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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

In this video we compare the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 has the new A6 dual-core 1GHz Apple CPU with 1GB of RAM, while the iPhone 4S has a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://www.Netflix.com/RatedRR Help support the show and get a free month of streaming! iPhone 5s vs 50 cal – RatedRR Slow-Mo Torture Test Click here to subs…

50 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S”

  1. Lukáš Mojžíš says:

    Parallel speed test? Really? Your router just can’t handle the simultaneous
    traffic. Learn how networks work and then never ever do simultaneous
    speedtests unless you want to make a stability test.

  2. Ashley Plays says:

    yeah,people only hate on apple because of the price.If they could get it
    free they would be like this is the best thing ever

  3. Kane Resurrected says:

    I have the iPhone 5s…. muhahahahahaaa!!!

  4. Ali Haider says:

    Iphone 5 is slow, small and it looks like cheap plastic lol. Samsung have

  5. Clarks Adams says:

    Everything you need to know about how to Unlock jailbreak, *W W W .
    iPhone5Break . C O M*

  6. brother louis says:

    I have a powerful reason you should not buy an android (or iphone) ,it
    uses nand flash chips and nand sd cards for its operating system , nand
    chips is a badly designed slow access time electronic chip that uses high
    voltages and slow pathways that quickly burn out the nand this causes the
    chip to become worn out unacceptably slow and unreliable and causes browser
    freez ups and crashes app crashes the operating system of the phone becomes
    slow and sluggish , nand is extreme low quality and self destructive memory
    that isnt made to hold operating systems ,total waste of big money for
    junkmade gadgets , androids iphones tv boxes and tablets ect should be
    using high speed and quality nonvolatile static ram or resistive ram chips
    but the pc electronics industry is corrupt and collusive and sell the
    lowest quality dinosaur rehash technologies at batshit crazy prices total
    consumer scam and fraud. Same for laptop nand ssds..don’t make rich tech
    ceo scamers richer for lowquality junk stay away fron nand , dunno why they
    call em smartphones since they use stupiass lowuqality technology to mzke
    em..iphone 5s the S is for stupid surely

  7. Will healey says:

    I like the colder look

  8. Ekrem Ozer says:

    brah, how is the iPhone 5 “significantly” faster, from what i saw there is
    literally less than 1 sec difference in overall performance, keep your
    money ppl. 

  9. Oink Penguin says:

    They fixed a lot of that stuff on the iPhone 5s and 5c so now most of those
    problems are gone. Do a test on the iPhone 5s vs iphone4s

  10. joe ogley says:

    Should i get a iphone 5 or htc one

  11. Martin Lengechev says:

    Why all of you have iPhone? They all looks same and small. They also dont
    have really different designs and models. Apple have success because people
    is generally stupid. Also why you have to copy so many other people buying
    the same phone? Do you have any personality?

    iPhone + McDonalds + Coca cola = mindless humans. 

  12. razorkid456 says:


  13. Zachariya Khan says:

    I might get the I phone 4s

  14. Annija Jansone says:

    Yeah New I know ho phone I buy. It is iPhone 4S

  15. Zain Uddin says:

    iphone 4s is faster

  16. Multiple99thBeatz says:

    The iphone 5 was slower because of the battery percentage u idiot

  17. Adrian Godoy says:

    IOS Is More Into Phone Depth. Android Is More Customizable And Is Made To
    Be Personalized. I Have Both iPhone 5 And Nexus 4 Their both the same but I
    like iPhone 5 structure.

  18. Karolina Rosario says:

    im getting the iphone 4s for christmas!

  19. Francisco Magalhães says:

    Apple <3

  20. Vincent Mcfall says:

    Some of ur specs are wrong

  21. Davion Clarkson says:

    Real Guide for Jailbreaking iOS iDevice.
    you really need to checkk this
    Checkk. *JailbreakTUT. com*.
    its works!!! 

  22. Jaime Aguirre says:

    I got the iphone 5 for Christmas

  23. coolsupersup2000 says:

    I would prefer iPhone 4S 

  24. WiCk3dNUtsak says:

    Too be honest I like the 4s better than any 5 ( 5c,5s)

  25. मनीष गुरुङ says:

    Can somebody tell me which one is iPhone 4S? i’m confused. i’m watching the
    video without sound.

  26. Edgar Perez says:

    Hmm I 50 cal vs an iphone I PRETTY SURE the IPHONE is going to “win”

  27. Kaito Kid says:

    I’m not jealous or something but you don’t have to buy something you don’t
    need you’re buying iPhones costs more than 800$ for just destroying it and
    making a video about it and people all around Africa and Syria are dying
    because there is no medic no food no water no home…My point is if it
    seems you have lots of money and you can’t hold them without buying things
    send them to the people who need money time to change the world…Again I’m
    not jealous.

  28. MrRyderGT says:

    Lol the End

  29. DEREK GERSTNER says:

    Every thing sound better with dubstep playing

  30. Shadowwolf TD5000 says:

    The moral of the story is: don’t shoot an iPhone

  31. pepeloco65 says:

    i cant believe 5s is a failure!!!

  32. Scoped Ranger says:

    3 million people want to see the i phone 5 suffer >:)

  33. Th3RadMan says:

    what equipment do you use such as the camera?

  34. Griphen84 says:

    Best way to use an iPhone…xD Mohaohaoha

  35. Ivan Isnit says:

    Justice for Apple products! Android forever!

  36. Boby Gandhi says:


  37. Lydia Nikac says:


  38. Peter Taylor says:

    good stuff , another iphone cops it sweet

  39. Divina Kim says:

    i dont even have an iphone and your destroying it im so angry with this

  40. Mike Hawk says:

    …Dirt is harder than concrete?

    What black magic is this?

  41. TrippinmixR says:

    Which camera did you use for the slow motion parts?

  42. Deni Smiller says:


  43. leylandcarsloverslea says:

    There’s better ways on spending money but the money’s his so let him do
    what he wants with it.

  44. Aadharsh Pannirselvam says:

    Last bit, I was like hmm. will it fail??? 3 2 1 FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Jeremy Wee says:

    Is it able to protect a user from standard 9mm rounds, or perhaps 5.56
    rifle rounds?

  46. Bilal Ahmed says:


  47. Lhea Aubrey Torres says:


  48. Артем Зубченко says:


  49. Tanay Parikh says:


  50. Darius Evans says:

    I dropped my 5c in water washing my face in the sink and I got my hair
    drying and dried it out and it’s like new, man these I phones are starting
    to get sturdy now.


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