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iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD

Can the Apple iPad mini douse the flames of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD? Find out more about these two 7-inch tablets by watching this comparison video. -iPad …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD”

  1. Sam Kendall says:

    Kindle fires are bollocks, they have rubbish apps, looks really fat and you
    pay quite a lot of money and you get adverts on your lock and home screen,

  2. Emily Kennedy says:

    if you look at almost ANYONE who has an iphone or pod or pad whatever the
    screen is always almost cracked kindles r less prone 2 cracking and

  3. Leolyon00 says:

    I brought the kindle fire 2013 for my moms and I picked up a mini for
    myself =]

  4. Isabel R says:

    Kindle fire!!!!!!!! That is better!

  5. madi mccloskey says:

    Just think about it… you almost never see anyone walking around with a
    android screen cracked and you see people with cracked apple screens all
    the time… just becasue the Kindle fire HD is a little bit more bigger
    because it is safer doesnt mean thats a bad thing.. just my opinion #NoHate 

  6. MultiKadyn says:

    I’m getting a kindle fire because they are more safer there not glass like
    the iPad mini

  7. Patrick Lynch says:

    I have have used an ipad mini and I own a kindle Fire HD and trust me ipad
    are good but they want your money so bad you Apple fanboys I’m not lying
    when I say my old iPod 4 after only 6 months of usage would work for half
    an hour then need charging I looked under the glass with a knife and found
    my battery burnt and I have never used an Apple product since overpriced
    and cheap product that should be Apples slogan


  8. swiv2d says:

    Honestly what the fuck is with all the changing shots and out of focus
    shots, just put them next to each so we can see.

  9. Dominic Thompson says:

    This is one of the most interesting reviews I’ve ever seen for a tablet
    …. Thank you!

  10. Bj Allen says:

    Notice how she leans toward the kindle

  11. christian bouchard says:

    the iPad has more apps than the kindle

  12. Digger dan says:

    I got A Kindle fire HD And I Didnt like it because i needed a credit card
    and i didnt have one so then i got a ipad mini

  13. Logan P says:

    Not many people have cracked screens also she likes android so She does not
    like apple apple is way better 

  14. Moni Wanninger says:

    the kindle looks like a first-aid-kit.
    sorry for that, but it’s true. 

  15. Samuel Baumgartner says:

    Kindle fire HD

  16. zoe mckeown says:

    ipad mini cus of the back camera which is great for taking photo’s and
    video’s also they dont have loooads of apps popping up on your screen
    trying to make you buy things e.g

  17. Gator Mckluskey says:

    One thing Kindle doesn’t tell you is that if you have ever owned a Kindle
    you are no longer entitled for a free month on Prime. If you want it they
    will bill you upfront!

  18. Jorge Tapia says:

    ipad mini is cooler

  19. typhoon pricks says:

    Why does Apple always have to be so strict? Let’s say I found a new way to
    get an emulator for iOS 7.0.4, we’ll they would just try to outsmart the
    way I did it. I like android because your not treated like a fucking child.
    Apple is always soooo biased against devices that weren’t made by
    them…android doesn’t give a damn if you root or hack your phone, I’m not
    against apple I’m just pointing out the obvious, android deserves all that
    advertisements,fame,and respect.
    Unless your a child I would actually recommend an iPod or iPad just not
    something your not stuck with for 2 years and have no control over it.

  20. Cotter Ashcraft says:

    Kindle fire HD all the way!!!!!

  21. Mary Notforyoutoknow says:

    I was going to buy an iPad mini then I realized it isn’t much better than
    the kindle fire…

  22. Doktor Flub says:

    the only big difference is the back camera and a little bit in size so
    seeing that the kindle is less than half the price of a ipad mini the
    kindle is the better way to go

  23. MSD1000gamesTV says:

    I’m using the kindle fire HD right now to watch this video : )

  24. jonathan sarreon says:

    isn’t apple moving towards using the lightning cable on all of it’s
    devices? if so this should have been pointed out.

  25. walford3456 says:

    Already have an ipad a LONG time ago


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