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iPads survive 1300 foot drops in G-Form cases during skydiving

http://g-form.com –To demonstrate its RPT energy absorbing technology used in the company’s line of athletic and electronic protective gear, G-Form goes sky…

Apple released two top tablets in 2012: the iPad 3 and the new iPad 4. The differences between the two are minimal, if we talk about design, with only the ne…

50 Responses to “iPads survive 1300 foot drops in G-Form cases during skydiving”

  1. Melon Ferrara says:

    You gotta be kidding me, a Nokia could be dropped from Pluto and survive.

  2. DUDE1224awesome says:

    @PsyQo Hess ME TOO

  3. Shamil Magomedov says:

    Why would they waste 2 perfecetly good ipads? They could have just gave it
    to me XD

  4. iTomHDi says:

    I landed on grass

  5. PsyQo Hess says:

    I’m just here cuz I saw this on iFunny xD

  6. Matthew Sonner says:

    Millions of years ago they dropped a Nokia phone and wiped out the

  7. Chriistopher_✌ says:

    Bitch please, the competition is between a OtterBox and a Nokia

  8. Melvin Li says:

    bitch please, a nokia doesnt even need a case

  9. shawn wilson says:

    Last time this happened with a Nokia the dono died

  10. Cowgoesmoo2 says:

    Doesn’t really matter how tall it is as long as it’s after terminal V…

  11. Mikey Sotelo says:

    the last time someone droped a nokia from 1300 feet all the dinosaurs died

  12. matthew martinez says:

    not even a dang sratch

  13. Nolan Briedenbach says:

    I like trains

  14. sullivan whitehead says:

    Because we all drop our iPads from 1300ft.

  15. Corinna Michels says:

    Thats Crazy.

  16. Jonathan Sacco says:

    the last time that happened to dinosaurs died

  17. Nathaniel Throop says:

    …But will it blend?

  18. lok de quan says:

    Open up the case and try dropping it. It’s gonna be awesome dude.

  19. Joshua Shanno says:

    Last time a nokia was dropped that high the dinosaurs died

  20. Meca Player says:

    the last time someone dropped a nokia from 1300 foot all the dinosaurs died.

  21. Shaun Wild says:

    Wow, original.

  22. eric lytal says:

    Lol no one is impressed. My phone cracked from falling off my lap

  23. AsILayDyingBFMV says:

    should of recorded from the fucking thing before you threw it.

  24. zNzmAnhDeex says:

    Without the case, the result would still be the same

  25. FreshDoughBoi28 says:

    pfft it landed in grass, not impressed

  26. TheCatalin Macovei says:

    I have the ipad 4 so i say the ipad 4 is better like 3

  27. anil kanda says:

    Well described.. my friend

  28. MrMarsins says:

    eatchin from 3rd one

  29. hellya2011 says:

    what is your background on the ipads? i like it

  30. Gummybear Spence says:

    pretty much lol

  31. Fede Segovia says:

    The only reason why apple changed the ipad is for the lighting port. The
    extra speed is for hide the real reason: they want that all their products
    have the new port and if they want to launch a new product, they won’t have
    to launch 2 versions. :/

  32. Haris Mustafa says:

    I don’t have ipad 3. I have ipad 4 i think i should take ipod 5 tell me…

  33. EpicLaith says:

    Galaxy s1 = glaxy s2 = galaxy s3 = galaxy note = galaxy note 2 = galaxy tab
    = galaxy tab 7.7 = galaxy tab 10.1 = galaxy note tab. same shit, same names

  34. Daryl Yue says:

    why do you have the youtube app in ios6?? is it an alternate app?

  35. Hans Ehrman says:

    Easy way to identified one from the other is on the bottom of the ipad. If
    the charger is a lightning core same as Iphone5 then is the new one. Hope
    this information help you.

  36. Federico Luppi says:

    Beautiful background!…where can I get please???

  37. timothy hill says:

    @geezermeezer lol it’s soooo hard !!!!

  38. TheMike5478 says:

    Great review I will definitely be getting the iPad 4

  39. Ravin Schmidt says:

    I have an ipad 3 and my mom has an ipad 2. In all honesty they are both
    just as fast. Now the original one u can tell the difference. And I laugh
    when I see ppl talk about the ipad 3 is heavier…it’s not by much. But the
    display is just about the same. Both are great in my opinion. I got a
    killer deal on my ipad. Bought a ipad 2 I. eBay from someone local…home
    button was defective (they didn’t tell me) but I had pic of receipt went to
    best buy and they gave me a brand new ipad 3 instead!

  40. ASAXON9 says:

    ipad 3 = ipad 4 = ipad mini = iphone 4s = iphone 5 … same shit , diffrent

  41. Gummybear Spence says:

    so does the ipad 3

  42. timothy hill says:

    @MrASagoo just wait

  43. sittingiscool says:

    I don’t believe you, sit down.

  44. superapplefreak99 says:

    Lol jk great review

  45. NC Dortch says:

    great clip, are they the same weight?

  46. Amare EtAmari says:

    But for someone who’s planning on purchasing an iPad for the first time, is
    it better to buy the iPad 4, or the ipad 3 because the price will drop?

  47. Rupesh prakash says:

    i don’t have any tablet at present.. now i am planning on getting one.. my
    question is should i get the 4th gen iPad or wait for the 5th gen to come

  48. jane.lou says:

    Does the 4 get as hot as the 3? I’ve never owned an iPad, so I don’t
    actually know to what degree “hot” means.

  49. cellur111 says:

    First i could care less if it looks better my ipad 2 still looks good. I’m
    guessing that ‘double performance’ is only like 4 or 5 seconds faster it’s
    not like i cant wait an extra long 4 seconds, and yeah i carry around my
    tablets To take pictures. Besides 5 megapixels isn’t very good anyway. The
    lightning connector although is great, and i had to buy apple products to
    decide if i liked them or not. Unless you would rather have me complain
    about something ive never touched before.

  50. Wowcrazyism says:

    Where did u get that youtube app please tell me I’m stuck with jasmine


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