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How To Remove Old Device Drivers from Windows XP and Vista by Britec

How To Remove Old Device Drivers from Windows XP and Vista by Britec Normally, these old hardware drivers remain hidden as the Device Manager displays only t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This Video Tutorial is all about Windows Device Drivers. A Free and Open Source Wizard is presented in this Video Tutorial which can help you to write Device…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “How To Remove Old Device Drivers from Windows XP and Vista by Britec”

  1. Lilylibra says:

    Thank you for that little gem of advice. Tried it, it worked a treat,

  2. Britec09 says:

    post problem on forum please for help

  3. elucid8 says:

    Or, just click: Start > Control panel > Administrative Tools > Computer
    Management > Device Manager and then click View > Hidden Devices to get you
    get to the same screen.

  4. Howto1able says:

    what is the thing(the file before the video end) for? Should i do something
    with it?

  5. benteta says:


  6. Britec09 says:

    I done a video on how to fix bootmgr is compressed.

  7. RobloxiaVideos says:

    What the heck. I don’t- Your using an XP, and when i open cmd, its
    different, I set it as administator, and when i type cl like you say its
    invalid.. :

  8. mattpart3 says:

    is it ok for owner?

  9. Britec09 says:

    no worries dont forget to subscribe

  10. Britec09 says:

    Your welcome.

  11. TomCollins519 says:

    are you saying ctrl and shift button or control and shitter button?

  12. Malisque says:

    Thanks a bunch! Flushed out my old sound card drivers.

  13. x2Pro4Youx says:

    Open Device Manager > Easy way! Start > My Computer > Right Click > System
    Properties opens up > Click HardWare > Device Manager! > Havefun!

  14. blindeye134 says:

    okay i have a problem im pretty sure its a graphics thing but i randomly
    crash most of the time when playing wow and i have a Nvidia Geforce
    7000m/nforce 610m and i have tried to update the driver from the nvidia
    site but it doesn’t show any i would love any help that anyone could

  15. apppjunkie says:

    thanks so much this helped alot

  16. turkeystyler1234 says:

    fuck i hate this british accent -_- im from germany^^

  17. des ses says:

    how do i stop my computer from automatically updating upon powering up?

  18. Jovan Petrovic says:

    What program you use for recording? and yeah great vid

  19. WheatleyDuck says:

    I can’t go to the start menu cause the computer said that bootmgr is
    compressed and it said press ctrl+alt+del and I did it but it go to that
    again any tips?

  20. Ryan Korniloff says:

    Woooow. I’ve been using PC’s since 1988 and I NEVER knew of these commands.
    Thanks for posting this~

  21. YourMussic says:

    you are a saint my sound was messed up and i fixed it in device manager
    thank you so much

  22. Georgi Metodiev says:

    Yesterday i just deleted my sound driver and my computer doenst have sound
    now ! FUCK IT ! can somebody help meh!

  23. AcidFalco says:

    I just installed the latest ATI driver for my graphics card (and stupidly i
    didnt remove the old ones) but it made my Left 4 Dead 2 go all weird with
    textures so i rolled back the driver and the problem is still there no
    problems with other games so do you think this is a driver issue ? Also i
    followed this video and on my graphics card it dosnt show any drivers not
    being used Thanks for the help

  24. marino2156 says:

    is windows.old file the same with windows.O in xp?

  25. raj shy says:

    click on start > click run > type devmgmt.msc > click on ok this will open
    device manager XP for vista windows 7> click on start > under all programs
    their is small box which says start search > in that box type>devmgmt.msc >
    hit enter this will open device manager. enjoy


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