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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

http://www.trainsignal.com/VMware-View-5-Essentials-Training.aspx?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Social%20Media&utm_campaign=IntroToDesktopVirtualization In t…

ASUS G10 & M51 Desktop PCs -- Leading in satisfaction with reliability*

ASUS G10 and M51 Desktop PCs equipped with the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics for smooth multitasking and hi…
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29 Responses to “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)”

  1. agfagaevart says:

    3:02 Is this going to save technicians their jobs? Don’t think so….

  2. dapras says:

    exactly….Support Technicians better step their games up

  3. agfagaevart says:

    Its very hard to keep up with all the new software that’s around.

  4. Anthony Ryan Merwin says:

    All of these things make end-users happy but they’re taking work away from
    us systems administrators and other support technicians, etc.

  5. DeathToCockroaches says:

    Hey does anyone know why I don’t have that power pack on my computer? I
    have my optic drive but the other one is closed

  6. cola7016 says:

    Good. Better. Best. Asus.

  7. Black Jora Star says:

    ASUS Is genius everytime. They always know what they’re doing. I’m using an
    ASUS right now XD Essentio series with an AMD A8 12 gigs of ram with AMD
    Radeon Graphics that can go up to 3.20 ghz. I LOVE IT. But now i want this
    one -________- I just want all the asus’s <3 ASUS IS BEST! FUCK ALIENWARE!

  8. Christian Cruz says:

    Well it IS under their “gaming” section on their website.

  9. Ben Linzel says:

    This is why I love ASUS – masters of design

  10. Ryan Rampersad says:

    Seeing a computer tower promoted is unusual in the current market, indeed.
    It’s hard to know if it’s hype or if it’s actually any good until we get a
    good look at it without all the advertising magic.

  11. Randy R. Kelly Jr. says:

    I literally just got a hard on, Yall need to see this!!! +ASUS North America
    You done done it again!! Beautifully crafted with all the features a person
    could want. 

  12. Sollehuddin SP says:


  13. Tacoman2341 says:


  14. Bu11sEyes says:

    very epic video and pc i love it

  15. Aaron FPS says:


  16. daif2022 says:

    The M1 whooooooow si beatifico

  17. Francisco Oliveira says:

    Tis Gold for gaming right?

  18. ATFDrEvil says:

    Fry’s Electronics Carries them, last time I went.

  19. Nour El-din Mansour says:

    $3199 .. can you provide a link ? … i cant seem to find it on newegg

  20. Aristide Cesar says:

    Bro army yea !!! :D

  21. Ben Thitigal says:


  22. fozzarz says:

    I came

  23. Francisco Oliveira says:

    I Mean This is good for gaming right?

  24. Octrox says:

    I wanna know the name of the guy that made this video. He needs some props.

  25. mrmorellb says:

    OMG . Godly editing! (*o*)

  26. MicGe says:

    Is that for gaming?

  27. daif2022 says:


  28. Elf Friend says:

    So when can DIY’s expect to be able to buy these cases Asus?

  29. Billy Purvis says:

    Asus, if I wasn’t ginger I’d give you my soul.


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