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Destroying an iPhone 5S (The Soviet Way)

How to destroy an iPhone 5S. (The Soviet Way) FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TechRax/192119757502890 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TechRax INSTAGRAM…

25 Responses to “Destroying an iPhone 5S (The Soviet Way)”

  1. Jeremy Bolt says:

    In Soviet Russia,PHONE BREAKS YOU!

  2. theFOOLNIGHTWOLF says:

    Smash the bottle over the screen

  3. nathan dinh says:

    So much alcahol

  4. Jason Thomas Dolan says:

    I love seeing Apple fans cry. hahaha :-)

  5. niklasxl says:

    alcohol misuse 

  6. Cookie Crew says:

    Why won’t you break!!!

  7. killstreak789 says:

    Try using it under water

  8. PicrosPhoenix says:


  9. Brad Clark says:

    This is so stupid.

  10. Nathan Brown says:

    Hey man I will take the iPhone off your hands..haha I don’t care if its

  11. Haridarshan Patel says:

    why normal vodka? you need premium russian vodka

  12. James G says:

    How to basic?

  13. Nathan Yates says:

    apple must get alot of money from you

  14. Omar Salem says:

    Dude I wanna see you drop an iphone 5s off a tall building

  15. Sam Wall says:

    Witch is stronger iPhone or vodka? Only one way to find out. FIGHT

  16. DigitalYojimbo says:

    In Russia phone breaks you !

  17. Caleb Varghese says:

    I think android pays him ?.

  18. Sedrati Iskander says:

    Fuck you android is payin u bitch

  19. TheKiddMason says:

    first he wastes the phone which i don’t care about, then wastes vodka… 

  20. Charlotte Oakes says:

    No I didn’t enjoy it it’s just annoying now.

  21. frobro7 says:

    I feel bad for that phone lol

  22. BoyzOfYouth says:

    What a waste of vodka

  23. deltazing82 says:

    In soviet Russia phone destroys you!!!

  24. Afrizal Anoda says:

    You just went full retard,never go full retard

  25. Charles David Sena says:

    Your such a careless. Anyways, i like your videos.


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