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Samsung Genio Slide Mobile Phone Review

Samsung Genio Slide Mobile Phone Review. Check out what this low cost slider has to offer. Manufacturer: http://www.samsungmobile.co.uk/ Sponsor: http://www….

25 Responses to “Samsung Genio Slide Mobile Phone Review”

  1. Geekanoids says:

    @zoey18091 This was an additional back I think.

  2. TechTutorials2010 says:

    can u get other keyboard colours?

  3. Geekanoids says:

    @XxPitBikexX No doubt it will ;)

  4. MrChrisgabber says:

    @davomrmac Thank you anyway for your answer!

  5. SrBZeka says:

    this phone is awesome, but the camera is kinda shitty :/ Samsung don’t have
    good camera… Nokia phones have the best camera’s …..

  6. danidebil says:

    this is a sick phone!

  7. Meg says:

    rounnd the side heeeaa , goat a lil covaah heeea . ( @5:48 )

  8. charlotte4193 says:

    this fone Iss Juss likee Thee t-mobile samsung gravity touch

  9. Vinesh Kamalesh says:

    I have the version before this (Samsung genio touch) and jt doesn’t have
    half of the features /options e.g wifi !

  10. maxh897 says:

    Has it got MSN?

  11. jshkamt says:

    hey thanks for guidance bcoz i needed a new 3g phone in cheap n as i stay
    in india, i got it for 155$ with micro sd so thanks

  12. iiFlxZ says:

    Crap phone had it ages, Screen scratches Very easily, The touch sensitivity
    drops so you’re literally poking it.. Cant read most files you put on there
    e.g. I put an Mp4 video on “Could not read this file” It’s not worth
    buying, Leave it out.

  13. Elegant Effects says:

    I’m getting a new phone for Xmas, and put this phone on the wishlist.
    Thanks for the reviews, just needed an opinion before i get it

  14. Emily Mills says:

    I am torn betweeen a nokia C3 or this :S .

  15. Nikola Nedeljkovic says:

    quick question: do they only sell those kind of phones were you live? Can
    they be in the US?

  16. zoey18091 says:

    did u put the white back on or is the back just white?

  17. fhcopper says:

    HEy DAD !! m sayIng u last time that i want SamsuNG GEnIO !

  18. Geekanoids says:

    @tabek14344 No standard one.

  19. Geekanoids says:

    @jshkamt I plan to for sure :)

  20. 1unachering says:

    you can zoom in you double tap on the screen

  21. nalditwisterron says:

    capacitive or resistive touch screen?

  22. DisneyLyricsSongsx says:

    i habe that phone my birthdya (13th) and i am now 15 i still got it x

  23. gio narimanahsili says:

    how much does this cost?

  24. XxPitBikexX says:

    The question is… Will it blend?

  25. Tan L says:

    how do i connect to wifi?


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