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Top 5 Worst Laptops Ever!

There have been a lot of bad laptops, but how about the worst ever? Over the last 25 years there have been thousands of computers released and while very few…

25 Responses to “Top 5 Worst Laptops Ever!”

  1. Micah Hudson says:

    Dell laptops caught on fire…. holy crap my dad really dodged a bullet.

  2. Mayeur000Donz says:

    ‘Might have to get a new laptop, soon.
    If I were to look for one that could support games, but I’m kinda on a
    budget (is £500 or less a bit wishful?), so has anyone got any suggestions?

  3. Ayman Imtyaz says:

    do a video on the top 5 failed tech companies

  4. iGroby says:

    The exploding Dell laptop he pictured is the one I’m currently on… At
    least it’s only temporary

  5. 1Nacster says:

    Oh no… i think i have a 2005 DELL laptop… o.o

  6. GeoNeilUK says:

    Worst laptops ever? It may be a little unfair, but if the original Mac
    portable can go in, then so can the luggable computers from the 1980s – The
    Commodore SX64, the Kaypros, the Osbornes, though they suffered from the
    available technology at the time they utterly failed as laptops as we know
    them today.

    They had no internal power, so they relied on the mains and thus couldn’t
    be used on the move (battery life at that time would have been measured in
    seconds though to be fair)
    They were massively heavy due to their display being a chunky CRT with
    clunky 5.25″ floppy drives as well
    They were also massively *massive*, looking like a large, heavy suitcase
    with the keyboard clinging to the bottom, covering the screen and the
    drives and the screen on the Osborne 1 was miniscule.

  7. Joseph Plays says:

    I say the worst ever is a modern day Mac Book Air that our school uses
    There overly expensive, cheaply made and slow and the Mac OS just sucks
    (sorry apple fans)

  8. Chicco Bruschi says:

    Had a bunch of D410 and D610 Dell laptops… all ok, also powered up for
    months… In my computer shop however I seen a LOT of Acer laptops dead,
    especially Aspire 5xxx series, burned etc… I think you mistaken Dell with
    Acer :D

  9. jamie mitchener says:

    i think dell and acer are the two biggest failures in computing not the
    bussiness side as both have done very well i mean the HARDWARE side as in
    putting hardware together that has bottlenecks and electric heater office
    pc towers.

  10. MemoByte says:

    I like your content but i’m going to have a hard time listening your
    annoying voice.

  11. TrollingGuinea says:

    I hate the way you talk, but I like your content.

  12. Lightning Derp says:

    my toshiba laptop is amazing, used it for past 6 yrs without any major
    problems and can run games smoothly at high settings

  13. jt2506productions says:

    My friend still has one of those dell laptops

  14. smothdude says:

    I had an OG compac laptop from 2000 or 1999 and it works still hahaha.

  15. Ricardo080897 says:

    i had the worst laptop

  16. InvaderNate224 says:

    Shit I have a 2005 dell

  17. scay man says:

    i say mine is the worst, with bad battery, performance, and considering im
    using this on a dell that was likely made in 2006 >.>

  18. Corey Erb says:

    Dell was the first to recall their Laptops with that type of battery, Apple
    being last… Dell did however make a laptop a few years prior where the
    case was made entirely out of plastic, which as you can probably foresee
    tended to melt.

  19. Tristan Nickerson says:

    Alienware m17x

  20. Cameron Ayre says:

    Shit I have a dell from 2005

  21. richard fortin says:

    technically it was the battery’s that dell was using that caused the fires.
    But I have to agree with you on that, great list

  22. danar dev says:

    Dell xps 15z and 15

  23. benas rauka says:


  24. AussiePoker King says:

    Used to use those Dell’s in primary school, played Tank Wars on it every
    morning, woulda been so cool if you shot someone, and the whole computer
    exploded LOL

  25. ruth91091 says:

    Compaq. I’ve worked on a good amount of PC’s (And laptops) and these came
    with the worst conditions (Laptop numbered): 1. Cracked screen and battery
    would not charge anymore 2. F**king thing wouldn’t even turn on (And of
    course, IT WOULDN’T CHARGE!!!)


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