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Introducing the iPhone 5S

Introducing the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Our level of deception has never been matched. Written by Matthias and J-Fred Music by Matthias Guests J-Fred – …

Epic 10000 iPhone 5 Domino showcases 10000 iPhones (that’s right TEN THOUSAND iPhones) falling neatly in patterns. These CG iPhones’ feature NFC (Near Fiel…
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50 Responses to “Introducing the iPhone 5S”

  1. Jakub Vojíř says:

    Docela sranda…

  2. Rousbeh A says:

    I’m an iPhone 5s user, and I find this hilarious!

  3. Jenny Garcia says:

    Team Android (; 

  4. Ashley Aguilera says:

    This parody is a copy of another parody. Any way, to all the people
    fighting in the comment and deluding themselves, iPhone 5s is not similar
    to the iPhone 5 except in the build. Software: it came out with iOS7.
    iPhone 5 came out with iOS6. Hardware: iPhone 5s came out with 64bit, A7
    chip and M7 motion processor. iPhone 5 came with A6 chip. Camera: iPhone 5s
    came out with 8 megapixels with 1.5µ pixels and ƒ/2.2 aperture, true tone
    flash, auto image stabilisation, slow motion video, and burst mode. iPhone
    5 came with 8 megapixels and ƒ/2.4 aperture, lacking all the other things
    the iPhone 5s has in its camera. Colours: the only similar colour between
    iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 is the silver/white. iPhone 5s came with Space Grey
    and Gold while iPhone 5 came out with Black Slate. iPhone 5s came with
    touchID, iPhone 5 didn’t. Need anymore differences? Before you talk shit
    about something, LEARN about it. The fact that people think the only
    difference between iPhone 5s and 5 is touchID is stupid. The only thing
    common between them is the silver colour and the build.

  5. justsaynotodrugs says:

    Butthurt fandroids. 

  6. Murtaza Zaidi says:

    Very Nice -Was this an assignment/project? I LOVE IT!!!

  7. Eddie Duan says:

    So accurate

  8. Khuram Farooq says:

    Sums up Apple quite well in my opinion

  9. Patty Mattson says:


  10. Jonas Åhlénius says:

    He’s a total Dominic Monaghan look alike :)

  11. Soul says:

    I don’t want to sound like a apple fanboy, but, there is a slightly,
    SLIGHTLY, better processor in the 5s

  12. Orlando Nunez says:

    Dam everyone tripping wether its the same shit but who cares, Samsung does
    the same shit with there 1milliom galaxy phones, why can’t apple make a few
    phones that are quite similar but different as well quit hating off Apple

  13. IProGamerXX says:

    check out my PARODIES

  14. kwanho609 says:

    And apple copied samsung with the small charger deal. Why dont they stick
    with their massive chargers? Because they can clearly see that samsung are
    their superiors along with htc. Apple are just pathetic copycats who want
    fame and credit!

  15. Diego Platt says:

    Check out this video. It’s hilarious!

  16. Justin Crisp says:

    Outstanding ! 

  17. thomas colombrito says:

    Android Sucks

  18. JM MG says:

    Watching it on iPhone 5s 

  19. Paul King says:

    5,796 iPhone fanboys need to piss off

  20. Math Guy says:

    The negative feedbacks are the fuck heads idiots who are making iPhone
    money rich and apple looks at them like we have another dumb-ass 

  21. esw2000 says:

    My answer

  22. ayham adawi says:

    ppl stop talking shtty stuff about the cpu and the processor and all this

  23. Harvey Kidd says:

    lightning S

  24. kwanho609 says:

    Oh yes and I forgot to mention as if copying samsung for a base design isnt
    enough apple copied samsung about the plastic deal. And 5c isnt cheap its
    900 fucking dollars

  25. fancy gal says:

    This is a good and true commercial

  26. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Do one with Nokia 3310s!

  27. Aaron Cornwall says:

    fap fap fap fap

  28. GTAnilator123 says:

    How did you get the screens of all the iPhones to synchronize?

  29. Юрий Гончаренко says:


  30. Nils Hitze says:

    So blinkendroid inspired ^_^ 

  31. Mohammad Yamani says:

    You want to be creative !!?? Use Apple’ devices :) 

  32. Nikita Karun says:

    this is amazing
    it would take me alone about say……
    …….5 years!!!!!

  33. Floran Belle says:

    Fake like shit

  34. Albert Ogao says:


  35. alekna stylas says:

    give me one iPhone 5

  36. Giuseppe di maio says:


  37. khaled alabdullwhab says:


  38. Im Jake says:

    did anyone else notice the phones that got crushed by the elevator door

  39. Dakota Baker says:

    So fake and already have an iPhone 5s so

  40. Shashank PM says:

    Where did you get 10000 iPhones 

  41. Winston Lin says:

    iphone 5 = about $500
    $500 x 10,000 = $5,000,000 for all of that!

  42. بدر الرويس says:

    Vere Nice :)

  43. Alya Alawadhi says:

    This is amazing !!

  44. MarinaThe Angel says:


  45. Abood Alrafaa says:

    Can you give me 1 ? No? Ok T_T it is ok ^_^

  46. ali alyami says:


  47. Kayla F says:

    I bet the Chinese people working in the factories are dying to see their
    hard work being used on this amazing invention!

  48. Markus Vainola says:


  49. Thomas Long says:

    Too much freetime!


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