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iPads in the Classroom

http://www.mrcrouch.com/#/-Home/ http://www.cfcv.com/ http://www.donorschoose.org/ Big thank you to Nathan Crase. Thank you for filming, editing, and dealing…

At an Apple event on Tuesday afternoon, executives unveiled the new iPad Air and iPad Mini and said the new version of its computer operating system, OS X Ma…
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42 Responses to “iPads in the Classroom”

  1. acecanacan says:

    i watched this video and i realized how poor we are filipinos

  2. Dimple Patel says:

    Hi Eric, can you give me some information on the type of grants I can apply
    for? I live in Washington State, and one of my co-worker is working with
    high poverty schools with lack of resources. He recently talked about
    implementing Ipads. It would be great if you can provide some information
    that could help these schools. Thanks so much for sharing this video.


    ponganlon en español

  4. Andrea Cole says:

    As an Integration Specialist…I wish more teachers thought outside of
    “Their Budget” and would realize that there are so many people/companies
    that have money to give away, and if they want something for their
    classrooms, now more than ever is the time to get out of the teacher’s
    room. Quit complaining about the lack of equipment and go out and DO
    something about it. I had 3 projects funded from Donorschoose! I would do
    it again if I was still in a classroom! Thanks for sharing your videos!

  5. Eric Crouch says:

    They did not, I got them through multiple grants.

  6. Ana Rodrigues says:


  7. ConnectESL says:

    Fantastic! Really wonderful! Great job!

  8. Matthew Bai says:

    Schools in New Zealand should be like this, soo modern.

  9. Daniella Morales says:

    I wish my school would be like this

  10. Cathy Hink says:

    Thanks for posting this, it provides a powerful vision of the true mobile
    learning classroom.

  11. TheKMills11 says:

    what school do you teach at? it looked absolutely wonderful. we definitely
    need more schools like that

  12. Zuckerville says:

    Well done Eric. And how did your school purchase the iPads?

  13. Bmp1112 says:

    Seriously great video! Covers everything I wanted to know.

  14. ytvideos33 says:

    Your classroom environment looks amazing! should share some lessons :) what
    exactly do you do with the codes? what things do you do in the morning with
    the codes? Also what do you write the words for eg: screen? Curious :)

  15. Eric Crouch says:

    Anything you can think of! Writing the words on the screen is just repeated
    practice for them, I do it so they can reference it for spelling.

  16. TheKMills11 says:

    wow!!! amazing video. just plain awesome

  17. Eric Crouch says:

    Check back in a month or so and I will post some!

  18. Nuno Matos says:

    Que tal, +João Gonçalves? :-)

  19. temeriando22 says:

    With out Steve Jobs apple is going down i say….

  20. juanromo316174 says:

    Hooooo woaoo is free jajajaja

  21. dre10121012 says:

    You guys that are whining …if youre so smart just go and try and make a
    better product I can even give you 100b$ to do it…good luck

  22. HowsaBowsaYowsa says:

    thank goodness there are intelligent people left in the world…thanks

  23. alex lopez says:

    Apple is crap

  24. ineyeseek says:

    Apple SUCKS! Never buy their crap.

  25. mrBobbles3000 says:


  26. mrBobbles3000 says:

    WOW ipad air sounds shit

  27. tom riddle says:


  28. Faisal R says:

    Nice highlights saved me time

  29. PnadaZ says:

    i loved apple….untill

  30. Luigi Aquino says:

    Seriously? You buy a Mac that is 100$ more expensive and it will LAST
    FOREVER! Talk about money saved from all those fucking useless
    anti-viruses, bad user experience, error messages, seriously.

  31. VINCENTTV says:

    Apple is so…old….

  32. Luigi Aquino says:

    What is creativity? They have perfected all their products and they will
    not release a product until they know it is ready. Check sSamsung. That
    stupid Samsung watch gear.

  33. 910085 says:

    Maverick is included in bumped up prices assholes,were is steve jobs

  34. John Denner says:

    About time

  35. ihouse85 says:

    How about an SD slot? Maybe then I’ll buy one

  36. everydayslike420 says:

    Mavericks is free cause mac is so damn expensive

  37. Tadeo Montoya says:


  38. J Rolf says:

    Nothing… Yawn….

  39. Rebel Man says:

    Farting Apple. No more creativity?.

  40. Wayne Carter says:

    assholes could have put the retina display on the original ipad mini. apple
    fuckwits. i’m glad steve jobs is dead. i’d piss on his grave.

  41. Mark Jackson says:

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