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Categorized | Smart Phones

New Laptop – Unboxing Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition

Hey guys, here is a quick unboxing of the new PC laptop I got to replace my old Studio 1555. Forgot to mention the price in the video, it was 9. plus serv…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “New Laptop – Unboxing Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition”

  1. christopher smith says:

    Ya I’m with you shut the hell up with the damn “cool beans”!!!!

  2. Nikki Hoskin says:


  3. HazzaLuv45 says:


  4. Freddy Avalos says:

    Cool beans

  5. SPAde THRow says:

    is DELL back from the dead?

  6. LSJ parkour says:


  7. jim bob says:

    Hey cool beans! Nice unboxing ;-)

  8. NickZoOoR says:

    Strange, i just purchased this laptop from Dell and got about 90$ bucks off
    by asking for windows 7 and not windows 8

  9. MartinDLawliet says:

    Must be you. I have this laptop (but higher spec i7 version) and it’s
    fantastic. I’m a function over form kinda guy so I don’t really care for
    looks. Anyway this laptop isn’t hideous. Maybe you need a pair of glasses.
    I had a dell desktop for almost 6 years and not one problem. Maybe you just
    have bad luck but don’t go condemning a company simply because you had a
    bad experience. Probably because you didn’t take care of the product well.

  10. vn spice says:

    cool beans

  11. Netko Nepoznat says:

    i think they are very good mine came with a 3 year varanty

  12. thefuf99 says:

    The mechanism underneath broke, it wasn’t just the cap falling off.

  13. flyingshuttle says:

    Since purchasing the laptop, what do you think about it? Do you feel its
    bulky? and what about its batt life? Thanks.

  14. vcarter0723 says:

    The tv you look at every single time you’re at Walmart is cheaper lol

  15. uncletone99 says:

    Must be you. I’ve had my old Studio 1555 for over 3 years. Only problem I
    ever had was a HDD failure. Which Dell replaced. Given everything that
    laptop has been through, including being dropped at least 4-5 times, I’m
    amazed it still works. So why not Dell?

  16. Pseagraves says:

    Hey Tone is that USB 3.0?

  17. leo nardo says:

    Scary knife ahhhhhhh

  18. Ashley3G says:

    Nice choice, Tone! I loved my first Dell laptop. That thing was a BEAST! It
    once fell from the top bunk and kept rockin! Hope u enjoy it :-)

  19. leo nardo says:

    Did the tattoo hurt

  20. EPTXgamer says:

    You bought a Dell. Why.

  21. Willcomputerguy79 says:

    lol cool beans in every sentence?

  22. Aidan Handlogten says:

    He said cool beans 14 times give or take a few

  23. Marshall Simon says:

    cool beans, bruh, cool beans. (cool beans) & rock on cool beans!

  24. Run Around Tech says:

    Dude! It’s a Dell!!!!!

  25. StargateChannel says:

    Plus Dell just does not look good.


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