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How to play Clash of clans on Computer ( Mac, PC )

So the program you will need to download is called Blue Stacks, you can find the Beta version here: http://www.bluestacks.com/home.html once you download it,…
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25 Responses to “How to play Clash of clans on Computer ( Mac, PC )”

  1. Cliff .Bartlett says:

    if you have an iphone can you do this as well?

  2. Epekki says:

    Godson you can zoom with Ctrl+mouse weel! :)

  3. Nathan S says:

    I love it!!! Thanks!!! :D

  4. Baws Boy says:

    is it free?

  5. HyperStyleKid gethyper says:

    can you use your account from your iso 

  6. Mason Allen says:

    i cant seem to get blue tacks (Windows) it try’s to open but it cant :/
    if someone knows what to do help me please 

  7. Oxygen Genesis says:

    Hm, that’s how I always play COC(as a relatively new player who started a
    few weeks ago) lol…much easier to spend a 8 hours streak on PC than on a
    Nexus phone!

    Love the multitasking ability of my laptop and my desktop. This way I
    always know when to reload the game, and furthermore it doesn’t drain
    battery instead of playing it all the time on my phone!

    Psst, welcome to the PC gaming world noobs, go and buy a better graphic
    card and better RAM sticks if you’re serious about gaming on your
    computer!(I’d recommend at least 32GB+ of memory stick since on my 16GB
    laptop it still lags a bit from times to times while multitasking but on
    32GB it’s close to perfect! Of course 64GB or 128GB would be best but those
    are deadly expensive)

  8. Epicgamer6711 says:

    GoDson get a touch screen computer like lenova and u can have your pros
    back and less cons yeah!!!!

  9. Karma Clan says:

    Do you have to have a android device because it won’t work for me.

  10. Storm Blade says:

    Can you play it
    From your iPhone device 

  11. Jonte GC says:

    Godson please anser ord anyone Else WHO now but when i search on clash of
    clans nothing i coming up

  12. mohammed al-nasheet says:

    yo is “godson” ur real name or only @ clash of clans?

  13. eyal0607 says:

    does it work on windows xp?

  14. Adam Wilkins says:

    doesn’t work for iPhone devices therefore false fucking title as per usual.
    I was really looking forward to this working oh well…

  15. Jacob McDonald says:

    do you get a vires 

  16. Mathias Tysnes says:


  17. Marko Radivojevic says:

    Godson what if i only play on my apple device and i need and android for
    this.Can i still use apple to go on pc?

  18. chan kenneth says:

    but I using iphone game center work with this? if not I need to start all

  19. Sidney Laruel says:

    Hey everyone it IS free ive been using it for a wile AND if you wanna zoom
    in just Hold control+scroller so hold control and zoom in like you would
    normally do ;) 

  20. Saharsha Bhandari says:

    not as good as mobile versons

  21. Lee Edgecombe says:

    Works great! Cheers man! BTW if you hold control and then scroll, thats how
    you zoom in and out! ;)

  22. JewTastic ll says:

    I was wondering if u could do this and then I said forget it then came on
    ur channel to watch clash then I was so happy I saw this. 

  23. josh sitea says:

    Make a video with showing how to get it on pc k

  24. IPikachuILOL says:

    you can zoom in ive been playing on bluestacks for 6 months if you want to
    zoom in you must hold ctrl and then scroll

  25. Yebo Huang says:

    please do one with ios


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