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Video review of the DELL 5521 series notebook – news.laptop.bg (English Full HD version)

Video review of the DELL 5521 series notebook – http://news.laptop.bg.


33 Responses to “Video review of the DELL 5521 series notebook – news.laptop.bg (English Full HD version)”

  1. adguglani1 says:

    Does it have LED backlit keyboard?

  2. satanic cobra says:

    hi everyone…I’ve got a dell inspiron 5521 but I’ve heard that all 15R
    models are made from refurbished materials and are prone to defects within
    2years…is it true…? can you please tell me whether its true or not?

  3. MultiFlori100 says:

    I found this laptop with it 8gb ram 1TB amd radeon should this handle good
    games and is this a good laptop

  4. Kimsea Love stealer says:

    only 4 hours ? :/ think again

  5. AMY ALTYNAI says:

    how to connect my mic to computer?

  6. TheAppleFanatic says:

    It’s not aluminum it’s colored plastic

  7. Cybrog Durg says:

    its 5521 noob

  8. Enis kajtezovic says:

    U my friend are stupid -_-

  9. Sheldon Cooper says:

    No no. get i5, i5 is plenty enough for your uses.

  10. Enis kajtezovic says:

    Watch planetside 2 gameplay on Dell inspiron 5521 in my channel :)

  11. yashwanth patta says:

    i want to buy this laptop with intel i3-3227u clocked at 1.9ghz and amd
    radeon HD 8730m can that handle gaming?? like battlefield 3 and farcry 3?
    if yes on which settings can i play?? there’s another option on my
    mind..samsung 370R reviewed by u. which one will u prefer for gaming and
    heavy browsing….thanks in advance!

  12. Jane Fung says:

    Miss type..it’s 3521 not 5521 :’]

  13. Raghav Subramani says:

    hey .. this laptop has an ubuntu sticker ..does it come with ubuntu or is
    it just to show that its compatible with ubuntu ? thanks ..great review

  14. Nadim Abdalla says:

    LOL bad camera + 6 year old boy = WORST VID EVER
    only thing that worked for me was the dislike button

  15. Jeraly Santana says:

    Like conneceted like charfing

  16. Jeraly Santana says:

    I meant charging

  17. Jeraly Santana says:

    What u mean needa to be plugged in?

  18. Munji A says:

    What if you don’t know the password?

  19. Alyssandra Padilla says:

    It worked it worked the dislike button worked!

  20. Alyssandra Padilla says:

    It didnt work for mine.

  21. Astrid Masey says:

    What vegetable

  22. Daniela Prats says:

    lol i just watched this video hope it works… my computer is damn
    slow….. well tthnxz anyways good video ;)

  23. Danny Chick says:


  24. WaiattoStuffz says:

    a* not only, XD

  25. kyle young says:

    he said fh

  26. WaiattoStuffz says:

    Not greatest quality but only good video, thanks so much, If only i didnt
    get the dumb virus i could have kept my old laptop :(

  27. 5hlover92 says:

    Minecraft haha

  28. Tanveer Singh says:

    your gunna break your laptop little boy

  29. nathan lorenzetti says:


  30. Audoyn Villegas says:

    Thanks .

  31. Gillmanplaysmc says:

    its ok I tey to help people out

  32. WildTurkeyxx says:

    shitiest camera ever

  33. Sean Damirchi says:

    It would be nice if u could point the camera at the screen so we can see
    what ur talking about


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