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Parallels Desktop for Mac 9 Upgrade Features

http://www.parallels.com/upgradepd9 Run Windows applications like they were made for your Mac. Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac takes advantage of Mac OS X Mounta…
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25 Responses to “Parallels Desktop for Mac 9 Upgrade Features”

  1. Nicholas shepherd says:

    Would this product work for a game designing software using windows vista? 

  2. Andrew Willigar says:

    #Awesome #Share #RT Parallels Desktop for Mac 9 Upgrade Features

  3. Bram Warrens says:

    Best product for Windows on your Mac.

  4. VideoProductioninc says:

    Lower your background music… What a distraction…

  5. BERTIBOY002 says:

    So you also have to buy Windows 8 and it’s not included??!!

  6. Ogechi Ebere says:

    I have been really skeptical about the new version. Is this new version
    really MANDATORY for OS X Mavericks 10.9? I got the mavericks update
    lastnight but decided to do some research if I can use my current PDv7 with
    it…so far I have not come accross any article that infers that I go ahead
    with the update. Will I be able to run my existing VM’s on this new PDv9
    just like I used to in PDv7? Will it also been seamless just like in PDv7?

  7. Wez Hubbs says:

    Do you have to buy the windows disc as well as?

  8. Elías Hernández says:

    Wow! So you install a Hackintosh to run Windows then?

  9. Navod Wickramaratne says:

    There is no such thing as install a hackintosh :P

  10. clanshadow2 says:

    That is why windows sucks

  11. iHackFruit says:

    I have a iMac with a 3TB Fusion Drive, so I can’t install Windows with Boot
    Camp. I would like to play graphic-intensive Steam games using Parallels
    Desktop 9 for mac. I have the version 8, which can’t play games very well.
    Can this version 9 play games at the same, or close to, the standards that
    users would receive while playing Steam games on Boot Camp? Please respond,

  12. Jim Piatt says:

    I just bought Version 8 at the beginning on July and Parallels wants me to
    pay for an upgrade to Version 9. I am amazed and disappointed that this
    upgrade isn’t provided free. It takes a lot of nerve and disdain for its
    customers to charge for an upgrade when such a short period of time has
    lapsed. I thought they were a better company than that!

  13. Onexy says:

    Thats because ‘Bootcamp’ isn’t a virtual machine but simply a new partition
    on which you install Windows as a second operating system.

  14. Navod Wickramaratne says:

    I upgraded from Version 8 and it’s running very well on my Hackintosh :D

  15. LK Tang says:

    Parallel Desktop 9 On Mac OS X Mountain Lion!
    Check It Out!

  16. we us says:

    I updated not long ago it is pretty fast

  17. bRotHeRofPAIN says:

    what is the background music? I recognize it from somewhere but i can’t
    think of where

  18. Bruce Lau says:

    does it lag if I game on it? if it doesn’t, I might consider buying it
    instead of using boot camp

  19. Helping Others Achieve Success with myMoneyStream says:

    Parallels Desktop for Mac 9 Upgrade Features http://ow.ly/2zECGu

  20. Parallels says:

    Andrius – Please either file support request within Parallels Desktop or
    send us an email at Social(at)support(.)parallels(.)com and we will try to

  21. Mehmet Oğuz Derin says:

    After upgrade there is no start menu?

  22. Parallels says:

    Please send us an email at Social(at)support(.)parallels(.)com and we will
    try to help.

  23. 123Tagi says:

    Every upgrade I bought in hopes of having better performance and everytime
    it was worse. (For both competing products)

  24. Parallels says:

    You need to select the menu option View/Use Windows 7 Look and then the
    start menu will be there.

  25. Murdoch493 says:

    lul :3


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