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iPhone 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3Gs vs 3G vs 2G Speed Comparison Test

All iPhones EVER MADE. Comparison Between iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C VS iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4S VS iPhone 4 VS iPhone 3Gs VS iPhone 3G VS iPhone 2G. This is the 2n…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “iPhone 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3Gs vs 3G vs 2G Speed Comparison Test”

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  2. Anika Rhidini Shaw says:

    Loved it

  3. matthebest018 says:

    look how much thwy have not change. Kinda bad when old tech beets new tech.
    Get android if you want the best smartphone experience. Coming from an old
    IOS user!

  4. joeykong94 says:

    I like the start unlocking all the devices looked mad cool 

  5. mongoose298 says:

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  6. supermania65 says:

    iphone 2g doing better than the 4 technology…..

  7. Nakul Upadhya says:

    IPhone sux. Android all the way. 

  8. Alex Haines says:

    An interesting comparison. Makes me miss my old 2g phone.

  9. Arun Muralidhar says:

    Kinda nice to see all of em stacked together n the managed to on/off at
    same time 

  10. Studioaudiencehd says:

    if you watch closely the iphone 5 is the first to load up at the test at

  11. matthew carruthers says:

    You are good at this ! 

  12. AnneWhiteWolf says:

    dont stuck my little 3GS friend! Show them who is the legend!

  13. Ilir7777 says:

    “What did I learn during this test ?”

    Probably that all this sequence was pointless…I don’t get why people are
    so amazed by simple things like these. At the time the iPhone 4 showed up,
    Apple was perfectly capable of doing a phone as fast as the actual
    5s…which has almost the same features than the Galaxy S2…and I’m not a
    fanboy of either companies :/

  14. brother louis says:

    I have a powerful reason you should not buy an android (or iphone) ,it
    uses nand flash chips and nand sd cards for its operating system , nand
    chips is a badly designed slow access time electronic chip that uses high
    voltages and slow pathways that quickly burn out the nand this causes the
    chip to become worn out unacceptably slow and unreliable and causes browser
    freez ups and crashes app crashes the operating system of the phone becomes
    slow and sluggish , nand is extreme low quality and self destructive memory
    that isnt made to hold operating systems ,total waste of big money for
    junkmade gadgets , androids iphones tv boxes and tablets ect should be
    using high speed and quality nonvolatile static ram or resistive ram chips
    but the pc electronics industry is corrupt and collusive and sell the
    lowest quality dinosaur rehash technologies at batshit crazy prices total
    consumer scam and fraud. Same for laptop nand ssds..don’t make rich tech
    ceo scamers richer for lowquality junk stay away fron nand , dunno why they
    call em smartphones since they use stupiass lowuqality technology to mzke
    em..iphone 5s the S is for stupid surely

  15. thiaguinho kazuma says:

    Oooooo My Goddd

  16. اسماعيل المذكور says:


  17. Martin Lengechev says:

    Why all of you have iPhone? They all looks same and so small. They also
    dont have really different design. Apple have success because people is
    generally stupid. Also why you have to copy so many other people buying the
    same phone? Do you have any personality?

    iPhone + McDonalds + Coca cola = mindless humans. 

  18. eli amor says:

    iPhone 5c

  19. Ivan Cardenas says:

    iphone 4s GOO!

  20. Rajesh Machadath says:

    Witness the evolution of the iPhone. 

  21. Cobus Olivier says:

    If you don’t want the phone anymore Sony break it please give it away to me
    I would. Nt break the phone and most of all I Sony even have a iphone
    sobhabing one will be amazing and I don’t care if the home button doesn’t

  22. Michael Diaz says:

    Wheres the iPhone 1g?

  23. Nhichi Lin says:

    applaused for the hand ..

  24. albert karikoski says:

    so based on that they turn on and off in approx. the same time you’d say
    that there is no notable difference between 5 and 5s.. that makes a world
    of sense

  25. RWL2012 says:

    neat slidey unlockey!


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