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Samsung S7550 Blue Earth solar phone – part 1 of 2

Here’s a look at Samsung’s first solar-powered phone, the S7550 Blue Earth. It sports a capacitive touchscreen, a blue paint scheme, and Samsung’s TouchWiz 2…

In this video, Luke investigates how Samsung’s Galaxy S phones have evolved, leading up to the freshly unveiled Galaxy S4.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Samsung S7550 Blue Earth solar phone – part 1 of 2”

  1. raven myers says:

    they have solor powered cars, they are in the millions of dollars though.

  2. BenjaminLee2009 says:

    I have a question. Does the phone work without a battery if I was to put it
    on somewhere in my home where sunlight reaches for a couple of hours? Cos
    it has a sonar panel.

  3. Busanseggy Yee says:

    @BenjaminLee2009 No, the solar panel supplies very low wattage, you
    certainly need the battery to operate. The solar panel only supplement a
    little “juice”, which you can observe a very slow increase in charge when
    your phone is idling or not calling…under only bright light(Beware).

  4. scvs2 says:

    @PiLiP1NOY i don’t think you would be able to get signal in a desert

  5. PiLiP1NOY says:

    yah its not very attractive but the idea is nice…imgaine if you get stuck
    in a desert or an island…this might save you…

  6. Tomas Gečas says:

    i think u will find the manuals inside the phone memory :) because most
    companies doing this with eco-friendly phones :)

  7. PoetryRocksGadgets says:

    WRONG, it’s a solar rechargeable brick.

  8. opal tobi says:

    thump up if you watch this in 2013

  9. BlueandBlack101 says:

    you charge it.

  10. MyFavoTube says:

    Hello, I am doubting whether to purchase this phone or not. I hear bad
    stories about the touchscreen working badly, or not working at all. What
    are your experiences?

  11. igbal9 says:

    There are better phones now i am talking from the future xD

  12. charlesmagnuelle says:

    Would it be cool to have Samsung Galaxy Blue Earth smartphone? :D

  13. 2005NSXFAN says:

    is it a smart phone or feature phone?

  14. JERKINZI says:

    omg i lve this phone i hope to get it for Christmas

  15. 0625153544 says:

    does it always have that ‘beep’ sound whenever you tap on smth/do an action

  16. The Motherfucker says:

    it has also a charger

  17. sk8rguy4life1123 says:

    what if your phone dies at night

  18. Edward Bliffin says:

    Hey would you mind if I used a few screenshots from this video, because im
    doing a school paper on solar-powered devices, It would really be a big help

  19. JERKINZI says:

    @professorLing where did u buy it??? please tell me!!!!!

  20. nhgirl013 says:

    @blerooon hows texting? it looks hard but i really want this phone!

  21. Alicia Carney says:

    Does this work with Verizon?

  22. Joel Jones says:

    @sk8rguy4life1123 it still has a charger idiot

  23. maycolBlueMagic says:

    This is great, not good, that someone, anyone can do this type of video and
    help people who are NOT ‘techies’. I just bought in France, out of
    necessity, this ‘Blue Earth’ mobile phone (of course, attracted by the
    ‘eco’ connection) and the salesman assured me that I could get the manual
    in English over the internet. Well, thank God for this Michael O. video in

  24. Japl says:

    samsung gt e1107 was first samsungs solar-powered phone.

  25. nhgirl013 says:

    is this phone available with tmobile?? : ]?

  26. Jennifer Pruitt says:

    I’ve got the galaxy 

  27. shadit16 says:

    Gallixys3 is my dream ohone and I gotit

  28. Np9123 says:

    nexus 5

  29. Isaiah Norris says:

    I got the s4 and I love it

  30. Vic Z says:

    s4 octa

  31. LagXpeanut pwner says:

    I like all of them! – s3 user :P

  32. DevinandDariusFilms says:

    S4 quadcore

  33. TheGalaxyCraft787 says:

    I loveveveveveeeee it 

  34. Escorpio123PS says:


  35. N1werdfgfddf says:


  36. Shaahid Kadim says:


  37. Karthik Velisetty says:

    galaxy s2 is mine favourite though i use s4 s2 is the best ever phone i saw
    on the planet

  38. leonardo della sera says:


  39. mehaziqaiman says:

    Wow…… Samsung Galaxy had more megapixels than apple iPhone 3G

  40. Charles'Ian Duncan says:

    I still have My Galaxy S, But The S3 put down The Iphone and The HTC One X
    It Was The Best! Hands Down!

  41. George Suppa says:

    s3 is awesome and still one of best phones out now… it paved the way for
    the Galaxy s4 which is probably the best smartphone yet. Note 3 and G2 are
    cool but galaxy s4 takes the cake. The only phone that really competes with
    the Galaxy s4 is the HTC one.

  42. berkaydavulcu11 says:

    You keep telling yourself that ;) Ahem galaxy S3…

  43. Aleksandar Hrvacanin says:

    GS 4 the best normaly.

  44. Tomáš Plašil says:


  45. Tampabruh says:

    I’ll hold out for the Note 3. I’ve had the 1st epic slide, tmobiles s2, and
    i currently have the s3. Besides the camera specs, the s4 just seems like a
    cop out duplicate of the s3. And I dont want to end up buying the same
    phone all over again. Its destination Note3 for me, next!

  46. Jukka partakoski says:

    i would the s5 to have similar desing to the note 3

  47. Orxan Hasanov says:

    Galaxy s4 is the best…

  48. Chris Leech says:

    A slightly smaller screen and a fingerprint reader like on the new iphone 5s

  49. Sean Forrest says:

    i want a 5.2 inch retina display with 1.8 gigahertz cpu and fingerprint

  50. Melvin DLaCruz says:



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