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iPad Air vs. All iPads – What’s new?

Here’s a look at whats new in the iPad Air compared to all the other models of the iPad! Check out my site! – http://tysiphonehelp.com Buy the iPads: iPad Ai…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Simply Zesty are delighted to present some top iPad tips and tricks, to help improve your workflow and get the most out of your tablet. http://www.simplyzest…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “iPad Air vs. All iPads – What’s new?”

  1. Tomo says:

    Ewww, where’s the metric measurements?

  2. emanuel delgado says:

    Hands down best review around 5 mins! Keep them up

  3. iTzMax says:

    100 megahertz faster, not gigahertz. :P

  4. NFL Nike says:

    I’ve got the 3rd gen iPad, I decided not to buy the Air since it didn’t
    have Touch ID and Apple hasn’t done a keyboard, I expect those two things
    in the next version and then I’ll, definitely buy it.

  5. Kierans iosgaming says:

    This was a great video!

  6. JerTheLegoFreak says:

    iPad mini FTW!!!! I had the iPad 3, and it feels like a brick compared to
    the mini. The mini is just really, really light and super thin, it is just
    so much nicer to hold compared to the full size iPad.

  7. Anika Rhidini Shaw says:

    Have the iPad two and the new air-mini is a blow off

  8. ethan smith says:

    I on a ipad 3 right now

  9. Justine Tan says:

    I’m on iPad 2 right now

  10. Ana Mayreez says:

    Watch on my iPad 2

  11. Jason C. says:

    Where’s the mini?

  12. Boxingmaster Buddy says:

    Is it worth gettings 4G or just sticking to WIFI, I’m going to get one of
    these but i haven’t decided yet!, I don’t really plan on taking it around
    with me and even when i do i normally bump into a wifi spot. I could get an
    extra 16gb of memory or just get WIFI+ CELLULAR on a 16gb model instead of
    32GB with just WIFI.

  13. 6RHYME says:

    watch on my orginal ipad !! 

  14. tracey cross says:

    I still own the ipad 2 so I should notice a big difference. 

  15. armen asatryan says:

    RASSIA iPad AIR 850$ 16GB WI-FI + CELL

  16. Cen Isabel Delos Reyes says:

    as long as the apple logo is there…as long as it functions the purpose..i
    guess ipad will alway be ipad,except having new specs.enjoy your ipad…

  17. Eleanor Fuller says:

    Every student in our school gets an iPad air next year :)

  18. Liew Wei Da Andrew says:

    I love your comparison, keep going having such videos!

  19. Michelle Marino says:

    Good video ty :)

  20. kissennice says:

    Like who’s watching this on iPad Air.

  21. layahma says:

    Don’t know if I should get the iPad air or the mini 2, I’ll be traveling
    before I settle and possibly get a macbook pro later next year but will
    need something in the meantime (Current desktop I built will be sold). I
    will go for the cheapest ipad air or mini 2 and get a wifi drive for
    storage and hotspot from my phone. So no need for the expensive ones.

  22. youngprankster94 says:

    Nice video

  23. Chris Han says:

    Can’t wait to get an iPad Air. 

  24. 74pbg says:


  25. Christian Johnson says:

    QTYME what are all the Macs u have. And, what school did u go to in
    elementary and middle?

  26. Toby Montgomery says:

    nice One

  27. Vijay Izaac says:

    Wtf is bun

  28. jpetrillo13 says:

    What’s this stupid video? ._.

  29. Krisztian Csaholczi says:

    What iPAd is this ?… the name plsplsplsplspls like to see him :D

  30. planes124 says:

    I saw cydia at 0:45

  31. Sindia Martinez says:


  32. Online Gadget Store says:

    These are a bit risky tips to follow. They are not genuine but they are
    really helpful once you succeed in following all the steps presented in the
    video. This is surprising because Apple is known to detect and take away
    virus that is from the doings of the users.

  33. Frantic Gdz says:

    So do i get my money stolen right away or do i wait?

  34. ChicutaChannel says:

    Nice one! You may consider learning a bit more about ipad to fully
    understand its functionality… tinyurl(dot)com/lrqyl2u

  35. TaaleriPupu says:

    do you really think that people are believing that old bullshit?! all your
    comments are just “hey com to our all new website here you can get som
    ipads and other cool stuff…its easy just give us your credit card number
    and give all your personal data and well send it to you right away! fast
    and easy” get a life bro -.-

  36. Kim Jong-Un says:

    Thanks! Got 3 viruses, even gave one to my friend!

  37. 147Dan's Minecraft Kitchen says:

    No he isn’t

  38. 147Dan's Minecraft Kitchen says:

    Wait he is

  39. IvanCrafterMC says:

    He’s jailbroken

  40. dupsiebabie says:

    Very helpful video. Cheers!

  41. Hassan Hussain says:


  42. Mike1990omg says:

    If someone is interested in knowing more about iPad:

  43. ROBLOX Player says:

    2:36 RANDY ORTON???!!! (i think…)

  44. asiah nailil muna says:


  45. Lexylicious007 says:

    Why do these things never come with a manual

  46. Shaeffer Baxter says:

    Burke BunchTV has a hilarious video of a three year old who invented the
    next generation of iPad. Guess a whole new generation is growing up swiping
    pinching and zooming! Just search “Burke BunchTV ipad”

  47. asiah nailil muna says:

    Thank you

  48. Mr.minecraftMC says:

    so much help but do you have to be jailbreak your iPad?

  49. David Voyles says:

    u r fake

  50. zenait subhani says:



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