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How to Remove Old Device Drivers from Vista & Windows 7

http://www.7meetsnick.com – One of the most annoying issues with Windows is when your hardware manufacturer fails to provide a proper driver for the operatin…
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25 Responses to “How to Remove Old Device Drivers from Vista & Windows 7”

  1. Cnee Smith says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So helpful!

  2. xXEAGLEXx says:

    Will this work for Graphics cards?

  3. TheVenneman Gaming says:

    I would like to use old hard drive for my new computer but i heard there
    will erros cause its trying to detect old drivers do i just deleted all the
    drivers and i will be ok? It cause i dont want to lose windows 7 thx asap

  4. Chase Bearden says:

    didn’t work.

  5. vuurwerkl says:

    @iGxDeadlyNinja i got it to do you know it alrdeay plz help me

  6. J-N-H-M says:

    My problem was in the ( non-plug and play drivers ) (( u need to go to view
    like he says then show hidden ….((( my problem was a Logitech cam driver

  7. JeenieJ says:

    BTW to speed things up, I just rebooted my pc and logged back into the user
    I’m working w.

  8. nimeshwiranga says:

    how can i uninstall display drivers and install nvidia driver

  9. romeo2009 says:

    Awesome Thanks

  10. djklmfao says:

    Can you PLEASE make a video of your setup? or make a desk tour.

  11. Ibrahim Mirza says:

    Hey Dude My Computer passed everything but the graphics, its reading it as
    an UNKNOWN and IT Wont Update Any Further and the Screen is Bulky and Big
    it wont let me increase the Resolution like on XP, Is there anyway of
    fixing this or does it mean I need a new Graphics Card????

  12. Mercury OneOne says:

    great TUT..so now can you show me how to uninstall the driver for my
    graphics card? I just got a new one (graphics card) and I like to uninstall
    the drivers for my old one. Thanks & thumbs up!

  13. fruitmand007 says:

    should i do this if i updated my driver

  14. thecodgodify says:

    Why do i get instalation prevented by policy every time i plug a new device

  15. Ivandro Ismael says:

    Thank you really cool

  16. Repenter101 says:

    This method can used for uninstalling motherboard drivers, right? I’m
    looking to upgrade, but I really DO NOT want to reformat my system :/.

  17. TRguy58 says:

    but how to delete old motioninjoy drivers? I can’t delete them and my
    bluetooth dongle isn’t working anymore, any help?

  18. rminitials says:

    This wasn’t what I was looking for, but I ended up watching your video
    anyway. Followed the steps, and look forward to a smoother running machine.
    Thank you, sir!

  19. Tehh Flavrr says:

    i have a easycap driver and its the driver for ipod and i dont want it to
    be i want a apple mobile support driver so how do i get rid of it and
    change it?

  20. Ivandro Ismael says:

    but you can run this command to apply value SET

  21. isaiah angeles says:

    should i delete usb mass storage device?

  22. jam1186 says:

    hey man thanks a bunch, hey where do you get your desktop wallpaper
    backgrounds. thanks dude.

  23. JeenieJ says:

    Thanks! this was a great refreshment to something I haven’t done in over 3
    years (when I first got my pc lol)

  24. GamesOnlyz says:

    Mah laptop keyboard ain’t working after windows update or download new
    games.it work sometime but is fucking irritating hope this help


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