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Lenovo Y500 Gaming Laptop Review

http://booredatwork.com/lenovo-y500-gaming-laptop-review/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/booredatwork Twitter- http://twitter.com/Black_ironman Twitter- http://…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Lenovo Y500 Gaming Laptop Review”

  1. BanglaTV says:

    just order this :D 

  2. Joey Vengeance says:

    What you mean by the backlit always turn on? It cant be turn off??? 

  3. Isaiah Middleton says:

    Would this be good for Tera rising??

  4. Jacob Forster says:

    And the game is a disc

  5. Anas T says:

    HOLY LORD!!! YOU ARE BLACK!!! i thought you were Indian by the accent,
    though i do appreciate that you are not the gangster type and reveiwing a
    pc lol that would be funny, like sup homieZ today i stole this laptop and i
    am doing a reveiw about it :p

  6. Napat Supajanyawat says:

    Headphones in the back there are so attractive lol

  7. Joe Docalovich says:

    Ha jk

  8. Jacob Forster says:

    What about if I have a game that I really like and I can’t have graphics
    card wtf 

  9. howey764 says:

    glossy screen- that sucks. 

  10. mohammed ibraheem Zaheer says:

    I’m British/Pakistani and I know how Indians. Sound

  11. Brandon Erhart says:

    because im looking for a good gameing laptop that can run games like BF4 on

  12. Arman Jay Perez says:

    Wrong ejecting of the ultrabay bro, theres a switch in the battery area or
    a hinged(if im wrong and thats why you take off the battery).. check and
    read the safety manual bro.

  13. BLAKEB178 says:

    Or new egg, there are some nice deal on new egg

  14. Andy Wang says:

    lenovo.com -.-

  15. baljeet chhabra says:

    I cannot get the site where to buy it could u suggest me some sites in
    america that sell this 16gb Ram version?

  16. Jonathan Pereira says:

    Yeah Most of the high end Gaming laptops have that feature … Alienware
    has had that for years :)

  17. Walter White says:

    thank you great video!

  18. ThePapyJay says:

    You guys have to stop ruining my dream.

  19. OSX86Geek101 says:

    actually, to my understanding, you have to buy a card from levovo (which
    arent currently separately available) that is the same as the one in it
    because it has to be SLI compatible.

  20. Tropical Project says:

    What is the price of this

  21. Tanvika Kohli says:

    amazing it is.. outstanding features.. buy it at lowest price refer

  22. Seenia Thukral says:

    the notebook is able to play most games on the market with solid
    performance; and with its sleek design, comfortable keyboard, and
    eye-catching display, it manages to offer a number of perks that extend
    beyond the world of gaming.

  23. Karishma Shadiza says:

    all gaming lovers!!!! this is your pick…go for it..

  24. vanisha garg says:

    The unusual thing about dis laptop is ultrabay which is an intrchangeable
    bay dat can be swapped out fr dual graphics capability, increased storage
    space etc

  25. jaspreet kaur says:

    If you are looking for a feature rich laptop that’s good for high
    performance multimedia, extreme gaming, and other graphics, audio and
    processor intensive applications, look no further than the Lenovo Y500
    Gaming Laptop!


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