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Hardware and Drivers in Linux

Hardware and Drivers in Linux

More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com Now we take the path of looking in more detail of how programs in Linux access the hardware. W…
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7 Responses to “Hardware and Drivers in Linux”

  1. Francisco Garcia Garcia says:

    Very illustrative, there is always new stuff to learn even if we’re looking
    at the basics

  2. theurbanpenguin says:

    thanks for you comment, I appreciate it

  3. theurbanpenguin says:


  4. forrestofmonday says:

    Why does piping lsmod into grep pcs* give lots of pc without an s results?

  5. forrestofmonday says:

    Oh nevermind, answered my own question. Man page ” * The preceding item
    will be matched zero or more times. “

  6. theurbanpenguin says:


  7. Samuel Clay says:

    good explanations, well narated


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