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Samsung flexible phone prototype unveiled in CES 2013 + Samsung galaxy S5 or Note III prediction ?

Samsung unveiled its flexible phone prototype, running Windows Phone 8 and branded Youm, during a keynote at CES that also included former US President Bill …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

First Look: The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch that pairs with your phone

http://cnet.co/1ajZy7E The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a high-tech touchscreen timepiece that partners with your phone to see your alerts, track your exercise and…

50 Responses to “Samsung flexible phone prototype unveiled in CES 2013 + Samsung galaxy S5 or Note III prediction ?”

  1. Leo Messi says:

    Tech digger

  2. Vivian Malmgren says:

    This Samsung commercial is sexist. The woman has no personality and is
    basically portrayed as the reward for buying the phone. The add leaves a
    bad taste in the mouth of at least 50% of consumers and the other half
    don’t like the woman because she moved right on to the next guy. If I were
    Samsung I would pull this add.

  3. Daniel Fong says:

    i like the new technology presented, but some1 gotta fire the commercial
    designer n whoever aprove it.

  4. Magic says:

    She’s a tech whore.

  5. Laura Schmidt says:

    Technology Whore !

  6. Deonta Ridley says:

    Buy a Samsung…get laid!

  7. PLxFTW says:

    What a whore

  8. DocumentaryHub5 says:

    I WANT THOSE !!!!

  9. Ren Mann says:

    I want one! When will they be out and what will the cost be!?!

  10. FramesFTW says:

    that whore!

  11. Azizjon Rashidov says:

    Officially Samsung announced on Market by 2015 – Source: Korean Newspaper
    - YouSong

  12. TCM805 says:


  13. headshoot firstblood says:

    waaaw this horny

  14. Niemir Skałecki says:


  15. Lorenzo Martinio says:

    WTF is Apple :S?

  16. Ramón González says:

    Techno whore. :)

  17. Nik Neuy says:

    a big fuck you to hipsters (they can’t dislike because they never admit
    they are)

  18. SNAAAKE says:

    will get you laid if you buy this phone


  19. Osmo Ijäs says:

    so fucking stupid!

  20. UNGETABLE7 says:

    Take home message:.want hot chicks? Embrace cool tech! 

  21. Pyry Nevala says:

    tech fetish

  22. rakesh shrestha says:

    Look. Awesome video! But hands down the easiest strategy to make money
    online is by using Money Token Express. Just google it. Now.

  23. Michael Gorlitsky says:

    this is why the geeks make this shit: so they can fuck that chick

  24. TheAutotroneca says:

    1:07 que rica esta la puta!

  25. magicevoker1 says:

    yep technology whore

  26. 8osiris says:

    You know what would be cool. If a L E D was on the outer shell. That led
    could light a translucent phone cover to make it glow. That would be cool.

  27. Stephane Charette says:

    Tech is going very Star Trek: First Look: The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch
    that pairs with your phone

  28. Jamie Hind says:

    Hm.. See I would be tempted to buy this if it could pair with other android
    devices. But it’ll probably be the Smartwatch 2 for me now. Seen as I have
    an Xperia anyway. Though I think the display is nicer on here, and it’s got
    one or two more features.

  29. Chris Broughton says:

    £399 in currys pc world in the UK! thats like 650 dollers!

  30. HitMeQuick says:

    The problem with this is you now have a shit watch on your wrist. 

  31. Trey Raymer says:

    I agree with 9ErroR9

  32. ggg says:

    I don’t see the need for this… am I the only one? Make something that
    people will really use.

  33. Brandon Ninja says:

    I’m sorry but this watch is completely pointless. its cool to look at and
    its nice to have it in movies like in the commercial but in real life
    what’s the use of this.

  34. BklynPrototype says:

    This shit is trash indeed. Is Non-sense and seems like a desperate to keep
    upgrading with technology. After this watch it comes the glasses…remember
    you heard it from me (Kodak) is working on it with Microsoft. Coming

  35. dAirborn3b says:

    Half of those features are useless, Notifications, music control, voice
    memo is fine, you don’t need much more for a smartwatch

  36. m0p01 says:

    Can be paired ONLY with last Galaxy Note and S4. Not good. For example Sony
    SmartWatch 2 can be connected to ANY Android phone. Fail, Samsung, fail…

  37. sara ali says:

    There are whatsapp

  38. marco sacayan says:

    how much?

  39. LogicSpot says:

    Lunch break video of the day: First generation of Smart Watches. Pretty

  40. Kyan Belger says:

    Looks kinda slow to be honest

  41. James Stephenson says:

    Great time for this, given that no one wears watches anymore.

  42. 9ErroR9 says:

    New era of cheating on tests comming :D

  43. Daniel Marquez says:

    Do you have to have a Samsung galaxy phone

  44. epic123431 says:

    The camera on the watch has many uses.. I think I know where to point it
    during meetings and classes. if I want to know what color shes wearing or
    if she is really wearing anything lol

  45. deanmat says:

    Weird question: my phone is always paired to a speaker. Can a phone be
    paired to a speaker while being paired to the watch?

  46. billville111 says:

    My Dad spent 2 grand on the first generation digital watch. He would freak
    if he could see this . He never even saw a computer.

  47. Amir Raza says:

    Can it work on a s3 and a s3 mini

  48. Disasterjunkie4ever says:

    that will work best when you get harassed by police.

  49. TylerakaTster99 says:

    Do you need a galaxy phone to use it

  50. zeropointpower says:

    Who cares just a device nobody needs.


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