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How To: Install Hardware Drivers In Ubuntu 11.04

Hey, I’m TheMichaelBender welcome to another one of my videos. In this video I show you how to install hardware drivers. Yes, I know I did a video before on …
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25 Responses to “How To: Install Hardware Drivers In Ubuntu 11.04”

  1. Adoozy says:

    fak u bich

  2. Ograws says:

    Movie ISOs *TUT TUT TUT*

  3. Joe Wroten says:

    Thanks this helped me, I simply didn’t know what to look for to find this

  4. donyunger says:

    Regardless of the genre of the music playing it does make it difficult to
    hear what, we hoped to hear what hope to hear when we select a video. Why
    do so many who post videos to the internet do this?

  5. Oliver Queen says:

    @supercoolguyT No, I’m not. No, it’s not. No, you don’t have to insult
    someone because of their religion and doing what they can to make you, the
    viewer, someone they don’t know, feel good. “Why shouldn’t use that type of
    language towards gospel songs? You listen what you want? Okay. Unsubbed.
    Spaghetti monster bless you!” You seem to be insulting him there.

  6. David Thigpen says:

    HELP, When I go to additional drivers, after it searches IT’S BLANK. There
    are no drivers listed! I have wifi though so i can download the drivers but
    idk how, someone please help me!

  7. samramg says:

    i dont get the list of drivers like u, i get blank window only it says that
    no propriety devices r in use plzzzz help

  8. Andrey Semerikov says:

    Помогите пожалуйста установить на ноутбук DELL INSPIRON N5110 вместе Искру
    10.04 и 7-ку. Но меня больше интересует установки видеодрайвера и звукового
    драйвера в самом линуксе… Как их установить корректно чтобы они
    заработали правильно? Какие самые главные шаги нужно предпринять. Заранее
    всем СПАСИБО! Мой имейл rock_stranger@rambler.ru Жду Вашей помощи и
    доброжелательных и полезных советов! Еще раз – СПАСИБО! :)

  9. Pete says:

    @samramg same here please help us!

  10. Oliver Queen says:

    @supercoolguyT It’s not that you have to censor yourself, it’s that you
    should have decency. Muslims, by their religion, are taught to either-
    Kill, rape, or convert people that don’t follow Islam, and to kill or harm
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  11. khunii says:

    Hey great video! How is 11.04? I heard its quite buggy still. What is your
    take on it?

  12. David Thigpen says:

    PLEASE HELP, when i go to additional drivers it comes up with no drivers
    just a blank area where they should be. My screen is glitchy andmesses up.
    i think its because of the graphics driver please help! I have a netbook
    with ATI Radeon graphics. PLEASE!

  13. Don Sturgeon says:

    Thanks. Good video.

  14. cjchico says:

    there are no drivers listed PLEASE HELP!!!

  15. Oliver Queen says:

    @supercoolguyT Wow. Your a dick. You just insulted his religion, then you
    acted insulted, and insulted his religion AGAIN. You’re damn lucky he’s not

  16. shuan44 says:

    hey bro i want to ask u something after installation ubuntu 11.10 can i get
    all the drivers i have hp pavilion dv2700 it’s same as dv6000. i really
    wants to install ubuntu on ma system but i wanna know make sure that i can
    get all hardware. Are you using any other Windows Operating System instant
    of that Ubuntu.

  17. grumpystiltskin says:

    I didn’t think you could help me, but you did! Thanks… Ubuntu is falling
    in the same trap that makes Microsoft and Apple suck– constantly changing
    things to make it easier for beginners. Which makes it harder for
    experienced users. And harder for beginners too because they ask their
    experienced freinds for help- who get stuck on all the “easier” changes.
    There are almost no beginners to redesign for anymore. Microsoft, Ubuntu,
    Apple please stop changing things!

  18. Nick Monastirsky says:

    did you HAVE to leave the music on?

  19. felixthemaster1 says:

    I dont have additional drivers..

  20. TheMichaelBender says:

    @Ograws -those were movies that I converted to Iso files uisng Devede.

  21. HRRutz says:

    What? Did you say something? I can’t hear you over your music.

  22. Homer J Simpson says:

    bad music

  23. utzuckz says:

    many thanks for this — so simple when you know how! i just spent 2 hours
    trying to get an SLI bridge to work — after watching your vid, i got it
    running in less than 5 minutes and Ubuntu now recognizes my monitor :) one
    of the problems with Linux is that most of the technical help/info can only
    be understood by people who know more than the person who wrote it

  24. StudioSecond says:

    what is the song name please?

  25. KidArez says:

    What if my network driver isn’t installed after a clean install of Ubuntu?
    I have an iXtreme M5741. My situation is during the clean install of ubuntu
    (To have as stand alone OS) it says I have a working wired network. Once
    the installation is finished, I have no acces to the internet whatsoever.


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