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Nokia N8 Unlocked GSM Touchscreen Phone Featuring GPS with Voice Navigation and 12 MP Camera (Silver/White)

Nokia N8 Unlocked GSM Touchscreen Phone Featuring GPS with Voice Navigation and 12 MP Camera (Silver/White)

Nokia N8 Unlocked GSM Touchscreen Phone Featuring GPS with Voice Navigation and 12 MP Camera (Silver/White)

  • Unlocked quad-band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies and US/International 3G compatibility via 850/900/1700/1900/2100 UMTS/HSDPA plus GPRS/EDGE capabilities
  • 3G-enabled smartphone in silver with 3.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen and Symbian^3 operating system
  • 12-MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and 720p video capture; Wireless-N Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 3.0; 16 GB internal memory; microSD expansion; HDMI output
  • Up to 5.8 hours of 3G talk time, up to 400 hours (16.7 days) of standby time; released in August, 2010
  • What’s in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, compact travel charger, connectivity cable, adapter for HDMI, adapter for USB, wired stereo headset, quick start guide

Make the most of every moment, then play it all back in HD with the Nokia N8. This high-tech device offers video recording in HD, plus instant video editing, a 12 megapixel camera and the ability to upload video to share with your friends and family. The Nokia N8 also packs a 3.5” touchscreen, free* voice-guided navigation from Ovi Maps, apps from Ovi Store and an impressive design, making this the phone that has it all. Live in high definition. The Nokia N8 lets you shoot HD video in 720p resolution right on your phone, while preloaded editing software makes it easy to instantly edit your video. Built-in HDMI output allows you to use an HDMI cable (not included) to connect the device to your compatible TV or computer and play back your v

List Price: $ 549.00

Price: $ 244.99

Nokia X2 Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile)

Nokia X2 Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile)

  • VGA camera/camcorder; Bluetooth stereo music; 2.4-inch TFT LCD display; microSD memory expansion; EDGE data network; access to personal e-mail
  • Messaging phone with full QWERTY keyboard and 1-click access to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Pay for just the minutes you use with no annual contract–easy refill via Internet or prepaid cards
  • Up to 4.5 hours of talk time, up to 502 hours (20+ days) of standby time; released in February, 2011
  • What’s in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, wired stereo hands-free headset, quick start guide

The most important thing to know about the Nokia C2-01 is that this is Nokia’s most inexpensive 3G phone, so it promises to bring fast data services to millions of people who’ve never had them before. It’s a classic feature phone with the Series 40 operating system, traditional keypad, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a two-inch screen. There’s also a music player, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and it can handle memory cards up to 16GB.Stay connected to family and friends with e-mail, IM, and always-on social networking with the stylish and affordable Nokia X2 for T-Mobile. You’ll get a full QWERTY keyboard for fast messaging capabilities on the go, as well as great entertainment options like a music player, downloadable games, and apps from t

List Price: $ 74.99

Price: $ 69.99

6 Responses to “Nokia N8 Unlocked GSM Touchscreen Phone Featuring GPS with Voice Navigation and 12 MP Camera (Silver/White)”

  1. Jay Busari says:
    208 of 224 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    N8 Usable, Robust and a Bargain, October 16, 2010
    Jay Busari (Bangkok, Thailand) –

    This review is from: Nokia N8 Unlocked GSM Touchscreen Phone Featuring GPS with Voice Navigation and 12 MP Camera (Silver/White) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I just bought this phone a couple days ago.

    Comparing N8 photos vs iPhone photos:
    – iPhone screen is 960×640, while N8 screen is 360×640.
    – A picture when enlarged will look more blurry on the N8, compared with the same picture enlarged on the iPhone.
    – This doesn’t mean the N8 camera takes blurry pictures.
    – This means the screen resolution is better on iPhone
    – This means the camera is better on N8.

    The bad quality UI complaints are mostly due to the 3rd party widgets included from YouTube, CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Paramount movie previews.

    My phone crashed (UI got stuck) due to some third party app, and I tried to remove the battery (as with most other phones) but couldn’t.
    I realized I did not need to remove the battery…just press the power button for 5-8 seconds and the phone will reboot.
    BTW, if you’d ever need to replace the battery yourself, just use a small “allen key” type screwdriver.

    The Nokia N8 multiple home screens are a great way to organize yourself and reduce phone screen clutter.

    If you need a portrait mode qwerty keyboard, swype or dayhand maybe interesting options for you.
    I personally need a qwerty keyboard in portrait mode.
    Keep in mind that qwerty keyboard is just a burden for most people (esp. older people in Asia).
    Such people will be content with just reading messages, sending a few “very short” messages with the T9 keypad…while making a lot of calls and taking a lot of pictures anytime anywhere.

    Among the things I love about this phone:
    1. N8 is able to play all sorts of vdo file formats.
    2. Camera gives you 12MP pictures, and HD video! Just make sure to peel the plastic off the lens on the back.
    3. Connectivity cables included (usb to thumb drive, usb to pc/mac, hdmi to tv is flawless)
    4. Multi-tasking
    5. Long battery life
    6. Internet, Email, or Web Connectivity can be set to be via “WLAN only” or “WLAN preferred” or “3G only”, etc.
    You can minimise mobile operator fees as you like.
    7. Combine Push Email with your choice of network connectivity via WLAN and you start to save money with the lower phone bill.

    This is my opinion on the iPhone vs N8 issue…
    – US journalists/bloggers who write N8 reviews are mostly new to Nokia/Symbian.
    So they will only “evaluate” their comfort level with the N8…for just a couple of days.
    They admit (very briefly) that “I’m an iPhone user, I tried to use N8 for x days”, before they start hammering the N8.
    – N8 gives you the gear to lower your phone bill
    – Hackers have traditionally been about lowering their AT&T phone bills. Many in Silicon Valley, including Steve Jobs, grew up with this mentality. Nokia probably realize this and gives you a choice…the press is not giving Nokia the credit for giving you the freedom.
    – Nokia N8 robust hardware will still be handy after many years of use and software updates.

    Part of the “UI problem” is due to the less tightly structured Symbian UI development kit, by allowing 3rd party developers the freedom to create their own look and feel.
    So each app on Symbian can have a different UI structure and user’s experience may not very be consistent across different apps even though they are using the same device (N8).

    The less tight structure of Symbian APIs has proved to be a strength as Symbian has evolved to support a much larger variety of hardware types with different phone form factors:
    - some touch screen
    - some T9 keypad
    - some qwerty keypad

    Nokia, as a leading phone manufacturer, offers a larger choice of phone form factors for a larger customer base…that’s the reason Nokia is a leading phone manufacturer.

    Each form factor will be preferred by different types of users, since there is a much wider consumer base.
    Many business users will prefer a qwerty keyboard.
    Many users will prefer a T9 keypad and find the qwerty keyboard a distraction with too many buttons…for example, they usually do not do a lot of texting or type on a computer keyboard.
    Many people like the “feel” of a touch UI…but that also means that each app is more likely to have “touch buttons” on a different location of the screen.
    That means touch UI phones require the users to “look before you touch”.
    That means with the keyboard or keypad, users can “feel” as they “touch” the phone buttons without looking.

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  2. Vijay "svijay" says:
    100 of 105 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A great phone, with lot of features, December 5, 2010

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I bought this phone from Amazon, a week back and I own a Nokia N900 too. I wish to compare these two, as Nokia N900 is one of the greatest phones from Nokia.

    1) First let me go to internet browsing.

    Nokia N900 is the first phone to have full flash player and the major capability is it will play videos directly in the browser, for sites like youtube, facebook etc. Once facebook moved to latest flash player, N900 is not able to play the videos(eventhough there is a hack).

    Nokia N8, does not have full flash player, but it has flash lite. I was expecting that the youtube and facebook will not be able to play the videos directly in the browser. To my surprise, both the sites played the video in the site itself, thats really great.

    With respect to Nokia N900, every site determines it as a computer and hence will show the full page, instead of the mobile site, which is good, if the wifi or 3G is really good.

    With respect to Nokia N8, every site determines it as a mobile and hence will first display the mobile site, but if you re-route it to the full site, still it displays the sites like charm.

    Conclusion: with respect to internet browsing Nokia N8 does great.

    2) Playing videos.

    Nokia N900 has a resolution of 800×480, hence the videos look very good.
    Nokia N8 has a resolution of 640×360, so I expected videos(good videos like HD videos) will look less attractive, but to my surprise, it looks great in Nokia N8.

    Nokia N900 can almost play any video format directly, like wmv, avi etc, including flv. I am not sure whether any other phone can do/compete with this.
    Nokia N8 on the other hand, has the ability to play any video format, but for avi and flv there is a little trick. When you copy an avi file, your PC may complain that this device is not capable to play it, but you can still use it as a storage and say yes to it. To my surprise, media player picks and plays well. For .flv files, after you copy, the media player is not going to pick it, as if it doesn’t support it. If you go to file manager and click on this .flv file, media player picks it and plays well. I haven’t tried .mkv file yet, as the mkv files that I have are all big and it is not allowing me to copy those.

    Conclusion: Playing videos is very good in Nokia N8.

    3) Camera.

    Nokia N900 has 5MP camera and in this area, Nokia N8 stays way ahead with 12MP camera and xenon flash.

    Nokia N8 has xenon flash, which normal cameras use, still even normal cameras cannot take good pictures in dim night lighting. Similarly N8 photos come good, if taken in close shots in night. In daylight, photos come really good. The beauty with N8 is its photo and video editing softwares out of the box, which are really good.
    HD video recording in N8 is good, provided you don’t show quick movements to turn the camera to a different angle and this is mainly due to the 25 frames per second video recording.

    Conclusion: Nokia N8 camera and its capabilities are one of the best.

    4) GPS.

    Nokia N900 is pretty dumb in this area too, as it doesn’t have voice guidance out of box. So lets directly jump to Nokia N8.

    Nokia N8 has one of the best GPS with voice guidance, one major disadvantage that I came across is, it needs 3G connection to work(I am not sure whether this is correct, what I am quoting is just my experience). Once it connects, it works good. I just found two minor issues, one is it informs you to take a turn just when you are few feet away to take the turn, whereas Garmin GPS informs you well ahead. Similar way when you arrive at your destination, it says you arrived at destination, it does not say, whether your destination is on the right or left, whereas Garmin GPS tells which side your destination is going to be.

    Conclusion: Nokia N8 GPS is definitely good.

    5) Widgets.

    Nokia N900 stands out with respect to widgets and its definitely the best in the industry. You can place the widgets whereever you want, even one on top of the other. Widgets are really useful in N900.

    Nokia N8 on the other hand has fixed dimensions for widgets and you can’t place it whereever you like. You need to place it in the designated places. The main drawback for this that I found is, in email widget, you don’t get much required information from the widget, you still need to jump into the mail app to know what email came to you now. Still widgets look good in N8.

    Conclusion: Nokia N8 widgets are still good.

    6) Chat and Voip.

    Nokia N900 stands out in this area too, as Skype worked with Nokia to have the skype integrated into the contacts. Like that, google, yahoo, even sametime all are integrated into the contacts itself. You just need to go to…

    Read more

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  3. Bookworm "bookworm" says:
    490 of 545 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hands down best phone ever!, October 5, 2010

    What more can I do with it (compared to iPhone or Android):

    1. Navigate anytime with a fantastic GPS module and free life time navigation (including turn by turn voice navigation with street names, lane guidance, speed limit warning, traffic etc.!!). Go buy crap GPS software for iPhone for a huge price (last time checked was more than 50$) and even then that won’t even come close to Nokia navigation. Don’t forget Nokia owns Navteq (the worlds largest map producer)
    2. Transmit FM and play it on your car music system (iPhone doesn’t even have a FM receiver)
    3. The best camera (those of u who read the misleading review of endgadget, if u r really reading my review, then u r serious and go ahead to search on google to find zillions of unbiased camera review, comparing N8 even against DSLR)
    4. Pentaband network support, which would let you use the phone with both AT&T and T-Mobile 3g network!!
    5. Dolby surround sound output
    6. USB on the go (which means you could connect your USB device with the phone!)
    7. Bluetooth 3.0
    8. The only OS that has a very complete bluetooth stack implementation (perhaps too technical for some of the readers) that allows u to even control ur powerpoint presentation with ur cellphone (using salling clicker). The poor iPhone guys, no ur phone doesn’t have that functionality (crippled at OS level)
    9. The OS that gives superb battery life (anyone using Symbian would testify for this)
    10. The freedom that comes with an open OS (OK, Android is also open)
    11. The most configurable and complete enterprise wireless stack (trust me, I never ever had any problem to configure my Nokia phones for the most convoluted enterprise wireless network!)
    12. A built in completely integrated VOIP support. You won’t even notice that u r using VOIP. And trust me, if u know how to use VOIP effectively, u could save a huge amount on your phone bill
    13. The ability to work as Bluetooth HSPA modem (or even create Wifi hotspot with third party software)
    14. The TRUE TRUE TRUE multi tasking. Yes that’s three TRUEs. No one else (including the upcoming Windows Phone 7) supports true multi-tasking. If u ever use Symbian multitasking, u would hate to use others’ sham multitasking
    15. Many many … can’t list. Feeling tired :( Users are welcome to comment and add additional pros and cons. I am sure there will be Nokia fanboys and iPhone and Android fanboys.

    What can’t I do (or can’t do so well):

    1. The UI (yes iPhone and Android have better intuitive UI)
    2. I can’t fart with my mobile (but I do have all the apps that I would ever need: e.g. call screening software, office software, pdf reader, flash support, email solution, the entire Oxford, cambridge or a host of other dictionaries etc.)
    3. Zillions of games that you may avail on iPhone, u may not have on Nokia yet (believe me it’s changing fast). BTW, N8 has a faster GPU than iPhone4!

    Now some misleading media propaganda:

    1. N8 has only 680 MHz processor: Believe me Symbian is by born very efficient. If u ever own a Mac and try to run a Windows 7 in a virtual machine then u know how slow it is. Processor doesn’t define speed. I started with a 233MHz pentium processor with 32MB RAM which ran Windows 98 extremely fast with all Office applications, a bunch of productivity apps and a host of games. To give a recent example look at Windows Vista, which runs very slow on the same computer compared to Windows 7 or Mac OS X!
    2. N8 has only 256MB RAM: Again u don’t need that much RAM. The Symbian^3 has “Writable data paging” which works like virtual memory. And don’t forget, Symbian is built from ground up to be battery, memory and processor efficient. No other OS (including Android) claims that feat.

    So, in conclusion, if u r looking for a very modern looking user interface, go for iPhone (or Android). But if u r like me who shops for functionality (and who dreams to carry only one gadget (no GPS, no camera, no Apple remote etc.)) then surely u should give N8 a serious thought. And don’t let naysayers fool u with usability issues. Believe me, with just couple of days of use, every unintuitive UI would become intuitive (I am a Symbian veteran and it feels very intuitive to me).

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  4. Igor Kuklin says:
    59 of 59 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Impressive phone, April 21, 2011
    Igor Kuklin (Boston, MA) –

    This review is from: Nokia X2 Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I like the fact that it has a full keyboard: make it easy to type SMS, emails, IMs, respond to social networks posts. You can use Opera Mini and Ovi Browser beta for internet browsing, which is nice. Phone can do photos and videos. A lot of applications are available in Ovi Store. Besides, this is a great music device: you can listen to your own MP3s and also to FM radio stations (it will even display song titles in radio!). Quick, stable and well thought-through. And price is more than affordable! Light and looks cool. Nice job Nokia!.

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  5. tom tran says:
    57 of 59 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Nokia X-2 ; Pretty Good Phone!, July 13, 2011
    tom tran (Wichita, KS) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Nokia X2 Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    So I was reading the reviews on this phone and it features. I thought to myself this is my kind of phone.

    Text Messaging & Picture Messaging;
    -I really like the full key board with a good size for the keys and huge space bar which was a personal favorite.
    -The conversational thread feature is great. No more inbox view but if you prefer it there is an option to switch. I like how everyone i texts had there own folder specifically for them. When you delete messages you can delete by folder which is very nice. The memory storage is amazing cause I’m someone who like to keep messages so i can back to read later for fun. The phone can keep tons of messages.
    -I like the T9 Prediction that helos me spell out huge words without typing out all the letters. I am a person who has to spell everything out so that a big help!
    -Picture Messaging format was kinda weird. When you open it hard to view your message so you have to do some playing around before you get a hang of it.
    -Making a picture message was a little simpler than viewing one but still kinda weird from normal phones so i suggest you play around with that as well.

    Phone Calls ;
    -Great sound quality!
    -Good speaker volume but could be just a bit louder for my taste
    -Making calls is pretty simple like any other phone but let say you typing a text message someone calls you and you accept. Your screen goes back to you typing the message not to the phone call screen. So you might get confuse sometimes whether you picked up the phone or not.
    -Ringtone volume is AMAZINGLY loud! Love it!

    Music, Radio , Camera & Picture Quality ;
    -Music volume with the earphones can be much improve. Im a loud room you won’t ba able to hear the music very well.
    -Radio has a great feature, it shows you the title of the song which i think is way cool
    -Camera quality is okay but could be much more improve but it gets the job done.
    -Picture quality is not the bast kinda suckish if i do say myself. Very disappionted but all the other features make up for the lacking in that area.
    -When you full screen a picture it not clear as the orignal but blurry.
    -Zooming makes the picture very blurry as well.

    Web ;
    -Pretty good web feature for a pre-paid phone & price.
    -Can connect with Facebook, Twitter, & other popular social networking.
    -Load time is pretty quick but lags at time.
    -Good resolution on the screen.
    -Watching videos online might take awhile to load but GREAT quality. Go figure.

    Apps ;
    -Has your basic calculator, calender, timer, alarm clock, games, voice recorder, to-do list, notes, & etc.
    -the games that came with the phone is pretty fun wish there were more. my favorite is “Bounce” which is not a demo!!! so you have the full game!

    Settings (Home Screen, Ringtones, Security etc.) ;
    -WHEN YOU PUT YOUR PHONE TO CHARGE IT DOES NOT VIBRATE ONLY TUNES! i did not know this little tidbit cause my previous phones all vibrate whike charging. so i spent hours trying to work the seetings on my tones. just a little head up to ppl.
    -no , lighting change. only one type.
    -many different wallpaper & theme to choose from but if you want to use a picture that is not already included in the phone you will have horrible quality. it’ll look like your looking at a blurry blob of color. another great disappointment.
    -you are able to customize your homescreen with this phone. i really like this features because it gives me so much shortcuts that i can get into my radio, converstions, pictures, web, camera, & other things just on my homescreen!
    -you can also have personal favorites on your screen which is a nice little feature!
    -I found that it doesn’t show the date on your screen if you do choose to customize it but it an easy fix just have a shorcut to your calender on the home screen.

    Others ;
    -Visual voicemail which is great cause i can pick which message i want to listen too!
    -T-Mobile mall is great! many great things to buy!
    -Lock keys is very good way to not accidently dial or anything
    -Contact book good format
    -OVI Services avaible

    -this phone is not 3G it’s actually a 2.5G phone so it will lagg if your trying to go very fast
    * laggs if too many meesages come in at once
    * trying to go through menu options at a quick speed
    * screeen freezes from time to time if use too much
    -this phone has a GREAT battery life but takes forever to charge which is annoying at times!
    -leave the charger on when full battery make cause some lagging
    -messages in canversations might end up in the wrong folder at times which to fix turn off your phone

    Overall this phone is a great phone for ppl who are big on texting & web who doesn’t want a two year contract. Has some awesome features for a pre-paid phone. Worth every…

    Read more

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  6. Stevielynn says:
    30 of 30 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Terrific phone for the $, April 11, 2011
    Stevielynn (Seattle, WA United States) –

    This review is from: Nokia X2 Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I’ve been a T-Mobile cust for several years and changed my acct to prepaid when my 2 yr contract ended. I recently purchased this phone for the great keyboard and overall affordability. Super phone if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the high end smart phones while still getting plenty of features with very easy set up and use. I love it.

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