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Which Apple Laptop Should You Buy?

Which Apple Laptop Should You Buy?

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Apple MacBook Air MC234LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop

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26 Responses to “Which Apple Laptop Should You Buy?”

  1. pillze pop says:

    Is he saying that a mac can do advance computer stuff. Play games Photo
    shop is not a game. a PC laptop will cost you half the money anytime. sad
    if you recomend an air witch you cant eddit.

  2. jshaw995 says:

    Just get a PC that can do more cheaper.

  3. TechnoBuffalo says:

    for music the macbook is awesome

  4. KrAkYDaEvil says:

    question:can u help me make videos with my asua x55sv laptop. i installed
    all the drivers,but it still shows up side down. what should i do to show
    normally and how can i record videos with it?

  5. najeebmk says:

    Thank u. Very helpful

  6. 2famos626 says:

    umm. i have a question umm how do you do it to buy all these electronics i
    mean you seem to have evey new gadget out there its crazy…

  7. dtalamas24 says:

    hi, i need help on which macbook to buy. the expensiveness is important for
    me so take that on the criteria. The uses for the laptop would be chat,
    fool around, playing games (not big games like left 4 dead) just arcade,
    small ones. And I see a LOT of videos of youtube. Also I will use it for
    school. I will work on it, etc. I want it to have a fast speed. or should i
    stick to my old computer that has windows? Thanks, i appreciate your effort
    trying to help me.

  8. MrRayman217 says:

    apple is just shiny garbage i have no clue why anybody buy anything from
    apple…just fail….what it like 3 grand for a apple laptop that runs
    2.4ghz…? you can buy a 6 core pc for half the price that runs 3.3ghz and

  9. itouchipods says:

    macbook isnt 600?

  10. visata12 says:

    Appel = mac = Sux Windows = Good

  11. hasingh says:

    wat wud u recommend 4 doing a lotta music production & audio engineering on
    the side? pricing is also a big issue 4 me…

  12. manicjupiterflute says:

    no, the macbook air that has higher capacity (128GB) has a solid state
    FLASH drive. The 120GB model has a hard drive. Did YOU go to apple’s

  13. blindmeluv says:

    classic macbook is still the best

  14. vepulan7 says:

    does the Macbook, Macbook pro and Macbook air .. have built in webcams?

  15. residentevil998 says:

    it uses a hard drive like the one used in ipod classic. Go to apples

  16. Rp3k3 says:

    Yeap, Just go to settings

  17. 050013550 says:

    haha as if the macbook or even the pro isn’t portable enough to take
    around, this guy needs to spend the 2000 bucks or so on an air.

  18. Pets2003 says:

    Would the macbook go on websites like imvu and online games? Plz reply

  19. Kenny Riveron says:

    You look like a chunkier version of Topher Grace..

  20. MrDjkike says:

    @Mindctrlpankak Haaa..sucks 4 you man.. Goodluck with your Bike

  21. italk youlisten says:

    Ha. 45

  22. Evan Gwynn says:

    I use dreamweaver, and photoshop on my macbook runs just fine

  23. joi93 says:

    This guy really doesen’t know what he’s talking about… Nether MacBookr or
    Macbook Pro is for gaming…

  24. lynch390 says:

    I was 15 when i bought my macbook. I spent $1400 CA. Lasts much longer. To
    you it may be a waste, but to me it’s worth every penny.

  25. lukas sakul says:

    apple is shit. I buy dell.

  26. Eduardo Melo says:



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