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Samsung Galaxy ROUND Revealed – First Curved Phone?

Samsung Galaxy ROUND Revealed - First Curved Phone?

Samsung Galaxy ROUND Revealed – First Curved Phone? Like the content and want more? Subscribe for more Galaxy Round coverage: http://smrt.so/UOhfly Follow me…

25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy ROUND Revealed – First Curved Phone?”

  1. Andy Hoffman says:

    You blink alot

  2. Ric Dip says:


  3. T3KTONIT says:


  4. anthonyskateboards says:

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus had a curved screen

  5. JonZzuu says:

    Not the first!!!!!!!

  6. Pubudu Karunarathne says:

    Stupid fucking talkative fuck

  7. tom1998capper says:


  8. Rafał Karasinski says:


  9. Tigre01 says:

    I’m in love with the S Pen so I don’t think this device is for me but I
    would love to start seeing curved phones. Your thighs aren’t flat so if you
    carry your phone in your pocket I think the curved design will feel much
    better. They need to do something about the price though. Only rich people
    will buy that and unless you keep a phone forever I don’t think people will
    signup for a 4-5 year contract that cell phone providers may attach to an
    locked version. I still think its cool though.

  10. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    why would i want a curved phone….i dont want to hold a bar of soap:I

  11. yogibear2k10 says:

    I thought the iPhone was made of shit?

  12. michael lee says:

    if iphone was made of shit, the apple cheerleaders will still buy it and
    say it is innovation LOL !

  13. zack shams says:

    so basically they copied blackberry 2:35

  14. Connor McElwee says:

    yea i phones are 700 dollars unlocked but so are the Samsung. I am a
    Samsung fan but the dollar amount docent matter because iPhones and Samsung
    are pretty much the same in price…. iPhone 5c: 99 Samsung s4: 99 iPhone
    5c unlocked: 700 Samsung s4 unlocked: 599

  15. nawaz2kx says:

    Because those retards are iBrainwashed.

  16. screws0ft says:

    it goes flat.

  17. Jake Deutscher says:

    how does it do in drop test

  18. Ramiromasters says:

    You do realize Samsung just bent the phone and charges almost $400 more for
    it right?

  19. Alex Wiskin says:

    I use the hand swipe with galaxy s4 thats cool better than iphone

  20. TheTechKid9000 says:

    can i get your mac’s wallpaper? please :)

  21. Parshav Jain says:

    celebrity secret vid ☺☺☺ fit6u . com

  22. Talha Asghar says:

    I like that thing

  23. FriendsGamersHD says:

    all my frinds watch you , but just me can understand what you are talking
    about , só can you put portuguese lyrics on your next vídeo ?

  24. Aaron Maruri says:

    Sup the fuck up your not tired of flat screen t_v the 1 in the back or you
    a flat screen computer

  25. Sami Sobh says:

    When it comes sit on it


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