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Hands-on with Apple’s new Mac Pro desktop

http://cnet.co/HcggII The radically re-imagined pro-level desktop is built for 4K video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Hands-on with Apple’s new Mac Pro desktop”

  1. XlDrax says:


  2. Ken Fung says:

    This is an advertisement, not a hands-on review! 

  3. Qban Celli says:


  4. danageberten says:

    Now this is what I call a BADASS machine!

  5. Pri yon Joni says:

    With that much cpu power and RAM, you’re good for the next 10 years, may be
    15. If graphics card demands, and I/O port types don’t change to

  6. Tuddec says:

    Even the base configuration is more that enough for me… because I’m not a
    Pro user.

  7. Amado Santana says:

    Beastly machine with a beastly price :’(

  8. Patrick Saxon says:

    This new computer was really designed for commercial use, not for the
    average consumer that can not afford this expensive device. I bought my
    self the Apple Mac Mini, very affordable and still powerful along with a
    great O/S. Plus, this is made in the U.S.A., unlike Samsung and other who
    choose to have products made in China. 

  9. KoolanceGamer680 says:

    I have built many custom PCs in my days, many of them with custom
    water-cooling systems and the whole nine yards; its a fun hobby.

    By trade, I am a graphic/web designer or a “pro user.” Any pro will tell
    you that paying anywhere from 2-5k for a computer is just what you do. You
    don’t go on Newegg and hack together the cheapest parts and make a machine.
    And if you do then you are a moron.

    I have been in countless design studios and schools and NEVER seen custom
    built computers…EVER. All you see is either Mac Pros or Dell
    workstations. The reason for this is that custom computers aren’t nearly as
    dependable as an OEM workstation machine.

    Anyone saying you can built a PC 5,000 times faster you don’t know what you
    are talking about. Workstations aren’t built for speed, they are build for
    dependability and redundancy. Xeon chips aren’t any faster than a consumer
    i7, they are built with error correction in mind. A Xeon chip is built like
    a Semi truck and an i7 is like a sports car.

    And finally. You may pay less for a similarly spec’d Windows PC but then
    you have to use Windows. You don’t get the inherently stable, polished and
    refined feel that you get with a Unix based OS like OSX (or Linux). Windows
    is and always will be a nightmare to use professionally because it is
    flawed at its core. The reason Apple is able to continually add in useful
    features and software is because they solved the problems Windows is still
    dealing with 10 years ago. Window is just garbage code on top of garbage
    code on top of garbage code.

    That is all.

  10. Fernando Salazar says:

    No means to offend anyone, but it kind of look like a trash can from far
    away, I think the black color and design was not so ideal after all, but it
    seems very good, very expensive.

  11. mrmagorium12 says:

    Lol 8000 dollars for this particular model. Apple has a good thing going.
    Completely ripping uneducated people off for something half as powerful as
    a pc that you could build for $2000

  12. Andhika Pro says:

    Hands-on with #Apple’s new #MacPro desktop. via +CNET

  13. TheOfficialPrax says:

    64gb of ram!!!! Holy crap!!!

  14. southbeach09 says:

    Bloody fanboys will pay for anything with a Apple logo. I can build a
    windows PC for 1/3 the price and it’ll be 100x faster. Talk about a epic

  15. Yamato vergil says:

    did i hear that right? 8000dollars for that thing??!!

  16. constantupgrader says:

    Very good product direction.

  17. 名無し says:

    64GB of RAM? 2.7GHz 12-Core processor?
    Mac OS X and the existing programs available for it will never fully
    utilize these components, no matter what you do with it.

  18. David Tao says:

    That TOOOOO BIG, For a computer thats supposed to be smaller

  19. 2987ms says:

    2. Its called a hackintosh…

  20. mesahusa says:

    ill bet any of you guys my entire lifes savings that samsung will make a
    similar product 3 months from now.

  21. QuiteNot says:

    I wasn’t wowed when I first saw this, but look at the last model box next
    to this and marvel at the direction it has taken a server/professional
    system in.
    I read on another website that tried to build this machine on windows,
    including buying office, windows, let’s not forget professional grade
    music, dvd authoring software apple has. And they couldn’t even build it
    for the cost of this and they cheated and said we just put in a slower
    cheaper hdd about half the speed and cost and different video cards with
    similar performance and lower cost. Well you just lost your credibility
    right there. It’s no longer a fair comparison. They didn’t even include the
    cost of a thunderbolt add on card either, or ecc motherboards and ram. So
    it’s actually very good value when you consider the price and design too.
    This was based only on the base $3000 model.

  22. private says:

    The huge RAM will help though with video and audio processing

  23. luggage12345 says:

    in 3 months Samsung will release the Galaxy Cylinder Pro Round S 

  24. whiteandnerdytuba says:

    why bother commenting if you dont understand the product? case and point is
    the comments about the price. after the sticker shock hits please go
    assemble that product yourselves. I on he other hand give it 3 months
    before the armada of windows based computer companies copy this idea.

  25. FutureIndieProductions says:

    There are four types of people in this world:
    1. Idiots who hate apple cause they cant afford it/they think all of apple
    is trash without knowing what’s actually in it
    2. Smart people who hate apple cause of pricing/fanboyism/ and they are
    smart enough to build a better rig for half the price
    3. Idiots who love apple cause of the logo and the shininess
    4. Smart people who like apple for their innovation and don’t mind paying
    more for it


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