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Dell Ultrabook – XPS 13 Laptop

Dell Ultrabook - XPS 13 Laptop

Is this the thinnest laptop in the world? Dell’s new Ultrabook the Dell Studio XPS 13 is up against the Macbook Air, ASUS Zenbook and Toshiba Ultrabook in th…

Professional computer technician and host of the Guru Brew daily tech show, demonstrates in a simple way how owners can restore an Dell Inspiron series lapto…
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50 Responses to “Dell Ultrabook – XPS 13 Laptop”

  1. Schizophrenic Bunny says:

    Three words for you: Go fuck yourself. Goodbye. I will NOT be fighting with
    pathetic, C*ck sucking, dumb fucks like you. I do not even GIVE A RATS ASS
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  2. bLzItFggt420 says:

    @michaelhyourinmaru stupid american!

  3. Schizophrenic Bunny says:

    *sigh* Just. So. Fucking. Pathetic.

  4. Brandon D says:

    I think i should take back what i said. Just compared the spectre and the
    XPS 13 and the only thing really better about the XPS is the lower price.

  5. jtorres1486 says:

    Everyone and there mother is copying Apple lmao

  6. bioroid09 says:

    @errdayimhustln here we go with the thinnest argument again

  7. oR3LENTLE55o says:

    If that was true he’d be considered mentally retarded. Which I’m guessing
    he isn’t seeing as he’s perfectly fluent in English. Oh wait you’re still
    stuck using Fahrenheit aren’t you…? So he’d just be as stupid as you in
    that case.

  8. seanybigz2514 says:

    You sound super hot

  9. Uzerc says:

    We’re using stereotypes now, eh? How’s that autism working out for you?
    Enjoying that degeneration? Why is your IQ below 100? So many questions,
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  10. Schizophrenic Bunny says:

    haha, how pathetic your response is. I can’t believe how stupid some
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  11. BrEnNo1023 says:

    @adarshkumarmohan your main shopping criteria when buying a laptop is
    whether the logo is easily visible to other people? trying real hard not to
    laugh… fuck it. BAHAHAHAHA!!!

  12. SilentZero says:

    This and the HP Folio 13 are both great ultrabooks. I really like this one.

  13. JSernProductions says:

    You must be new here

  14. Sai Sailendra says:

    It’s not dall….It’s dell….

  15. jake pennington says:

    Finally something better than the macbook pro

  16. Luke Brosious says:

    i like how European’s say aluminum…more sophisticated…makes me wanna
    buy :)

  17. KeKeKeilan says:

    That bezel is really nice. Just wish the screen was a slightly higher
    resolution and that they’d waited a couple months for ivy bridge.

  18. jokkeje says:

    @LostMySauce Sadly, no

  19. SilverStarHatena says:

    @WudiShi Very True.

  20. chatbox says:

    She sounds awful!! 0:28, repeat after me “X P S”, not SBS.

  21. chatbox says:

    1:28…what on earth are you trying to say there?

  22. Lubursik says:

    without hdmi?!.

  23. TapTapFreak says:

    Intel HD Graphics 3000? gtfo with that Apple, Dell etc! for such high
    priced ultrabooks a graphics card with just 387MB? that’s stupid.

  24. berny88925 says:

    I don’t think he is fighting. He is more like answering him.

  25. lonelysubwoofer says:

    I’m getting this instead of a MacBook Air.

  26. WorldOfCuz says:

    Just subbed. 

  27. Matthew Ramelb says:

    you are THE MAN!!! Thank you so much. I have a Dell XPS, and your tutorial
    is still very helpful.

  28. Eusebio Bautista says:

    many thanks for the info finally I can restore my dell inspiron Thanks!

  29. Amrit Dhaliwal says:

    Learned a lot, thanks

  30. Chris Williams says:


  31. Sercan Ozalp says:

    Mate I must say that was a massive help and it was so easy to do…thanks
    heaps from Australia cheers 

  32. Steven Conroy says:

    I appreciate having a place to find solutions to problems Now let’s see if
    you can answer this one! I have a Dell Studio laptop given to me by a
    friend, and soon after I installed my Norton 360, (I used it for a couple
    of weeks) it Now won’t boot, even in Safe mode. I would like to do a
    Factory recovery but can not get it to boot at all. The Error message
    reads, “Notification dll has not been Registered, Program will not work
    correctly. Is there a way to activate RECOVERY at the very first Power Up ?
    Thank You in advance,,, Blessings, Steve Conroy

  33. Hisham Bawa says:

    i need help. i installed a win 7 32 bit accidently and now there is no
    DELL folder on the local disk and no way to connect to wifi. is there
    anything to fix it? i lost my recovery disk

  34. n6ugyham says:

    Didn’t it save all the cooties too ?

  35. Kirk Wilson says:

    Thank you so much Steve!!!!!

  36. nicholas young says:

    11:28 I can’t get the last option to pop up. Please help?

  37. OSGx1992 says:

    Will I lose software’s which was already on the pc as well?

  38. Jasmine Hammond says:

    Thanks great vid

  39. Tyler F says:

    All mine says after i hit f8 is startbwith windows 7, howvdo i get the
    repair option?

  40. Sam Ignatius says:

    Thank you for the step by step instruction, it solved the laptop issues

  41. John Doe says:

    go to Dell website. Download drivers for free at the site for your model
    and load whatever window version you want.

  42. tariq rahim says:

    my on laptop has not Factory settings plz me tell 

  43. Jesse Depiro says:

    I had never heard about tapping F8 to open system repair that’s new for me
    but I am very tech savvy and found this to be a very interesting video

  44. bruce warburton says:

    Fixing a dell xps m1330 for a customer as i type, this video may well come
    in handy so thanks steve, watched a couple of your youtube videos so now
    I’m subscribed and will hit like, your nearly as laid back as me so thats
    cool, cheers. 

  45. r56mini says:

    My Dell laptop doesn’t give me that Dell restore option….

  46. M Marshini says:

    i followed all steps until it asked admin password i entered it but when i
    get the boot options i have all of them except the one you choose??

  47. KeepsComin says:

    I had the Optimizer and the Uniblue speed up my PC. How I fixed was I went
    to Safemode and I went to uninstall a program and uninstalled it. It did
    not let me uninstall in the regular computer mode.

  48. Isaac Gill says:

    Youtube is the best for all friends we watch every video which we need to
    watch. Thanks Youtube.

  49. Ward Rhoads says:

    Thank you for this video. I was just looking online for instructions to
    restore my Dell from Recovery Discs and found your video. It was exactly
    what I needed. Again, thank you very much.

  50. Anne Stephen says:

    Hey Guru! I have an old crappy Dell Inspiron 1525 with no Dell Datasafe on
    it and no option to do a factory restore – I have no disks – Dell or
    Windows. I am running Windows 7. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Any advice? 


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