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iPhone 5c Vs. iPhone 5s Vs. iPhone 5

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25 Responses to “iPhone 5c Vs. iPhone 5s Vs. iPhone 5”

  1. erwuen luna says:

    The Iphone 5s Is Faster? Well Thats It. The Iphone 5s Is Better, All i
    needed to know thanks

  2. skykelly26 says:

    Woah woah, wait, HOLD UP!!! Your 40?!?! I could’ve sworn you were in your

  3. Kane Murtagh says:

    You my friend are not 40! You look late 20s at most

  4. DNYLNY says:

    You’re 40??! I thought you were like 18 lol 

  5. Clarks Adams says:

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    EasyiPadUnlock . C O M*

  6. mya james says:

    I have the iPhone 5c it’s better. Also the camera is great 

  7. keemo warren says:

    you look 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Max Hufford says:

    Hit puberty bro

  9. Daemon247 says:

    after Steve Jobs passed away,God Bless His Soul,all apple started to be
    chilled,like there’s no more control as there used to be,Iphone 4s to me is
    the best last apple phone,now i have iphone 5s,power button on top is
    loosen,home button clicking loud,got i5s from friend his one is better,but
    still power button is lossen up some,in Steve days that would not happen.

  10. BMW M FAN NJ says:

    You are so retarded 

  11. Michael Gerges says:

    @chris pirrilo great video mate .. I was wondering what is the case you
    have on your i phone 5 S looking really nice .. If you or any one else
    reading this comment can reply with a link or any infos bout this case
    would be so much appreciated . Cheers

  12. Ashwini Jaya Kumar says:

    If u got a change to buy a phone will u buy iphone 5 or 5s

  13. Laith Bass am says:


  14. FruityFlakes says:

    She meant try u unlocking the phone without pressing the on button like try
    turning it on with the home button… I think o.o

  15. Chandler Elkins says:

    and no black is all the COLORS !

  16. Bobby Cappa says:

    Android sucks

  17. diimii lentzios says:

    iPhone 5s is better

    But the 5c feels way better
    They don’t a good job

  18. Punugu Aravind says:

    the video was really good but the funny part was 9.23

  19. Sony Kaka says:

    i think he drunk,,and then barking,,,,,and over react,,,stupid

  20. Jamie Bumanlag says:

    adorable :-)

  21. Joey Orozco says:

    So S or C?

  22. CurlyBit says:

    iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, So many iPhones to Choose from. Which
    One will You Prefer? http://bit.ly/16wOHQx

  23. daljit Dhillon says:

    Stop drinkin man

  24. jainil jha says:

    Hahahaha I just feel lucky that I have nexus 5 

  25. bigbadkiller18 says:

    my iPhone 5c works great


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