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Samsung flexible screen phone – Introducing Samsung Keynote ‘YOUM’ flexible OLED DisplaY at CES 2013

Samsung unveiled its flexible phone prototype, running Windows Phone 8 and branded Youm, during a keynote at CES that also included former US President Bill …

25 Responses to “Samsung flexible screen phone – Introducing Samsung Keynote ‘YOUM’ flexible OLED DisplaY at CES 2013”

  1. Julion La says:

    I didn’t know Windows Phone 8 was android…

  2. Arlo Crimejustice says:

    Gross, Android.

  3. Shelby Flaska says:

    This is true. c:

  4. Life is short says:

    They trying to brain wash you to this shit

  5. DemonXY2J says:

    still no phone like iron man? lol

  6. Chosen1Creator says:

    Can someone get me some tape. I ripped my phone again.

  7. Mouskell says:

    Please re-watch the video agian. You’ll see why.

  8. josh pickett says:

    Go Apple

  9. paradoxed says:

    nahh , i just think a lot of people get the wrong idea about them.

  10. ArriCAT5e says:

    Sounds like you’re a fan of Apple.

  11. paradoxed says:

    Apple dont pretend that they make technology, they buy tech from companies
    that do make it and produce better than any other competitor.

  12. ArriCAT5e says:

    I’ll bet Apple pretends that they invented it.

  13. Pasurojiti2358 says:

    I don’t remember Apple releasing a flexible phone…oh, wait, they have.
    the iPhone 5.

  14. Stelios Twnhny says:

    I actually like mine breaking

  15. jameshong24 says:

    Any company can do this. Not innovation at all. See that black box under
    the “flexible” screen? It’s all the components that make and show the
    display. It has the battery, etc.. Does anyone really want a “flexible”
    screen with and huge box under it…

  16. Semed Allahverenov says:


  17. Kay Baby says:

    i wouldnt want this phone who wants a flat flexible bendy phone o_o

  18. The Aussiebloke80 says:

    is it just me or do all these spokespeople feel like arseholes except for
    steve jobs & we don’t have him anymore

  19. packapoonch says:

    it makes it posible for thiner phones.

  20. nawaal omar says:

    I WANT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 中華 營養 says:


  22. michael stewart says:

    if you put a scaled up version of this on the underside of a military
    aircraft or drone it could make it impossible to see from the ground

  23. ausnurten says:

    Yes, then we’ll have Samsung as the new Microsoft: a monopoly that will
    just stop innovating. Really, how old are you? Did you know competition os
    GOOD for the market?

  24. FARTLORD says:

    good job on using advanced projecting technology that definitely has NOT
    been around the 30+ years…

  25. ATL Games says:

    samsung is the future, apple is getting rediculus and has had the exact
    same product since iphone 1, soon apple will just die off


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