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How to Run Windows on Mac — Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac

http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/ Learn how to Run Windows on Mac without rebooting . Seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-…

25 Responses to “How to Run Windows on Mac — Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac”

  1. John Nelson says:

    I will be majoring in computer science so I will probably be doing a lot of
    windows programming, but I also want to program for iOS in the future…
    and Macs are just nice computers. From the speed tests I’ve seen parallels
    has consistently come out on top so I think it will be the virtualization
    program I use if I get a mac. Thanks for making great software!

  2. Nicholas Nieves says:

    does this come with office ? like microsoft word ? 

  3. gda86pl says:

    +Parallels it’s looks great… but c’mon mentioning internet explorer? ;O

  4. carboncocoa says:

    Umm… no Microsoft Office? Are you kidding?

    And no IE? DRAT DRAT DRAT!!!

  5. Parth Amin says:

    Plz answer parallels

  6. Oleg Nagibator says:

    any way to enable anti aliasing and AF for games? In game settings don’t
    change anyhitng

  7. guchguchgoo says:

    Do I need a separate windows 7 disc to install it on my Mac? Or do I just
    need a iso image of the disc and will it still work?

  8. Samuel Wong says:

    how to install COD black ops 2 PC disc on parallels?? I tried and the disc
    didnt show up in parallels desktop 9 but it appeared in my mac desktop like

  9. Norman Villefort says:

    Can you guys do a video on how to install MS Office in Windows 8 VM on a

  10. Shane Allen says:

    Thanks for the reply Parallels team! I’ve been trying the trial and it runs
    acceptable with games(Skyrim, Dishonored, Dead Space), but bootcamp isn’t
    an option for me. Windows constantly messes up on my Macbook Pro for some
    odd reason in the past few days or so, no matter how much I reinstall or
    partition. Just curious about one more thing. Would a RAM upgrade be a big
    help? I have 4 gbs and the virtual machine gets only 2. I’m giving
    parallels all the resources I possibly can.

  11. Parallels says:

    Yes you can play PC games rather well within Parallels or use BootCamp with
    Parallels to have the best of both worlds.

  12. Parallels says:

    Hi Shane, Yes gaming does work well just realize for high end games like
    Call of Duty, or BioShock Infinity, etc these require to many resources.
    For those high system requirement games BootCamp is the best option.

  13. Parallels says:

    Actually yes there are.. These people tend to be web developers and just
    software developers that need windows for their platform.

  14. Shane Allen says:

    Does it run well? I mean my rig isn’t great for gaming, just a macbook pro
    with 2.5 ghz, 500 some odd mb graphics, etc. Bootcamp has screwed me and
    I’m thinking about getting Parallels for gaming.

  15. fortkarel says:

    Is there really anybody who wants to run MS Explorer on his Mac? Really?

  16. razmanrevo says:

    Finally I can use Internet Explorer!

  17. David Sellars says:

    IT’s great for running windows software like Autodesk, although for
    performance in windows games i use boot camp.

  18. Francesco Zara says:

    Is GTA IV ok? :)

  19. Richard FG says:

    Use bootcamp! its free and its already on every mac!

  20. SherBzY says:

    The only question that everyone needs an answer too is can we play PC only
    games with this software? Please respond

  21. MEDES77 says:

    can we play PC games on Parallels Desktop 9 like rome total war 2

  22. Erik von GameZz says:

    Is there any way to speed upp parallels? Or like shut down the mac to only
    use parallels?

  23. Raiyan Hussein Sachedina says:

    What version of windows. 8 do I need t

  24. Raiyan Hussein Sachedina says:

    Like an OEM or system builder

  25. Mateus Freitas says:

    muito bom


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