAN!!

  20. John Cirincione says:

    This is insane! Thank you so much

  21. Csanad Szabo says:

    The overheating of the North bridge(in my case) melted the solder, and some
    of the balls did not connect to the MoBo properly. Overheating again will
    help to resettle the solder in the right position. Same thing as with the
    oven or blow torch or heat gun. It is a good way to reball it. Wonder if it
    might work on Xbox Ring of death,

  22. Jérôme Marchand says:

    Hello you crazy bastard, It worked.
    However, instead of letting the alienware run by itself, I put it in a 45
    celsius, 15% humidity chamber for two hours.
    Guess it was moisture’s fault!

  23. Ramesh Reddy says:

    wowwwwwww……….Superbbbbbb ideaaaaaa my pc is working nowwwwwww

  24. djriggsjr says:

    Tried this a few times for different lengths of time and it never
    worked…. Guess it needed more heat because baking the motherboard as a
    last resort got the job done.

  25. stephen ndahi says:

    Oh my, i thought this was a big joke but due to the huge number of comments
    decided to give it a try. I tried first time covered it with a comforter
    for like 10 minutes but didn’t work. Gave up and after a few days gave it a
    try and left it for like 30 minutes and when i unwrapped it the heat was
    too much but was eager and didn’t give it time to cool. Pressed on button
    and there we go, the computer is working and am doing the updates now.
    Crazy idea but it works.


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