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Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Gaming Laptop Review

I do an unboxing and review of the new Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Gaming Laptop. I got it for 9 directly from the Lenovo website. It was 0 off. They still hav…

Unboxing the brand new Lenovo G580 Laptop with Windows 8. A nice machine with great feel on the keyboard. I added two links for several questions on the back…

50 Responses to “Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Gaming Laptop Review”

  1. MOYFAMLY says:

    not bad. If you want for gaming or video processing, get as much as you can

  2. vince200ful says:

    About to order it off of newegg for$800. But have i5 and 6gb of ram

  3. MOYFAMLY says:

    Costco. $1499

  4. John Constantine says:

    Just curious, where’d did you order yours and how much was it? I got the
    lenovo y500 gt650m (SLI)

  5. Souvik Mallick says:

    Lenovo y510 is outdated, it has been replaced by y510p. BTW thats a nice

  6. MOYFAMLY says:

    The trackpad is not as good as Macbook but is fine. I have the sli version
    and it performs great for games.

  7. vince200ful says:

    How is the hinge on this laptop? I have a bad experience with Lenovo hinges

  8. MOYFAMLY says:

    no issues

  9. vince200ful says:

    Also I heard that the trackpad on tho is bad. How do you like it? Do you
    have the model with sli gpus? If you do how is the performance?

  10. applefreak1525 says:

    its laggy because it wasnt plugged it lol he has a good enough gpu to run
    it at fairly high settings

  11. MOYFAMLY says:


  12. johnmarklhee tiaga says:

    I have Lenovo Y510 :D

  13. Heien says:

    Does this work good with WoW and Battlefield 3 on ultra graphics?

  14. ProBubLieBBLB says:

    Thanks now im getting one :-)

  15. pogz2021 says:

    its laggy because NO dual GPU!

  16. MOYFAMLY says:

    Thanks – i finally figured that out…

  17. smitty1937 says:

    Still, $790. He says there’s a DVD Drive. That’s probably why it’s low.

  18. WW2airborneVIDS says:

    I feel bad for you MOYFAMILY, its now $799 on lenovo, me happy :)

  19. Jigar Purohit says:

    did u see that they now have a 750M?

  20. Stephen Spike says:

    you have to buy the xbox gaming receiver, then u can use your controller :)

  21. MOYFAMLY says:


  22. Brent Milgrom says:

    Actually you can use an xbox controller if you use the usb connector to
    plug it into the laptop. You can also buy usb controllers that are
    programmable and made for the pc

  23. Amoy Davidov says:

    Can u give me the pros and cons between the 2 m14x and this

  24. TPCrisis says:

    Yes you can use a 3ed party usb adapter to use a 360 controller on any

  25. tallestfinder says:

    reckon*, alienware* Although the alienware m14x with it’s shiny lighting
    and eye-catching design is quite a beauty to behold, it’s performance is
    sub-par when compared to the y500. Also alienware is really poorly priced,
    this has more bang for the buck than your average gaming notebook.

  26. Mustafa Magdy says:

    num lock key turns the laptop off !! , i don’t know why ?~! win 7

  27. Dumitru Sorin says:

    press alt and F4 and or upper left of the screen or down left of the screen
    easy peasy :D

  28. CovertCreations says:


  29. Video Expressions says:

    Hello Rama Manna. As far as I know the G580 normally does not come with the
    the keyboard backlight option. But if you want it, you can add it, by
    purchasing the backlight accessory. I can’t add the two links here please
    see updated video decription. One from PC Magazine explaining the G580
    features and options, and the second one from Ebay to purchase a backlight
    option for around $20 bucks:

  30. Video Expressions says:

    Then, I’m sure your enjoying it.

  31. Rama Manna says:

    Can u pls help me?????/ I want 2 knw how to turn on d backlight of keyboard
    on lenovo G580????????????plss hlp meee

  32. CovertCreations says:

    I have the same lenovo computer and got it on the same day!!!

  33. bonkerzmhann says:

    “Terms and Conditions, shall I read this out loud?” Me: NOOOOOOOOOO

  34. andrewcobra2000 says:

    Lenovo not leneevo lol

  35. Video Expressions says:

    The brochure for this laptop included specs for the Lenovo G 480/580/680.
    In cutting portions of this video, I cut out the end part that included
    580/680 in the specs. However, the Laptop that I have was the G580.

  36. Video Expressions says:

    Agreed, If I lift the laptop a little in the front the sound is great.
    Otherwise, it’s a little muffled.

  37. Video Expressions says:


  38. Karol Trybulski says:

    amazing :D

  39. rex prime says:


  40. Video Expressions says:

    On mine the speakers are actually underneath, which I think is silly. I
    played around with the computer for 2 months, but just gave it to my
    daughter. She loves it. I’m back to using my tablet and desktop more than
    anything else. It is funny though, when I got that W8 laptop, I didn’t have
    a clue how to use it. Now, I can do all of that on just my phone. Actually,
    I should have done a review on my phone. Have a great day.

  41. Video Expressions says:

    I like it, but I gave it to my daughter. Now I just use my tablet, desktop
    computer and phone.

  42. White03T4RV82WD says:

    That is silly they speakers are underneath. Wonder why they did that, but
    it could be so the sound waves bounced off the table or surface it was
    sitting on to give it the surround sound type effect without the extra
    costs. Who knows, but I know the speakers on mine a very well done, the
    whole thing is better than the crap HP 2000 Notebook PC I had before it,
    which is 6 months old with a failed motherboard.

  43. White03T4RV82WD says:

    I have an lenovo G500 3rd gen Intel Core i3, 4GB of ram & 500GB harddrive.
    Love it! How has yours been?

  44. White03T4RV82WD says:

    The speakers are actually uptop, they’re hidden in the mesh looking
    material. They’re blended in. Mine has Dolby Digital Advanced audio v2
    (version 2) but I’m not sure yours does since this was uploaded about 8
    months ago. If you have any questions or just want more info on Windows 8
    or lenovo in general just PM me on here. I’m pretty familiar with it, so
    I’d be glad to help.

  45. yaarrpunjabi says:


  46. Alex Godwin says:


  47. Video Expressions says:

    Hey Mr. Laugh Inspector. Is this my laugh inspection? The battery lasts
    almost 4 hours for basic use. When playing DVD’s its just under 3 hrs. So
    far I haven’t done any gaming on this G580.

  48. thelaughinginspector says:

    i have two questions 1. is it good for gaming and 2 how long does battery

  49. Ryan Saulus says:


  50. Video Expressions says:

    I mostly use it with a large screen tv and connect via HDMI. Most of the
    apps included are junk, but you can go to Win 8 App upgrade site and get a
    bunch of new upgrades. Yes, it is pronounced leh-know-vo.


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