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Stealing Laptops Prank

Stealing Laptops Prank

Like the Stuart Edge FB page for cool stuff! http://bit.ly/stuartedgeFB Have you ever trusted a stranger to watch your stuff? We wanted to see if people woul…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Stealing Laptops Prank”

  1. Stuart Edge says:

    How trusting is a random stranger? We put that to the test in this video!
    Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Dominic Thomas says:

    Hey guys! It would be really cool if you checked out my channel! (Vlogs and
    skits) Thank you!

  3. wizard101transcended says:

    looks like someone saved it

  4. Ricardo Ignacio says:

    The ONLY one with “balls” was the chick. Fellas outta’ be ashamed of your
    weenie-selves, punk asses! Girls rule!

  5. angelo palmer says:

    what happened with the girl? is there an out takes ?

  6. Erwin Schrodinger says:

    That woman at 1:15 was the best one.

  7. AugustEverlasting says:

    Everyone always gives the woman praise, which is deserving, but everyone
    seems to forget the guy right after her. They were both making sure it got
    back to the right person. 

  8. Jason Prasad says:

    fail hand slap

  9. chuckyyes says:

    you always tell stranger that you can outrun to watch your shit

  10. reeta skeeter says:

    That guy was adorable!

  11. MOTIVECODEX says:

    1:12 awesome 

  12. the minewalls says:

    That happened to my Pokemon cards and I was like….WHAT THE****!

  13. Grijze Pilion says:

    1:14 What a bitch. Had to be a woman as well.

  14. MrThehotdogs says:

    lol the best woman ever

  15. Christina Kwon says:

    If this “experiment” just convinced these people to be more careful in the
    future and actually do something when things are about to get stolen, I’d
    say it achieved more than one can hope for. Nice job guys!

  16. CommissarKozlov says:

    “He just barely left”

  17. TroutOfOrder says:

    This was funny, but I think you were a little hard on the people especially
    when it wasn’t real.

  18. Dazy Kid says:

    that guy who was confused was so high lol

  19. Dinakara777 says:

    Some still do care! Well that’s great!

  20. Chris Endoman says:

    That woman is the most trustworthy person I have seen on YouTube. And
    someone could of stolen the laptop and went

  21. MrBestapps says:

    that guy at the end is so funny :D

  22. Morgan Chan says:

    The woman at 1:13 is wife material. Would let her watch anything.

  23. Maria S says:

    ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over Youtube
    / so he can take over and take down Google+

  24. emilio pablo says:

    awesome chic like a boss .

  25. rocca royal says:

    I like that when the guy said he was taking the other guys stuff he left
    the book bag. when it was with the 3 guys

  26. jstanfd says:

    And these will all be useless for gaming in 2 years

  27. NiceGuysRUs says:

    All great laptops however Alienware Asus and Razor are killing the
    competition is terms of design. They all have unique, sleek, sharp looks
    compared to generic counterparts.

  28. KandyGamer2013 says:

    great laptops but way to over priced

  29. Ronsku199 says:

    is msi gp70 good?

  30. Jackson Foltz says:

    What is the best possible gaming laptop I can get under $2000? Please help
    me out!

  31. Raptor says:

    I watched this just to realize all of them suck the razor blade kicking ass
    with design power.

  32. RD Dash says:

    and g750 

  33. next2talljones says:

    The Lenovo Ideapads are the best buy on here. Currently, you can get SLI GT
    755m (comparable to GTX 780 performance) for just over $1000. Certainly the
    best value.

  34. Jacob Love says:

    Where’s the new Alienware laptops

  35. XBladeX says:

    In my country the razer blade cause 3000+ i wish i live in us

  36. Jackson Wong Ling Yang says:

    what is the name of the first music for the lenovo y500?

  37. PC Review says:

    Who made the Decsion that these are the TOP 10? I can think of many other
    companies that make better Laptops than Alienware and Razor. How about
    Maingear, OriginPC, Digital Storm, Xidax, Sager Notebook? Those Company’s
    are by far way better than Toshiba!

  38. The French Canadian says:

    Msi gs 70 is actually better than the razer blade

  39. PlayingWKnives says:

    no. 1 is so predictable

  40. TheOriginal700 says:

    Ugh I wouldn’t try alienware, I mean they are good but you can find other
    laptops equally as good for cheaper

  41. Bluethulhu says:

    Oh god…please never buy a gaming laptop…

  42. Limonade JOe says:

    with new generation of Alienware M 18X theres no chance for competition to
    compare with beast like 18X…

  43. David Eduardo Munevar Bojaca wippo says:

    9:48 o.o

  44. Melih Çelik says:

    Is msi ge60 good or i just have to choice msi gt60/gt70 ? Panpa
    konusamadiysam bile turksun sanirim anliyosan bu islerden soyle hocam ge60

  45. Brennen Lopez says:

    I prefer my alienware 18 with that sli config razer blade pro can’t even
    handle planetside on ultra with physx enabled, If you want raw power and
    beauty it’s all about alienware. 

  46. Adoopule Gery says:

    I know an IBuypower gaming laptop that has a graphics card better than a
    gtx 770m and is cheaper than the Alienware 14 with the Gtx 765m. That
    should’ve been the number 1.

  47. Markie Dunn says:

    Here are the list of the best gaming laptop you can buy on Amazon –

  48. halo9099 says:

    I prefer alienware but the Razer blade is still an amazing gaming laptop

  49. FLXlovesick says:

    LOL that video in alienware doesnt even the real game. just a trailer. the
    real game just so stupid even my wood pc can play that!

  50. PcProductionsXD says:

    Wouldn’t think to get any of them except the razor blade cause if I would
    get a gaming laptop it would be for portability and it’s the only one that
    seems near potable I mean at 12 pounds might as well bring my x51 and it’s
    cheaper and more powerful than those


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