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Entry-level Kindle is an excellent no-frills e-book reader

Entry-level Kindle is an excellent no-frills e-book reader

http://cnet.co/UJnMdU Amazon’s most affordable Kindle lacks the touch-screen and self-illuminating screen found on step-up e-readers, but it costs a mere .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Detailed unboxing, walkthrough, and review of the all-new Kindle Fire HD 7″ Tablet. Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/SMHgmE Optional Power Adapter: http://amzn.to…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Entry-level Kindle is an excellent no-frills e-book reader”

  1. andrew wurzer says:

    that thing sucks

  2. Sinhue Noriega says:

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  3. Online Gadget Store says:

    It is fascinating how companies are able to work with very cheap materials
    yet they rarely compromise the overall quality of their work. Kindle is one
    of the products of this logic. It is impressive because it does its job of
    being an e-book reader yet it can do so many other tasks.

  4. John Doe says:

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    only”.. we’re a group of successful folks that share knowledge and every
    first 100 like will receive a new kindle.. as a way to give back; the page
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  5. Hoai Bui says:

    First comment!

  6. Rafay Raja says:

    This is a nice video

  7. Mr. Squirrel says:

    you sure nailed this!! ha!

  8. schackproffset says:

    Hmmm.. Wouldn’t the ads go away by just turnimg off the wifi?

  9. NotMyName yolo says:

    so… books huh..

  10. Jackson F says:

    This kindle is not worth investing in or paying for… Whatever

  11. 0194D says:

    That’s a funny way to come out of the closet.

  12. Felix Cruz says:

    Yeah but it’s screen is reflective. I prefer to have two tablets (one big
    and one small) and an ereader.

  13. Noor Elahi says:

    I Hate living in the middle east right now! I want one!

  14. Devin Mitchell says:

    no touchscreen and physical keybord is a issue

  15. MarshmallowMadnesss says:

    Sorry, but to me, that’s like saying that you prefer to carry around a cell
    phone, a pager, and an answering machine.

  16. MarshmallowMadnesss says:

    Just pay for the Nexus 7. It’s a phenomenal tablet and does everything.

  17. Jason McCurry says:

    It’s not a hard drive, its flash storage most likely. I believe they will
    probably go away, mostly because that is a alot of data to store and it
    would require updating every time an ad is changed, or the rotation of ads
    are changed.

  18. Tony Krystofolski says:

    Any body know how to use this fucking thing cant transfer files or get a
    wifi connection please help

  19. Kostie100 says:

    lol yeah probably.

  20. Derek Huber says:

    He means on the kindle, and no, they won’t because they’re loaded on the
    hard drive

  21. Will Not Say says:

    I bought this over other kindles or nook mostly for the price, but I don’t
    regret it at all. Keyboard is a bit difficult to use, but I rarely use the
    keyboard when reading, so it’s not an issue for me. Love this e-reader!

  22. TheLuminousCleric says:

    then get a different model or reader. it’s fine for me.

  23. unussupraable says:

    This guy makes an exciting device very boring

  24. nichitacostea says:

    I think the nook simple touch is a better ereader with no adds and its more
    comfortable for long sessions of reading. Got one for christmas

  25. Daniel Miranda says:

    he should review everything

  26. loughrey101 says:

    You can charge them with your iPhone wall charger or pretty much any modern
    phone charger with a USB port. 

  27. Not You says:

    Can you watch youtube on this

  28. Mutasem Moussa says:

    It says “Michael’s 5th Kindle”. Is this your 5th Kindle?

  29. John Anderson says:

    I love how you’re reading about Steve Jobs on a Kindle.

  30. Ch Gu says:

    great review man!

  31. Spade1501 says:

    Thinking about getting it. Idc about graphics, etc. I just care about how
    long it lasts (Like how many years I can keep before the charge starts to

  32. Dawntae Shaw says:

    Do you have to pay for the prime 

  33. Pedro Romero says:

    Are you going to review the kindle for hdx

  34. Diamond Arrows says:

    Thanks Man U helped me make my choice 

  35. Jerrell Davis says:

    Does this have the mayday button

  36. phailnation says:

    Amazon having sale on kindle fire hd 16gb today only at the price of the
    8gb model of 135$ 

  37. Pointless/Undercroft Questing says:

    What if I got the kindle as a gift off amazon by a amazon user, would the
    account be changeable? 

  38. Christian Kurbanali says:


    says $139 and comes with no camera . cheapest model with camera on black
    friday is 229 dats insane

  39. BBSHOCKZ says:

    On amazon it says it’s 1920-1200?!?

  40. Mr Boogie says:

    Thank you for the videos. I am getting a tablet and you’re videos have help
    me out a lot :)

  41. Selina Hamilton says:

    I got a kindle fire hd 16gb for my boyfriend as Christmas present. Bought
    mine from argos today £100!! Amazing! the 8gb is £119!! I think I got a
    good bargain! 

  42. moksud ahmed says:

    Hi i wanted to buy this product for my neaphew but my sis said she bought
    same product and when she wanted to download free app then it ask for
    credit card details. Why? I can not put my card number because it is not
    safe and my nephaw might download game which might not free and cut money
    from card. Is there any option to edit that option from setting ? My sis
    could not find any option. Plz tell me.. I want to buy it for christmas
    gift for my young naphew.

  43. Wheres Nemo? says:

    Thank you you have really helped me out. I am getting one for Christmas

  44. Mark Ugoh says:

    i love my kindle fire HD thanks for the info

  45. Olive Khan says:

    Thank you for the videos

  46. Nusrat Ahmad says:

    Very Useful Video Bro,Keep it Up…

  47. Matthew B says:

    i hink ill get one is it really good for a biginner

  48. TheChoppersofthepork says:

    Yes you can get pocket edition

  49. maria Capriglione says:

    Can u get minecraft on it

  50. Lucky Luke says:

    Good for Manga?


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