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New Dell Inspiron R 15 inch laptop

New Dell Inspiron R: http://www.pc-site.co.uk/dell-inspiron-15r-and-17r-review by Tomas Mowlam.

In the video I will walk you through the features of the dell studio 15. Very nice laptop with a sturdy design. I will also have for you the drivers for this…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “New Dell Inspiron R 15 inch laptop”

  1. ThemancalledToby says:

    where did you buy this laptop from and what was the price when you bought

  2. Armin Qureshi says:

    awesome review! but you shouldnt use a pencil to point out the stuff cause
    it could leave a mark on the laptop…

  3. crescentmoon4552 says:

    why pink

  4. HesusMe says:

    does the dell logo light up when the notebook is on?

  5. Aiden290 says:

    @xKelseyProductionsx no, but u can customize it to have it but u need to
    pay extra money or get it online or buy from electronic shop. all of them
    cost money

  6. Lavsan BTW says:

    @xKelseyProductionsx search on piratebay

  7. Ashlyne McGregor says:

    13 more days till mine !! ;D

  8. hermitcrabstuff34 says:

    pink is a mans collar

  9. WarDwarfSalad says:

    lol at long initial silence

  10. newdaystyler says:

    good review i have my own on the way now

  11. shannonloveshimx says:

    Why you raping it with a pen?LOLOL.

  12. koushik roy says:

    dell charges 35$ for switchable covers. That should come free!

  13. Animalparty3000 says:

    Does it have a camera in front

  14. Dakota Cochran says:

    whts the price ;: ??? plz

  15. Jovan Ricketts says:

    he looks so sad like wtf i got a pink laptop

  16. Richii Jimenez says:

    298.712 right now

  17. WideAwake euphoria says:

    are Dells better than asus and toshiba?

  18. Ronald Sarmiento says:

    i already have one of this but i wanna know if this support games hd. my
    graphic card is an raedon hd 4250 thanks.

  19. hopelover35m says:

    im thimks about getting thsi one cant wait it looks and sounds good

  20. crackloadPC says:

    besides advancement in graphics card, processor & hard disk, there’s
    nothing great about this model with the previous inspiron 1564(new inspiron
    15) – no more in production. both models feature same screen size but 1564
    doesn’t have glossy screen which is very reflective & nt suitable to be
    used under bright sunlight. also 1564 was much thinner but wider.

  21. carbonmaster2 says:

    i have it

  22. emzible says:


  23. Ian Blunden says:

    i like my computer its this but in black

  24. sirpizo555 says:

    Good review :) even if the constant transitions were slightly annoying :P

  25. Micah John says:

    @crescentmoon4552 cuz tough guys like pink

  26. shehan marino says:

    could you gimme a link please??? pretty please???

  27. charlie815 says:

    Has the current version of Studio 15 still the backlit keyboard? I cant
    find it in the website and it would be the last spec to convince myself and
    buy it. Thanks for this good review

  28. ezzrider says:

    I want to purchase the Studio 15 from Best Buy that has the intel i5
    processor and 500GB hard drive. I have found that Dell configured this
    model with 58GB on drive C and 400 on drive D. The operating system is on
    drive C. I spoke with Dell and was informed this is the current way they
    are configuring laptops. Strange. They recommend saving any programs you
    install after the initial purchase on the D drive. Has this been an issue
    for anyone?

  29. amasdolls says:

    the keyboard light is turn on always? can i turn it ofF?

  30. ericpinter29 says:

    @TechForNoobies mine is very close to that only 250 gb and i have a 1year
    warrenty i also got the bluetooth

  31. Don Cappo says:


  32. Wilfred Marshall says:

    ya my mom got a laptop same as your laptop the dell studio it has lights
    under the keyboard and it has the windows media remote and that things and
    the video card i think its awesome it has windows vista preloaded!

  33. 11MrEwan says:

    You are 5 because sonic is for kiddies and mario is for everyone

  34. RoryMckay says:

    It’s annoying

  35. aramistech says:

    There are no stupid questions, If you get the i7 processor, it will give
    you plenty of power but don’t forget that you need a good video card also
    to make the games run. Don’t forget to get at least 4GB of ram. Hope this
    helped you out, Best of luck.

  36. Samcypert127 says:

    My Dell Studio 15 came with Windows 7.

  37. 11MrEwan says:

    @sonicrulezmariosucks No

  38. ezzrider says:

    If you just purchased this computer check the properties for your drive C
    and drive D. Does drive C have 58GB and drive D 397GB?

  39. DontForgetToJump says:

    you said actually , so many times… i could concentrate.

  40. Gannondalf says:

    i just bought one of these. the 17 inch was the same price, but imo didnt
    have the perks i wanted. i got it because im going to university this year.
    and i mainly got the 15 over the 17 because i think 17 will be too big to
    take into lectures. plus the 17 didnt have as many options it was $1300

  41. NativeGirl2000 says:

    LOL I laughed so hard for no reason when I read your comment..

  42. BackYardBeaVer says:

    i want this laptop it can play games

  43. 11MrEwan says:

    @sonicrulezmariosucks Oh am sorry well im 36 and youre 23rd birthday is
    just around the corner Oh Oh dont get excited Dumb ass

  44. aramistech says:

    Well it is not always a downgrade. There are many programs that do not run
    on Windows 7 so you might need to go back to xp to get everything to run.

  45. MisterWordman says:


  46. micmoable says:

    looks like nice laptop

  47. xKonFuZaH says:

    is this quad core ?

  48. GucciBurr says:

    does this have an Ethernet slot for direct internet? please respond ASAP!
    im going shopping tonight.

  49. Driving Gamer says:

    i use windows xp it is great my dad told me windows vista is rubbish in
    about a yaer or so he will get windows 7 for us all yay i still have to say
    windows xp is my best os and wiindows 7 is my 2nd ubuntu 9.10 is my 3rd
    windows 2000 is my 4th


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